**updated 1 month** 35 Yo, 3 Kids All BF, 5'7, 135lbs 500ccs hp silicone under - Omaha, NE

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I went for my 1st consult tonight and was...

I went for my 1st consult tonight and was thoroughly impressed! Decided to go with Dr. Edney. (He had done my sisters augmentation earlier this year and have heard really great things about him). I like his honesty and I felt very comfortable with him. I'm currently a very small 34b (and that may be pushing it):-) I breastfed all 3 of my kiddos now 8,6, and 2, but my breasts kept their relative shape thankfully! I want a Full D. My BWD was 12.5, so Dr suggested anywhere from 500-600. I loved the 550 cc sizers so thinking I'll go with that (silicone) . Scheduling my surgery for Feb.19th! So excited!!!!! Here are some of my pics from tonight.. Vectra imaging, and sizers:-)

It's February!!

So excited.. 19 more days and I'll have boobies! Had my pre-op on Friday. Here are some of my wish pictures. She is the same height/weight as me and has 600cc hp silicone. Still undecided whether I'm going 550 or 600.. Didn't discuss size this time at pre-op. Think I may call or email my nurse and let her know I'm not sure since they have to special order anything over 500. Hoping to fill these swimsuits out nicely (or get new ones entirely (most likely) this summer. For those of you who have already had your BA... Any suggestions on what things to prepare for before op? Things to get.. Etc.

Less than 72 hours and I'll have BOOBS:-)) Some before photos

Surgery done!!

Had my surgery yesterday. Arrived at the clinic around 10am. Surgery was scheduled at 1130, but they were running a little late so they brought me back to OR around 1230ish. Don't remember anything once I got there. Out like a light. Woke up about 2 hours later. Had a lot of upper chest pain, took meds through an IV there and then took my pain pills when I got home. Hardly touched the pain. Started feeling better around 8pm. Had my post op today, bandages taken off. So far very happy. My PS ended up putting in 500 cc's HP mentor silicone. He tried the 550's and thought they were just too big for my frame. Here is a sneak peak of my new boobies:)

Day 1 Post Op pics

Day after surgery. My right is bigger than my left.. But it's way early. I did have slight asymmetry before, but nothing crazy.

Post op day 4

My mom just left.. She was helping me for the last several days.. Especially with my 2 year old. Feeling great... Still have pressure but no pain whatsoever. Got some new bras from Walmart.. I LOVE them. Best Bra Ever Brand and only like $5. Got a couple in extra large but can tell the band is a little loose so will probably get some more in a large. Still pretty tired so think I'm going to take a snooze before kids get home from school.

Post op day 4 and 7 pics and... Constipation :/

It's been a week since I got my new additions. Feeling great, but still get very tired if I do too much throughout the day. Weaned myself off pain meds but still taking a muscle relaxant. Finally had a BM this morning.. Ya.. 7 days without pooing! :/ and believe me I was taking it ALL! Colace and smooth move tea started day 1.. Added in magnesium citrate a couple days ago along with another laxative last night. Didn't really feel miserable until this morning. Thankfully I went this morning but wasn't a lot, have back up fleet suppositories if all else fails. :-) I am so happy I did this! Still riding high, but can't wait until I fully D&F!

Post op day 11

Things have been going great! Still a little tight but otherwise no pain unless I push myself. They are starting to soften and even dropping a bit. Today went shopping for a bra- loving my bralettes but wanted a little more support. Found a bra at JC Pennies and had a coupon for $10 off so got a Bali Comfort Revolution wire free 36D bra.. (Didn't have any 34DD, so went up in bandwidth). Comfortable so far.

11 days post op pic

Trying on some of my old bathing suit tops ;-)

Happy 2 weeks!!

So I'm 14 days post op. Feeling pretty good. Still have hellacious morning boob in the morning but usually softens up once I get my day going. Go to get my stitches removed tomorrow. Haven't seen my scars at all since steri strips are still on them. Getting back to my regular routine, taking my supplements again, wrapping, etc. (it's been a whole month!!) still feel fluffy from surgery and not working out. Hopefully in 2 more weeks I'll be cleared to do more. It's totally been worth it though! :-))))

18 days post op update

Things are going great! I am definitely feeling the healing process going on.. Sometimes my nips feel like their on fire!! Anyone else? At night I literally want to rip my bra off! Lol I also got my stitches removed on Friday at 2 weeks post op.. They look good but noticed the next day I developed mondor's cord under the left breast.. I have 3 cords that protrude out from the crease about an inch or so down .. It freaked me out at first but then I googled it.. And yep I'm a textbook example:-) thank goodness they go away on their own. I believe I'm dropping and they are starting to round out nicely instead of the square shape.. Also my crease between my breasts is lessening- happy about that!L

3 weeks post op

I was 3 weeks post op yesterday and I've so happy with them. I thought I never could love shopping more than I do.. Boy was I wrong! :-) It is so fun being able to try on swimsuits, strapless shirts and dresses etc. and be able to fill them out! Best money spent ever!!

1 month boobies!!

I'm 1 month post op today and things are going great! I started working out a couple days ago.. I have been working legs for about a week. Did my war class yesterday (kickboxing, punching, etc) modified a lot but was able to do most everything except the push-ups and some of the ab work. Boobies are dropping and fluffing, and appear a little bigger prob due to the D & F. They are getting squishier but still are tight at times, especially in the mornings. Started sleeping on my side more, but it's not the most comfortable position yet. Have to have a pillow in front to relieve pressure. Otherwise very happy with the progress :-)

6 week post op and new bathing suit pics :-)))

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