Getting Ready For My Mommy Makeover! It's Tomorrow, 8/6/13! - Omaha, NE

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I'm excited! I'm having a TT, BA, and lipo. I know...

I'm excited! I'm having a TT, BA, and lipo. I know recovery will be harsh the first few weeks, but the end result will be worth it! I've read a lot of the amazing stories and I look forward to the end result in about a year. The forums on this site are very helpful and I did lots of research before deciding on getting the procedures, and who to get them done by. I suggest anyone wanting this procedure get very informed and not be blindsided by the results. I'm not disillusioned and I know it will be hard after the surgery is over.

Day 1 post op

1 day post op.yesterday I got nauseous when I came to and that hurt pretty bad. I was walking around the living room yesterday evening. The abdominal spasms aren't fun, but they aren't that bad either. Getting percoset from the doc today, hydro just isnt cutting the mustard.
Everything is getting easier , but slowly.
A few times it felt like I was pulling stitches, but I'm probably overreacting and it just seems that way. You don't really know how much you rely on your core until youre not supposed to use them and let them heal.

Full Post op day 2

Feeling a little better than yesterday. I hate the feeling of pulling, but it's necessary evil, and it keeps getting a little better every day. It hurts to not take it easy.
My hubby had to go back to work today, yesterday I worked on getting up to the restroom on my own with him hovering, it's not perfect by any means, but I can do it.
At first I was very scared that I was popping stitches left and right, not the case at all; plus I thought I wasn't supposed to use my muscles at all, but that's not possible.I just have to go slow and easy. I still don't have much of an appetite, but I'm not going to force it. No matter how bad it gets, I know it's going to get better everyday *smile*

post op day 2 cont.

This evening I get to have my first shower, and get to see what I look like under all of the binders. YAY!

1st po shower

I had my first post op shower, it felt so good. My body looks nice :) I'm very happy with it. Hubby took pictures yhat I'm posting on here, doesn't even look like me and I love it. I was exhausted to say the least.I've been getting up and moving arounf more. It feels really good walking.

po shower part 2

I posted before I wanted to...
In the pics I'm standing a little cockeyed.
Here are a couple more pics. Sorry if they're doubles.

Post op day 3

Every day does get a whole lot better as it comes. I'm home alone today and will not be making any 911 calls to my hubby. Yesterday I got stuck in the recliner and had to call him to come back to help me. I felt really bad about that. Now, im sitting on the couch with a folding chair in front of me. Easier for me to get up and down from.
I'm starting to feel pain where my ps did the lipo. He took almost 500cc from each side, which must be why my new body has nice, womanly curves. Ps also put 500cc silicone implants. Those are still pretty hard. I ice everything on s daily basis which feels like heaven! The nausea was a tad better yesterday, but today I really feel it for some reason. I know it has to get better, so I'm not stresding over it, it's just really annoying! gonna be a 7-up day.

PO Day 4

Finally no nausea! Very happy to be eating again! Now I'll have more energy and feel better in general :) Yay!

PO Day 6

Not quite over the hump yet. I feel like I've accomplished so much everyday up until today. I need to stay positive though and I will, it just might take a little extra effort. My first po appt with my ps is on Wednesday, 8/14/13. Hopefully I'll get one drain out. I'm getting between 20-30cc's in each drain approx. every 12 hours. I'm hopeful :)

Making the decision..

Before I made the decision for this procedure I had to take into consideration the fact that I have multiple sclerosis. I also didn't let it stop me from going through with something that would really, truly give me a whole new "life".
I had my daughter in December of 2001. About a week later, I went totally numb on my left side. I just had a beautiful baby girl; so I had no clue what was going on. My then mother-in-law was a nurse so she thought maybe I was having a stroke, only I didn't have a headache. Went to the somewhat small town’s hospital and had a CT scan, then got sent on my way in an ambulance to the metropolitan city I live in now; a 2-3 hour drive in an ambulance. The EMT guy sang to me the whole way. The last song I remember him singing was Lonestar’s I’m Already There.
After the ride and a long ordeal of a spinal tap and me yelling and calling my Mom a B-word because I was still in shock, I got my own room and spent a good month and a half there. Celebrating the new year, with a gallbladder removal and many days of plasmapheresis, while the doctors and interns were still trying to figure out what was “wrong”. Every morning on a daily basis, the vampires came to take my blood and Dr along with his 4-6 students came in to evaluate me. No changes ever, at all.
Along with daily Vampire, Dr/student visits, I had PT/OT visits. By the time they decided they could only rule out Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis; it was mid-January and I was headed to a rehab facility. Since I was unable to walk and unable to move my left arm. I had a little baby at home that I couldn’t care for and she was what I had to get home to, she was why I worked so hard and was able to come home a month later.
I have come a long way since then, and I even had a baby boy a year after, in January of 2003. I had only a minor set-back after the birth of my son, and I’m glad for that; spent a week in rehab to work on my walking. I had to go through all of this married, but alone since my absent husband had found a new, un-sick woman to spend his time with. He had happened to be an only child, I was a woman who lacked enough mobility to give him what he was used to, i.e. everything done for him.
I’m in a much better place now and I’m very proud of who I am and the man I married not quite a year ago. On October 6, 2013 we will celebrate out 1st wedding anniversary. He is a very good man who does everything he can to make our kids ( he has 2 daughters 12 & 8 from a previous marriage) and me happy. We don’t take each other for granted and are open with eachother; which is why I think “we” work so well.
I have to say, I was in such a yucky place this morning, remembering where I came from, how far I’ve come, and what I’ve accomplished has put me in a much better frame of mind. I can honestly say frame of mind has a huge impact on the physical side of things.

1 week post op

Doing pretty well. Go see my ps for my post op appt at 3pm tomorrrow. Took some pics tonight. I've been icing but the bruising remains. Swelling is still pretty tremendous as well, all in all I feel pretty good though. The places on my hips where I had lipo hurt the most at this point. Hopefully the nuisance drains will be gone soon enough too. Maybe one out tomorrow.....we shall see!

8 Days Post Op

Had my appointment. No more drains for me. Yay! He took them BOTH out! I'm so happy :) I'm healing very well and he's happy with how symmetrical everything has turned out. I go back in 5 weeks. He told me I should be doing nothing but taking it easy and helping my body heal :)
The drains coming out didn't hurt, it just felt kind of funny is all :)


I forgot to mention, I only have to wear a sportsbra for my implants during the day, and my lovely binder during the day when I'm up and about. Partial freedom from binder hell. Yay! I'm so glad it's close to bedtime! Getting quite a bit of seepage where my drains were, but they did seem pretty big.

PO day 11

Having a pretty good day. The holes where my drains were are driving me insane. They're sore and seeping alittle bit. I've been puting Neosporen on them, an I hope they heal quick because that stuff is stinky lol. Laughing doesn't hurt do much but dtinking Sprite does. No more for me. Gotta have pop on family pizza night tho, right? No guilt-doesn't happen often.

Slowly but surely....

Seems like the swelling is going to last F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I know it won't, I'm just being overly dramatic. Had a great day today. It's the first day that I didn't sleep until 10 a.m. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. bright eyed and bushy tailed. All dressed up (not really, lol) and no place to go. Just watching t.v. and healing all day, but that's hard work :)

New Pup

Turmeric Maybe?

I have a call in to my doc. Since I have multiple sclerosis, I want to make sure the Turmeric is ok. I read up on it last night, and wow! It looks all good!!! and like it would actually help the MS. I almost got some yesterday at the store, but it had something about the immune system on the bottle. The thing with MS is that people who have it already have an over-active immune system. A lot of the herbal things promise to BOOST the immune system. I'm not interested in that. That could mean bad things for an already over-active immune system. So I'm trying to be on the safe side; even though I already know I should be fine to take it. Times like these I wish I was born in India lol no one there has MS.

His name is Dexter, the most interesting puppy in the world!

Puppy's name is now Toby. Much cuter for a furball.


Feeling good.

Not in much pain and I've been getting out of bed much easier. Decided to start turmeric/bromelain capdules. Probably should have started right after surgery. Swelling is driving me nuts. Weighed myself yesterday (probably shouldn't have, but I liked the number and it's only going to get lower since I'm so swollen still) I've lost 13 pounds since pre-surgery. Has anyone else's stomache seem to have shrunk since surgery? Is it because of the muscle tightening? I notice I've been eating less. That has got to be why. Nice side effect if you ask me :-)

Swelled and sore

I don't know what I did yesterday but O-M-G !! I'm super swollen!! And even when I didn't have my cg on last night, it still felt like I did. Healing, schmealing, it's annoying. I have a long road ahead though I know. I just haven't had a feeling like this since week 1 po.

Pretty good day today :)

Posting some pics today. 2 days past 2 weeks post op since I wasn't feeling so well after my shower that day (because of that stupid rough washcloth Dh used to wash me with.....incisions included, plus my skin just friggin hurts since my nerves are starting to come back to life.
? Happy healing everyone?
p.s. any recommendations on excercises that will give me a butt? Lol I don't have much of one....
should have put the lipoed fat in there! Hehehe

Breast Augmentation Update :) 4 weeks and 2 days post op

Except for a few tingles inside my breasts, the recovery from the augmentation has been relatively uneventful. No stitches, just glue. I'm very happy with the results :)

6 week po appointment

Had my 6 week po appt today. My body didn't like the semi permanent stitches very much so ps cut some out. He said I could use silicone and to wear a cg as long as possible "the longer the better". And I get to wear a real bra. Yay! Next appointment isn't until February 17, 2014.
Happy healing everyone!

pre & 6 week po side-by-side pic

Picture pre and 6 week post op from ps office. Loving the results so far and they'll only get better and better! *feeling happy and grateful*

2 months post op

Feeling great. Still somewhat numb...still hurts to cough...that's about it really, well, and itchy sensations inside my bb which I'm contributing to healing. Still swollen on my lower left more than my lower right...ugh. time is on my side :)

2 months post op vont.

More pics....

Scar revision-3 days post op

My scar down front was really really hard so at my 6 month check I scheduled an in - office revision, which my ps did at no charge - that was super nice of him.
The local anesthetic hurt a bit, and hearing the scissors snip through the dead fat was quite nasty,but it was totally worth it. He left a drain in just to be safe. Better to have one and not need one than to need one and not have one. Output has been minimal so I'm looking forward to getting it out tomorrow morning. Hopefully I do. I was sick of the drain by Friday to be honest but whatever, right?
The incision was about 8 or 9 inches or so I think, but I'm just happy that hardness is gone. He took as much out as he could so that I wouldn't need to go through that again. He made sure that I was ok throughout the procedure and put more numbing medicine into the incision if I needed it to make me more comfortable, which I really appreciated, believe me! Normally I'm a sissy when it comes to pain but I made it through.
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

Open, honest and thorough. He did a wonderful job! I'm overjoyed with my results. He reminded me to keep my expectations realistic and that was helpful. His techniques helped keep my pain levels down and are helping speed my recovery time. I am one happy customer!

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