31 Years old & 2 c-sections - Omaha, NE

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I was very pleased with all the information that...

I was very pleased with all the information that was provided to me at my consultation. The DR. And staff were very friendly and helpful!
First I watched a movie about the procedure. It was very informative. The doctor came in and talked to my husband and I about different options. then I then i took before pictures. They were edited so I can see an approximate end result. By the time I left, I knew this was a facility I felt comfortable and confident in.
When I called to set up my appointment, Lindsay answered all the questions I forgot to ask at the consultation.

2 months 2 weeks until mommy makeover

I am on this site pretty much all of my down time. I am pretty nervous yet anxious for my surgery. Keep trying to find pics that might resemble my body type so I can imagine what the end result might look like. I was so embarrassed when I took my before pics in the office that all I could focus on was getting dressed. I looked like a sumo wrestler in the tiny panties they had me wear. I didn't really look at the proposed after pics because my focus was on my husband and what he could possibly be thinking.

6 weeks until surgery

Getting excited! Can't believe I am posting my first before pic ????

18 days 20 hours to go!

Only a few weeks left until my mommy makeover! Nervous,excited, and scared but think I am ready to get it over with! Bring on the new me :)

Pre op appointment

I had my pre op appointment yesterday. It went pretty quick. I was relieved we didn't need to take any more before pictures since I was just in 2 months ago. :) I have all my time off paperwork for work filed and it is starting to feel so real. I only have a few item I need to purchase before the big day and then it's go time!

Less than 2 weeks to go

One week!

Just one week until my mommy makeover! I am picking up more supplies I'll be needing on Saturday, then I am officially ready to go!

15 hrs and counting

Tomorrow is my mommy makeover. Getting so nervous! Prayers welcome :)

No turning back now

Off to the office. Ready for the new me!

2 days post op

I was hoping for a small round bell button but this is what I go. Can't wait for the swelling to go down. I also can't wait until I can stay awake for more than 10 minutes at. A Time. Got to the the pain meds.

5 days post op

My thighs are still swollen, mystomach hours when I move it feels like my breasts are going to explode! I am still taking something for pain every 4 hours and I can't stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time on the meds. Looking forward to a shower! I can't wait to feel normal again.

One week post op

I went for my 6 day post op check yesterday. Not a fun 2 hour drive to and from I must say. Dr said things are healing well and I can take my first shower! I still have both drains in. I have another follow up appointment in a week and hopefully I can get rid of a drain or two then. I have decided to stop taking all my prescribed pain medication because I don't like to feel "out of it". Last night was pretty rough but made it through on just acetatamenaphen. Can't wait like I feel myself again and can move around freely and help out.

Before / after

Baby steps

I took my first unassisted shower today! Feels so good to be more and more independent everyday! Things are healing well and the pain is starting to subside more each day.

Improvement everyday

Things are getting easier and looking better everyday. I am 3 1/2 weeks post op

5 weeks post op

2 months post op

I still have swelling and I wear my binder every single day. My breast still feel like they "shift " when I bend over too far or lay flat on my back. When I am laying flat, it feels like the implants move into my armpits and it is painful. I am sure in time that will subside.

3 months post op

Not loving the love handles but can't complain. Anything is better than what I had! The lighting is funny in these. I weighed 150 at my consultation and I am currently 133lbs.

More lipo

I am getting a revision on October 13th. Lipo of my hips lower back and thighs.

Liposuction after mommy makeover

I had some more Lipo done a couple days ago. Way easier than the mommy makeover recovery I experienced last year. I am only 3 days post op. I gained 8 pounds of swelling. Dr. Was able to remove 4 1/2 IV sized bags of fat.

After lipo

Things can only improve form here . Lots of swelling.
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Was very educational. He made it clear he was there to inform me of my options and to educate me on what would be best for my situation. He told me that I can come in as many times as I want to ask questions before the surgery date.

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