Liposuction of Hips, I/O Thighs and Knees--finally! - Omaha, NE

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In 48 hours I'll be in recovery! I have thought...

In 48 hours I'll be in recovery! I have thought about having lipo done for 20 years. I'm 51, female and post menopausal--ah, great combo, right? LOL. I have never been really overweight throughout my life, perhaps the dreaded word "heavy"--always had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-20 lbs to drop. January 2011 I started on the HCG diet and within 30 days had lost 18 lbs--I felt great! I changed the way I eat to low carb and had no trouble keeping within a couple lbs of my goal weight. THEN. I went through menopause, used hormone replacement and wow! My weight and body shape went in a direction I really didn't want. I stopped the hormones (didn't seem to help), but losing the inches just wasn't happening. So, finally I'm in a place mentally and financially to commit to this surgery.

I had BA in May of 2012 and really liked my surgeon so that was one of my first consultations. I also went to the PS that did my daughters BA and liked him as well. Decision was made based on the fact that my daughters BA takes CareCredit--12 months no interest--done deal. Each PS tells me that BA is more painful than lipo recovery, but it is something I concern over the more I read--guess I should stop reading!

I will post my measurements and before photo tomorrow. My goals are to slim my thighs, hips and knees (knees are so gross--totally a menopausal thing). As well as I will become much more diligent in my eating (like cut way back on the red wine consumption) and start working out daily as I have always done, just got off track a year or so ago and never went back.

What am I concerned about:
Pain, anesthesia, uncomfortable feeling with support hose that I have to wear for 6 weeks, sagging skin

I read a great blog that a gal posted from her procedure in 2007 through 2009--so inspirational about the changes she made--plan to do the same and post in the hopes of helping someone else. Look forward to sharing my experience...

Very pleased with results--glad I did it!

Just a quick follow up from my preop-post. I'm 10 weeks out post-surgery and am pleased that my results continue to impress. Dr. Edney has been great throughout the process and I highly recommend he and his impressive team.

Recovery wasn't that bad. Several of the things I did that I thought helped a lot were: I wore diligently a medical grade garment--I bought it online and think that helped a lot. I also did lymphatic massage at around 3weeks (which is a very very light touch that assists in reducing swelling). I think both of those things made a huge difference in swelling and overall comfort. I still like to wear the Soleida compression garment (supposed to help with cellulite as well) just for the support.

I began working out again full time (mostly The Bar Method/Physique 57/walking) and have regained my strength quickly. All discomfort, for the most part, is gone. I do have some swelling in my flank area and it is somewhat numb, but I was anticipating that. It continues to improve each week. I'm able to wear clothes that I couldn't before comfortably and with a few more pounds gone--I'll be right where I want to be. My husband has noted that the subtle contours are very noticeable --yay!

Wish I had done this years ago!
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

Has all the board certified qualifications, calm demeanor and always made me feel I could ask any stupid question. The nurses that I have called 3 times so far have been quite helpful.

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