My breast were Sagging too much - Breast Reduction - Omaha, NE

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I guess I'd have to say the main reason for doing...

I guess I'd have to say the main reason for doing this was because I was developing,back pain,And My breast were Sagging too much which was inhibiting my posture,keeping me from excersizing and the cloths I was wearing were not fitting right.I do not regret doing this.Would suggest others who are in the same predictment to do the same.I was very pleased with the Outcome.Getting along very well.

Whats Going On Now

Mid Oct when I was Able to go back to My Normal life to where I could Excersize,and Normal Lifting.That Was Nice.I wear a Sports bra ! Found One Iam very Comfortable In.I was told I didn't have to wear at night when I went to Bed,But after Surgery was to wear a compression Bra for 3weeks or More.Got so used to wearing Bra Now I feel Weird if I dont wear one.Before the Surgery I was very bad about not wearing a bra unless I was Going Somewhere in Public ! but Around the House I didnt wear and You Can Tell By the before Pics How Saggy They got.Now I have A fear That they will get that way again so I wear one alot more even if iam just here and at home.I dont want the saggy breasts anymore.I found a sports bar thats very comfortable.I need to get some More pics on here. of the end result.I been putty Coco butter for the scaring,Knowing that will take time for them to fade away.I Have been walking 2 miles at a gym we go to for excersize .And Doing a set up,leg rise Exersize challenge that I found On facebook! so been trying that.I can now take baths ! I love my Bubble baths had to go 4 months of not getting to do that.And the infection I had went away almost done with the meds for that and going to dr vists with that,All the incissions are closed! Will Try to get some more after pics put on here and maybe a video.Again I have No regrets of having this Surgery !

best xmas gift

this is the best gift i could ever give myself

most comfortable bra

I highly suggest going to walmart and finding this bra ! it wont be a cup size I got a 44 c and 46 and going back to get a 48 because they do shrink in so need to put on cold and dont put in dryer .but they are strechty and they have different colors

5 months scars

Put coco butter has really helped me ! in time they will go away

Feeling Good

Not alot to really update feeling good ~ The Scars Are Fading.

6 months

I bought this dress Dec 2012 and that time the reduction wasn't in even a thought and didnt get to wear it because of mother nature made it snow .So wore this year and think iam going to have to add a straps to hold up if i wear again next year ~ Of course I am hoping iam 30 lbs lighter around the waste.

A Funny Story

Back Before I ever thought of having a breast reduction I was one that hated wearing a bra.The only places I wore was when I worked,excerised,was around My Family or in Public,but around the House I didnt and thats why they got as saggy as you see or will see in my before pics.After the surgery they put me in a compression bra for I think 3-6 weeks then went to a sports bra which was alot more comfy.Then it Was Nov 2013 Richard J. Bruneteau, MD my Surgeon told me I could Sleeep without the bra.The Funny part is I Dont feel As Comfortable Not Wearing one I have this fear if I dont wear one (a bra) they are Going to get All Saggy again.I Dont work anymore and Home ALot More And Dont get out to Do Alot.To others I have told this about they tend to find amusing and laugh.Because just seems funny I want to wear a bra more now~I guess Iam freaking out because I dont want to have this surgery again in the next 5-10 yrs,I dont want them to get all saggy again.Iam not got to excerise as much as I planned the first of Year ended up with phnuemonia and my Husband s been sick and not felt up to getting back to the gym Iam better but he isnt,Richard J. Bruneteau, MD told me at the surgery I shouldnt worry not too many women have to do it over.Id rather a bra and not have that happen.I been wearing a 46-48C cup,and liking the look they dont sag ~ including a before pic we took this past summer in South Dakota At Roughlock falls.Really Not Suposed to be Pulling up my shirt ,But me being the Exhibitionist Had to Do Real Quick.

6 months

pics of how iam doing now

something not right

Hoping this is A normal thing ~ notice left side there is like bump or a ridge but right side dont look lke that, go back to my Surgeon feb 12 th hope he can tell me

Nothing New to update

getting along fine ~now getting bills ! Good Thing I did this in 2013 and medicare paid a Good Chunk of it ! Only Owe $1,600? dont know exact amount ,The Whole thing cost $15.551? But had I waited till this year Medicare probably wouldnt have paid it! Thanks to Mr Ohbama! and His retarded Ohbama care plan.It needed done. Very happy with the results ! Sorry I dont get on here every day to check in here.There s not alot to update ~! I get Tons Of Compliments on how good My New breasts Are.Iam very happy with how they look.I havent been to any more follow up appoinments because we just got swamped with some big bills and it costs to drive to omaha For just a 10 minute appointment And Iam not on Medicare anymore.I will get up there when i can!

10 months after the surgery

Arent they perfect ~ Do not regret having this surgery done~ Still working on the weight issue thought ~and Medicare paid a very good chunk of the cost ty to notes from the Chiropractor and dr.
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

He did an Excellant job,explained everything step by step answered any questions I had.Very friendly.The Nursing Staff was great. Still in the process of payment ! Medicare coverd but we are appealing because they denied part of it because they felt it was Costmetic and not medical. Thinking because it was coded as costmetic at the time I didnt have a letter from my MD yet or Chiropractor that referred me to do this procedure I have copies from both if you should need.So Dont have a final payment plan till after medicare has paid their share.We dont go back till feb 2014 so guess we will dicusss that with them?

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