Plus Size Mommy Makeover. 800cc silicone augmentation Omaha, NE

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So after years and years of struggling with PCOS...

So after years and years of struggling with PCOS and the weight it brings with it I have decided to mold my plus size body into something I can be happy with. I have spent my entire adult hood trying to lose weight to no avail. I started out doing all the diets and supplement...then learned about lifestyle changes and clean eating vs dieting...then I got a lap and that failed and then I decided I had to put in the work the old fashioned way and used a nutritionist and personal trainer for a year...and it turns out that nothing I do keeps the weight off, this is me all 250lbs of it. I am a mother of two beautiful kids, a wife, a nursing student and I want to be confident again. I want to play with my kids and husband with out feeling self conscious, I want to stand in front of a class room of 18/20 year olds and not worry about my appearance. I want to stop fighting for a better body! I want my mental image of myself to match what I actually look like. Now I have no illusions, I know there is no way I'm going to walk out of this skinny but I do hope to have a rocking curvy body when it is done. I am perfectly ok with being a thick girl I just want things tucked in tight where they belong ????. And I was lucky to find a doctor who feels confident he can get me there. I am scheduled for July 19. I plan to spend the time between now and then getting as healthy as possible in an attempt to prepare my body for this surgery.
31 yrs old
Plan to have a tummy tuck, 800cc implants and Lipo of flanks

I did it!

Surgery was yesterday I'm feeling Prett rough but also very hopeful.
I will write more later. When I can see straight

One more pic

So very swollen, can't wait to how I will look when the swelling goes down.

So pleased with this process

I think I may have had the most talented surgeon in the world. He was all business but still kind and compassionate and well his work speaks for it's self! My incisions are so neat and thin, bruising very minimal ( and I'm a bruiser) and my shape very promising at this early stage. I feel he really understood the look I was going for. My recovery has been so smooth I expected so much more pain and this process has been realitivly pain free. My boobs are enormous, that freaks me out a little but when I look at the whole picture of my body I am balanced. I am so excited to see the end results and very ready to be free of all the a side note my doctor kinda rolled his eyes at all the stuff I thought I would need for recovery. He keeps it simple pain med and stool softener, pantyhose for the Lipo compression ( they cut the crotch out) and the two binders they sent me home in one for my tummy and the pretty pink one for my breast. Only other thing I spent $ on was a toilet seat riser. I have gotten by very well. I remember when I asked him if he did those injections of the pain med in the muscle he told me it was pointless and that he had never had someone complain of pain from the tummy tuck. It's true it doesn't hurt and the incision is numb. So those of you wanting to save $ take a sigh of relief you don't need all the hoopla!

The particulars

I guess I never said what all was done. I had a tummy tuck, he removed 9lbs of lose skin and fat from my abdomen. 800cc breast implants, I did not desire to have a lift I only wanted to replace the fullness, he did tell me that while he wouldn't have recommended a lift for me at this time, I may need one in the future. He also performed Lipo conservatively ( I didn't want to lose all my curvy hip shape) to my flanks and inner and outer thighs...that one he threw in extra for me when he was marking me for surgery...he looked at my legs ( which I had written off as a lost cause) and asked if I wanted it....I was like uh yes and thank you...the results from that is one of my favorite parts! My thighs aren't getting stuck on each other when I walk!

A little hiccup

So I woke up feeling great, my swelling was really down, probably the flattest my stomach has been since day one. So I snapped a few pictures when I was adjusting my binders and dressing. Right after I went to the bathroom and when I stood up I snagged one of my drains on the toilet seat riaser. I ripped out the stitching holding the tube in and the tube was out about two inches. I called the doctor and they said the only option was removing it. So my hubby pulled to tube the rest of the way out. I expected it to hurt or feel weird...something but I didn't feel anything. But I'm bummed, that one always had a lot of drainage and I'm sure I will end up having a lot of swelling now. Pray I don't get a soroma. I will see my doctor on Wednesday for a follow up.

4 weeks out

I'm not going to lie while this has been a surprisingly pain free experience, it has been long and tedious. I'm not anywhere near where I thought I would be by now. I'm still very swollen and I still have one drain that is putting out 60-85cc a day. They will remove it next week regardless of how much it is draining. They said in some people the tube is an irratatant that causes the draining. I pray this is the case. I'm so scared I'm going to blow up like a puffer fish or get a seroma. On top of that I keep spitting stitches which cause little sore openings in my BA incisions, so those incisions are still tender and have to be covered with gauze. I so badly want go back to normal now and get to enjoy this new body. Please pray for me that things go well. As if all this isn't enough I am going on a trip with my husband next week. I thought I would be ok at the 6 week mark ??. I also thought it would be a pretty easy going trip, it is sponsored by the wounded warriors anyhow we just got the itinerary, and we are going to be canoeing and doing a lot of water stuff! Not only am I still not allowed in the water, but I also don't know how to swim and I have a lot of anxiety about drowning, I fear boats....idk what I am going to do, this trip is very important to my hubby and we were chosen out of a lot of couples who were interested in going. I can't give up our place in good conscience considering they have already bought and paid for plain tickets. So worried about it I had bad dreams last night ????

4 weeks picture

one thing I forgot to mention is that my breast are uneven, my right side is smaller. I think it was before but it is more noticeable now. I'm hoping It won't be a huge issue with clothing, I feel like I can tell when I wear something fitted. Time will tell. I don't expect perfection and they are so much better now. The more they start to feel normal to me the more I love them. Also feel like my left side from drain port to hip is more swollen so right now I'm just left side heavy.

8 weeks Doing good

So at 7 weeks I still had my drain in due to high output. I was getting very frustrated but also scared of it coming out. It was such a relief when it came out and I had no fluid build up issues. I am definitely more swollen. But sometimes wonder if if is swelling or residual fat ????. I want to be super happy and have been told I am being over critical and should just be happy that I am better then I was and that I got the opportunity to do this. It is hard though not to notice the imperfections, boob size difference and my hips are uneven also if this belly is permanent I'm still going to be stuck wearing girdles in fitted clothes. I think dr edney did a fantastic job but I also think that it is natural for me to See my imperfections. I feel like there is an attitude by my family and friends that because I am a big girl...anything is better and I shouldn't have high expectations. Idk I am happy and I do see the improvement I just hope that there is going to be further improvement!

???? wowed my husband

Probably the first thing I put on that left my husband nearly speachless, he sputtered then just got out WOW!!! ???? Can't complain about that!

7 weeks

Right after drain removal

Seroma and clothes

So I have officially developed a seroma. I suppose of all the complications I could have this is the most minor. They drained it with a needle yesterday and I will have to go back weekly for draining. That is actually the worst part of it, my surgeon is two hours away so it's a four hour trip for a 10 minute appointment. However Dr. Edney is a great surgeon and I am blessed that he is taking such good care of me post op. Sounds like many surgeons don't.
So on to fun things. I decided to go through all my cloths, including all the too small or two big stuff I have been holding onto for years. Turns out I am just the right size/porportion to fit it all! I can wear anything from an 18/xl to a 24/3x! I have so much clothes now! Only down side is I can't justify going shopping!

Feeling good in clothes

Cause I got all the right junk in all the right places...

Just feeling good about my results! I'm really in a happy place, I feel good, look good and kinda in a honeymoon phase with my hubby! Things haven't been this steamy in years!

Feeling bummed and fat...

I have to get real and get this off my chest. My family thinks I'm being silly and ungrateful. But I'm looking at my belly and it is so round and bulging now that I'm not wearing a binder. I don't know if it is swelling or if it is visceral fat pushing out. So I don't know if it is temporary or if this is my final results. Yes it is still better then I started but I had really hoped to have a flat stomach that I could wear fitted clothes and not have to worry about girdles and what not....idk if that is realistic or not considering I have nothing to use to base a realistic expectation off of. Doctors don't usually help somebody my size and even out of the few plus size reviews I have found, I am the biggest. I would be happy if I could even just be as flat as it's at 7 weeks. Maybe I'm being hormonal or maybe it's the post surgery blues...I guess if this is my final results I just have to set a goal and drop some weight...and maybe if will make the is just so very hard for me to lose with my PCOS and it usually sneaks back up on me. That is why I wanted this surgery, so I could accept my body and feel good about myself at this weight. What do you guys think? Is it swelling or weight? And does it really look as bad as I feel or have I just adjusted to a different body and now I'm seeing the flaws???

11 weeks

I find myself more and more feeling discouraged with my results. I don't want to share on here because I don't want to discourage any one else. Then I realized that it is obviously still worth it to me. I have a bit of a potbelly, I don't know if it is permanent or if it is swelling or fluid but either way my goal with this surgery was to make me look as good as possible at this weight. My Doctor did that for me and I just looked at my before pictures and it really is such a huge, amazing difference! So what if my belly isn't perfectly flat, at least it isn't flapping anymore! Maybe I had some unrealistic expectations and it is hard not to as there are so few reviews for plus size work. That is why I feel it is important to show others might have a chance of realistic expectations!

3 months out

Hello ladies!
I'm 3 months out, I'm still dealing with hzving to have my Serom drained, which is not a big deal out side of the two hour drive. I am still very numb and prone to swelling. I have discovered that wearing a soft elastic compression garment keeps me more comfortable. I'm happy with my results. I love my breast and I live how much my husband lives them. There are days that I wish my tummy was flatter but I realize to that I can lose the 10 lbs I have gained during recovery and get there. I love being able to wear cute panties again. I went for a jog for the first time yesterday (boy do I have to start from ground zero) but it was crazy how much easier it was to jog without that belly bouncing around on me ( I wore two bras and an ace wrap to control my boobs). I also wore a tucked in shirt today for the first time since high school and had a young college student compliment my look! Made my day!

4 months post op with a weight gain:(

So I gained weight...working on getting back to my prior activity. Stress with school has taken a toll for sure but I figure it is helpful to see what it looks like when you gain post surgery.

Better 4 month pics

Took the time to snap some better pictures

Current before and after

4 months same shirt

Apparently I look like a walrus...

Got dressed up last night and went to the bar with my hubby and friends. They had a costume contest. I freed up as a doe my husband a hunter. Some man commented when I walked past "what is that suppose to? a walrus?" Then cracked up. Will it never end? There is no amount of surgery, dieting or exercising that has or can save this body! Why can't I be accepted? Why can't I accept myself? I brushed it off last night or pretended too but it is eating at me. This is why people lock themselves in and become reclusive. One person just shot a while in me that is going to take months to get over!

Just a current photo 8 months still haven't lost the weight I gained

Just an updated photo

Feeling good about myself today
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