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I have been wanting to do this for about ten years...

I have been wanting to do this for about ten years. Always finding something else to spend money on, I finally found the reason to schedule the surgery after a second consult... I'm worth it! I work hard, am a single mom for ten years this year, and deserve to look how I feel. Tomorrow is the big day.

It's Not Long Now

I am only hours away from surgery. About to shower and finish packing for the 1.5hr trip. Surprisingly I slept pretty well. Anxiously awaiting the events of today.

Before pic

This morning before surgery.

Post Op

Feeling pretty good after the surgery. My bf had been very helpful, my sister came to visit, and I've received several supportive texts from my good gfs. So far pain is manageable, but staying ahead of the pain is a very good recommendation by my nurse. The most uncomfortable thing for me is feeling like I have T-rex arms without being able to use them much. I told my bf that it feels as though I was rowing a boat for hours. Just took more pain meds and am back to sleep till my 8:30 follow up appt. Any feedback others have for this would be great to read.

Ace Bandage Off, First Glance

Went in to the surgery center at 8:30 this morning. They took off my bandage and let me see them. They looked surprisingly good given it hadn't even been 24hrs post surgery. I didn't mind the tightness of the bandage. I sort of enjoyed that tight feeling. Anyhow, here's a pic without the bra taken at the clinic this morning.

2nd Day Post Op

I feel pretty good today. Still on pain meds, however, as the incisions are very tender underneath my breasts. Taking a shower today felt amazing! Here's a couple pics of chest post surgery.

3rd Day Post Op

Hello again, just checking in. This is my third day post operation. Slept pretty well last night though I was up a lot. Taking some pain meds still but reduced from yesterday. Also found that I need to take a laxative as I was pretty bound up and not able to move it on my own. Took another shower today and feel more comfortable with my results so far. 450cc right side, 420cc left side, saline

6th Day Post Op

Today prior to showering I removed my nipple tape (as it was coming off in several places) and am happy with what I see. I am still nervous that I am not feeling as great as some of the women on here, but I'm trying to stay positive. Any encouragement or feedback on my pics would be helpful.

One week since surgery

Finally went back into the office today. Was working from home since the surgery and was going stir crazy. Updated pics below.

Long day, cold compress needed

After a long day at work and getting ready for the new school year, I needed this.

9 Days Later, Feel Better Every Day!

Today and yesterday were the best days yet. I feel comfortable in a sports bra other than the surgical one. I have less pain and feel more and more like the old me. A couple updated pics from this morning to show progress. Going to my first post op tomorrow and hoping for good news!

First post op visit

And all went well. The PA said everything looked good and to keep doing what I was doing. I asked if I could take ibuprofen yet, she said no. They feel two weeks before and after is necessary. My headaches don't respond will to Tylenol. :-( She removed a few sutures and take off the T -intersection scar. Everything looks good. May have overdone it a bit as feeling seriously sore tonight. Time to rest after a long week.

Two weeks post surgery today

So today marks the two week point. I was so excited that I can finally start taking ibuprofen again. I can't believe how many headaches I've suffered through for a month because I couldn't take this med. Needless to say, I'm almost back to feeling all the way normal. I've still got pain of I am driving with my left arm for too many hours in a day but I felt the best I have yesterday since surgery. Took pics tonight laying down a bit to see the scars/healing and progress. Any comments or feedback is appreciated. Happy healing!!

21 Days Post Op

I feel like I'm feeling better. Nerve twitches are really annoying at times. I still can't sleep comfortably on my back with one pillow or on my side. However, the look is better.

One Month Today

So, this is what a month post op looks like (on me). I laid on my side last night, best sleep I've had in a month!! Pretty happy with my scaring. Very few scabs left from incisions. Feeling great!! And they are finally starting to drop!


Today I went to the doctor with an unscheduled appointment to have them look at the few holes that have been developing under my breast on the left side. It had a hole prior to those that did not have any drainage, but the most recent hole that developed over the weekend has been very irritating and draining pus and blood. So after having five different places dug out and tugged to remove internal sutures that were causing the problem, I am all taped up and gauzed up yet again. This is like deja vu. Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks post op. I am frustrated that the healing process seems to be going backwards instead of forward. I have another scheduled appointment next week after being prescribed 5 days worth of antibiotics for this most current issue.

Another surgery necessary 1yr post Op

I have come to the decision that in order to get the results I was expecting on my initial surgery, that I must undergo this process again. I have mixed feelings about it. I am not looking forward to the cost, time off work, or the recovery.

2nd Surgery Update - Capsulorapphy, Lift, Revision

I had my second surgery on January 9th. Updated pictures of this second surgery. Seemed easier except for the drains. I have another hole on the left side that seems to get bigger by the day.

Updated pics from second surgery

Hole getting bigger

Ugh, so frustrated with this hole. I am hoping that the healing of my body will turn this around. I am so ready for myself to be back to normal.
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