Kybella Round 1: Day 1 - Omaha, NE

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Just received my first of 3 Kybella treatments....

Just received my first of 3 Kybella treatments. They are 15% off this month so I got a really great price for the most expensive round. (She used 3 syringes but thinks 2 will be enough the for the rest of the treatments).

I haven't seen many reviews with the entire process so I thought I'd share my journey as I go through it! I am pretty certain this will be a successful endeavor. I have been getting my fillers and Botox done for a few years by the same person who did my kybella today. I trust her completely and so far my reactions have been pretty much exactly what she said they would be.

The injections were uncomfortable but relatively quick. The following 5 minutes were definitely painful. Very uncomfortable and on the verge of being unbearable. Luckily it was over before I had time to freak out.

It's been about two hours since I finished the first treatment. I am definitely swollen, the pain is pretty much gone I just have a weird tight feeling and don't really like looking at myself in the mirror currently. ;)

I posted a picture of myself before my treatment and now two hours afterwards you can see the swelling is pretty significant. I'm not sure how much worse it gets but I was warned that it could last for about two weeks. Overall it really wasn't bad and the swelling doesn't really bother me. I just can't wait for it to be gone so I can see the results! I will update in a few days and add some more pictures!

Kybella Round 1: Day 4

Swelling was down at least 50% when I woke up the second day. No pain, just a bit numb to the touch. It seems like things are moving faster than I expected! I am really anxious to see some results but I know I need to be patient! ;)

Kybella Round One: Day 6

Swelling very minimal. Just waiting patiently for a sign of results!


It's been a few weeks and I'm not scheduled for my second round until January 1. The swelling is gone and my results are already almost perfect after just one round! My sister noticed it tonight and said she wouldn't even do another round if she was me. Of course I will do one more but I doubt I will need the full 3.

I am thrilled. It's a very slow process and not fun but wow it's worth it!!!


I can't stop taking pictures and comparing them to my before. I never expected this great of results from only ONE round! Especially after reading reviews. My suggestion is if you're on the fence, GO FOR IT! Because in my case it is exceeding all expectations and I'm not even finished!


I had another 3 vials injected yesterday. I waited a full 8 weeks from my first round. It was not as painful as the first time. Maybe because I knew what to expect. Swelling was also not AS bad as the first round. But I will still have a scarf on for the next week or so when I leave the house.

Looking forward to more results!

3.5 weeks after 2nd round!

Looking great! I still feel some stuff in there so I think that means I will have even more of a result from this round! Can't wait to finish my last round! Very happy with everything so far!
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