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I am so happy I did this! I wasn't sure because...

I am so happy I did this! I wasn't sure because I'd read some of the negative reviews, but I'm so glad I went ahead with it! I have always been very small, thin and short. I have a nice butt, but hated the huge dimply thighs and knees that didn't match the rest of me. My legs and calves are also very small, so you can imagine...not pretty! I hated my legs and tried everything naturally that I could, worked out daily, ran, did squats and lunges (which made them bigger on top!) My knees were so bad it looked like some of the skin above my knee was starting to sag over my knee cap. It was just nasty. I was self conscious about wearing anything that went above my knees. But when you're short, wearing the long shorts/skirts doesn't look good either.

I had my procedure on 9/12/08. I had smart lipo on the inner/outer thighs, anterior thigh and knees. I held off writing my review because I wanted to see how it would look after the swelling went down.

OMG I am so happy! I now have the nice butt AND sleek, thin thighs and knees I've always wanted. I bought some straight leg pants yesterday(size 0-I'd never been able to fit my huge thighs into 0!!) this weekend and wore them...they look HOT! I couldn't be happier with my body now. It also tightened the skin on my knees and thighs. I still have numbness where I had lipo and some sore knots, so I know there's still more healing to come! I'm also still experiencing some stiffness when walking after sitting for a while.

I had an IV and was asleep for the procedure. When I woke up, I was in my husband's car on our way home and I had a compression garment on. I wore that solid for 3 weeks, then at night for 2 more weeks. It got so loose on my legs that I started putting ACE wraps around my knees where there was still swelling.

I've quit wearing the compression garment and am back to running. It feels so great to wear shorts to the gym, in fact pretty much anything I try on looks great!!

Can you tell I'm happy? :)

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The results are what I hoped they would be!!

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