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I am so nervous and excited about my upcoming...

I am so nervous and excited about my upcoming surgery. I am getting a breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction on my thighs, and last but not least a tummy tuck. I have been up and down with my weight for about 10 years. I have lost weight and gained it all back. It is aweful. I work out at least 4-6 times weekly at a kick boxing class. I am hoping I can get my old figure back before I had 3 kids. My kids are 21,17 and 10 years old. I am trying to get everything worked out before the surgery. I have an at home business, I run it with my sister. I m trying to get some extra help for my sister so I can take a full 2 weeks off. This website is definitely helping me with a lot of information. My weight right now is 159 lbs. and I am 5 ft 2 in. tall. I am hoping this surgery will help.

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Should I get lipo with my tummy tuck?

I can't seem to lose any weight. I was really hoping to lose at least 10 pounds but I am not having any luck. Should I get get lipo with my tummy tuck to at least help out. I don't want this to out bad. Please help.

More ino.

Also I do work out every morning for 45 minutes at a kickboxing class.


I am getting worried about my upcoming surgery. I talked to someone last night and she said someone had a bad experience with my doctor. I am scared now because I only went one place for a consultation and I loved my doctor that I decided to go with him. Should I go for a 2nd consultation with another doctor? Please help!!

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I lost 3 pounds but you can't tell yet. I am trying though.

Getting excited

I have my pre op on Friday. I only have 24 more days until surgery!! I am getting really excited and nervous. I need to make a list of things I need to get and do before my surgery. I need to make sure my family will be taken care of. I have not lost my 10 pounds yet, I only lost 7 pounds. I did walk/jog 8.25 miles this morning though. My feet really hurt. I am trying but it is hard to eat healthy. I am on the go all the time so we eat out a lot. I will keep trying though.

3 more weeks

I am getting so excited now. Three more weeks to the day!! I can't wait to see my new body!! I didn't lose the 10 pounds I wanted to but that alright. I lost inches instead. Two more days and I go to my Pre op. I have so much to get ready before my big day. I am should be ready though!!

Pre op today

I had my Pre op today. They are paid up. On my way to that appointment I was so nervous I almost threw up. I can't imagine the day of surgery. I am really scared now. I want this surgery so bad but I have only had one surgery my whole life. It was an easy surgery, I got my tubes tied. I was up and shopping the next day. I know that this surgery is much more severe. I can handle it but I am really scared. I have 19 days left. I have to start getting all my supplies. I am very excited to see my new body!! I also have a question for anyone who can help me. I read that I have to wait until my drain tubes are out to take a shower. Is that true? Also how long do you usually keep the tubes in?

Only a few more days

I am getting so nervous now!! My surgery is on Wednesday. I am trying to get everything ready. I am kind of obsessing. I cleaned the heavy cleaned the house, did most of the laundry and getting groceries tomorrow. I think I got everything I need for my surgery. Here is the list that I have.
Lots of gauze
Gauze tape
Pillow wedge
Neck pillows
Tylenol PM
Stool softener
Laxative pills
2 pair of pantyhose
Pill organizer
Camera memory card
Necklace to hang my drains
Bottled water
Stool for my bedside
Please let me know if I am missing anything. I can't think of anything right now.
It's so weird to have this nervousness and excitement at the same time. I am going to take a few more pictures tomorrow.

Pre surgery photos

The night before my surgery. I am so scared. Don't get my wrong, I want this surgery so bad. I don't think I will be getting any sleep tonight. My surgery is at 7am. I have to be there at 6am.

3 days post

The day of my surgery wasn't bad at all. I got up all day and tried to go to the bathroom. I couldn't pee until it was around 8 pm though. Yesterday was horrible though. I was in pain all day I went to the doctor and got sick while I was there. That was embarrassing. Today I am feeling pretty good.. I am bruised all over my hips from the lipo. From what I see I like it


I got a breast augmentation and a lift. They are so high up right now. When do they drop and begin to look more natural?

Post op

I am 8 days post op. I still can't get out of bed. I am really getting frustrated. I am getting fevers in and out. I have already gone to the emergency room once and they said everything was fine. I am hardly draining from one of my tubes but the other one is draining a ton. I am suppose to go to work on Monday. I don't know if I can. I am freaking out. Has anyone else gone through this?


I am now 10 days post op. I feel absolutely awful. I am constantly getting hot and cold flashes. I can't hardly bend over. I still have both my drains in. It feels like this is never going to end. I can't tell what my body looks like what. I also have been stuck in my house the entire time. And I can't take a shower yet because of my stupid drains. Can someone give me some suggestions on what to do?

1 tube out

I got one tube out. The tube was stuck inside me. That side feels 100% better. Now the other side is stuck. I am hoping and praying the Doctor will take it out tomorrow. This pain I am feeling is worse than anything I have ever felt. I had three children totally (no medication at all) natural. This pain is worse. I can't even tell tell what my body looks like yet. I am crying all the time. I don't know why I am so freaking emotional. This surgery is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Drain free

My 2nd drain got pulled today. I feel so much better now. I have to wait until tomorrow to take a shower though. I am going to take the longest shower. I am so excited. It's funny the things you take for granted like taking a shower until you can't take one for 12 days. Sponge baths are no fun!! I will take pictures tomorrow and show everyone my progress.

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It has been about 2 1/2 weeks since surgery and I still feel light headed all the time. I feel dizzy and not all the way there. It is weird, I haven't taken any pain medication for over a week. Has anyone else felt this? I just feel like I am in a dream. I am starting to work again on Monday so I am a little nervous. I also would like to know if anyone has had a lot of gross pusiness in their TT wound?

Stitches out

I got all of my stitches out today. My stomach is still a little nasty looking because I have an open part in it. My boobs look awesome though. I am so excited about them. I hope my stomach heals up quickly so I can wear clothes comfortably.

New photos

New photos


I had a mommy makeover in October and I am still having complications. My belly button starting getting a big blister on it about 2 months ago. Come to find out my body was trying to fight something off. My doctor couldn't find anything for about a month. One month ago he found a stitch that was wrapped around my muscle and pulled it out. It was about 2 feet long. It hurt so bad. I am still trying to heal up from that. I am very worried that the stitch was suppose to be there. I keep reading the muscles are suppose to be stitched together. Can someone please let me know if that's true. Thanks
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

I had my consultation with Dr. Bruneteau. He is amazing. He made me feel totally comfortable. He told me all about himself and his education and experience. He was amazing.

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