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After 12 months, my Cosmetic journey is finally...

After 12 months, my Cosmetic journey is finally coming to an END…. I’m finishing with a Rhinoplasty Revision & Chin implant with Dr. Denenburg on September 21st, 2016.

If you’ve checked my profile you’ll see that I have now have 4 REVIEWS (including this one) that has taken place over a short period of 24 months. A few reasons…

#1. The timing in my life is perfect right now to be able to do these procedures &
#2. I just want to get these surgeries DONE & out of the way so I can continue to enjoy my 50’s with confidence in my own skin! Now at age 54, I really don’t WANT to wait anymore!

So, I began this journey in September 2014 first with a MMO. The BLA was to replace some very old aging saline breast implants…followed up by a slight breast reduction & lift. I also wanted a TT Revision of an old procedure that I’d done some 20 years ago.

Just this past September 2015 I went onto fixing my arms due to a bad lipo job done 8 years prior and included a full-face fat transfer. All of these procedures I did in a short 12 month span and all procedures turned out fantastic with NO additional revisions (except the TT…third times a charm)!

My final procedure is now booked to FIX a Rhinoplasy that I had done in my late 20’s. After much research on Rhinoplasty Revision over the past 12 months, my doctor of choice is with Dr.Denenberg of Omaha, Nebraska. After researching many different PS websites and reviewing before & after photos of their own patients…it appeared that Dr. Denenburg has worked on similar noses as mine. I contacted Dr. Steven Denenburg by e-mail, which I then forwarded him a ton of photos before my Rhinoplasty & then a ton of photo’s after the Rhinoplasy. Here’s what I feel needs to be corrected and this is what Dr. Denenberg suggested:

Me: Dislike the hanging Columella and slight slant of one nostril
Dr. Denenberg: The droopy columella is a result of tip cartilages that weren’t completely corrected during my rhinoplasy. YES, he can tuck up the hanging columella! YES!

Me: Dislike the bump on the right side of my nose!
Dr. Denenberg: Here’s what I can do: #1 I’ll start by narrowing your bridge a tiny amount, narrowing the tip a little as well, and then decreasing the dent just above the tip, which makes the skin look a little dark between the bridge and the tip. I’ll go onto reducing some of the asymmetries of the nose.

Me: I feel like my nose is too large for my face and it ages me
Dr. Denenberg: You certainly don't have the world's smallest chin, but sometimes adding a little bit of strength to the chin can make the nose look even smaller and thereby making my overall appearance younger. I propose a small chin implant to balance out your features.

Dr. Denenburg’s final comets: Even though we are never able to make 100% of the changes that we might wish to make in a rhinoplasty, especially a revision, I think you are a good candidate for a revision, because the kind of modifications to the cartilage that I demonstrated in these images come with some reasonable level of predictability. You would certainly have some asymmetries left over or something left over that still bugs you, but I think the most likely outcome would be an improvement that you felt was meaningful and nice. Especially considering that this would be a medium complicated revision.

My overall thoughts: Well, after everything I’ve gone through as far as revisions, I realize nothing is perfect and it’s SO easy to sit & look in the mirror and critique our-selves beyond what’s acceptable or what’s not! Here’s what's important to me: Get rid of the hanging columella and the stupid bump on my nose…overall reduce the size of my nose and I’ll be SO happy!

I’ve decided to go ahead with the planned surgery in 2016 by doing this:

Consult on Tuesday Morning September 20th
Surgery on Wednesday September 21st

Whew…Dr. Denenberg doesn’t come cheap…here’s the cost break-down:

Revision Rhinoplasty $14,500.00
Chin Augmentation: $ 1,800.00
Operating facility and Anesthesia $ 3,000.00

This WAS the same cost for my MMO with Dr. Peterson just over a year ago.

Mandatory patient sitter……………….$ 325.00 (1st night only)

And of course: 10 day hotel stay, airfare and meds!

So…I called Beth (patient coordinator), chose a surgery date and paid a non-refundable deposit. It’s a done deal and I couldn’t be happier to get this done! However, I was thinking…why the heck couldn’t Dr. Denenberg be living in Hawaii…lol!

Rhinoplasy Revision Journal

Looking forward to September 2016!
Omaha Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very Professional & straight forward. I'll do a full review on Dr. Steven Denenberg & his staff closer to my procedure.

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