600ccs Silicone HP 28 Yrs Old, 2 Kids-BF, - Omaha, NE

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600ccs High Profile, Silicone. 34 A cup possibly....

600ccs High Profile, Silicone. 34 A cup possibly. 125lbs, 5'3".5
Also will be recieving a nipple reduction. I am extremely nervous as it gets closer. Worried about the outcome if I will be happy with the size, the look.. and the possible complications, capsular contraction, ect. I also on the other hand am excited to not alwayd have to wear extra padded bras, and limiting my clothing because of my tiny tatas. I just hope, hope,. they turn out pretty, and perky, and big. Lol. I want to be able to feel sexy in my own skin. *fingers crossed*

Countdown Begins! 49 Days.

I am in disbelieve that after almost 14 years I will be finally getting some new full sexy breasts!!. I Can't wait! 49 more day!!! This gives me time to tone up my body. What better motivation then getting some new boobies!!! Hehe Feeling excited!

More Inspiring pics!

Worried 600ccs is too big!

My surgery is May 15th and I originally we had decided to go with 600ccs but now I am second guessing it. I am worried it may be too big!! If I didn't live 3 hours from Omaha, Ne I would schedule a 2nd consult just for some comfort.. lol I think my nerves are getting to me.. :(

This is the look I am trying to receive!

I want to be sexy and well proportioned. ;) I might go down 50ccs to 550ccs We will see though!!! :)

5 more days :)

I am in disbelieve that I am actually going to be getting a breast augmentation and a nipple reduction. I been wanting this for so long that I think I won't actually believe it's happening until I wake up with breasts! Ha! But, I been thinking of the long term reality of them too I don't want to go too big because I hear back problems? I also dont want them to droop to my belly button. I also have 2 kids who I love to play with and I like to be active as well. ;) I will discuss this with the doctor before the surgery. Here are 2 before pictures of me. I will take pictures in the same shirts after I get breasts. Please wish me luck and for a safe surgery! It will be greatly appreciated. XOXO

Post Op Day #1

600ccs HP Silicone Under Muscle, with Nipple reduction. Day one was very painful, and the 4 hour drive home sucked! I literally felt every bump in the road. But, I am excited to see the results of my breast augmentation as well as the nipple reduction. Can't wait to see how they look when they drop and fluff! Lwt the progress and healing begin!! :)

I love them already!

I can't believe that I actually got them! YAYYY!!! I pray my healing goes smoothly. *crossing fingers* :)

Post Op Day #4

He me bought a XL sports bra, but it was to small :( so had him go get me bigger one, until then I am wearing this it comfortable but zero support and right now I feel like I need a suported bra! I took a shower. I am still resting and in some pain. But, being patient hoping that everyday will get better. ;)

Post Op Day #5

Was feeling boob greed earlier today and wishing I went up to 650ccs, but I'm trying to be positive and, be patient with the results. I seen my nipples for the first time today!! I was screaming "oh my gawd how do they look??!!!" My boyfriend was helping me change out the bandages. Hahha he's "like your barrels are gone", haha, thats what I use to call them! Anyway, they are flat and close to the breast I will post pictures after 1 week check up. I am happy so far! And, hope the results continue to look better. :)

3 weeks Post Op

Omg, what an emotional roller coaster I had this 3rd week! But, being patient with the healing process. So far I like the size somedays I wish I went with 650ccs then other days I am glad I chose this size 600ccs. I just cant wait until they drop and fluff, my right side is still a bit higher than the left I am hoping it will drop. I have been doing the massages once daily. Just hoping for the best results which they told me most women get their best results at 3 months. So lets hope so! :) *fingers crossed*

Not ecstatic about the results. :\

>__< So it's been 6 weeks and I'm not that happy with the size. I don't have much projection and I feel they are far apart. Maybe in a few years I will go bigger. I am going to get sized this weekend. I also am going to start waist training maybe that will help make them look a tad bit bigger.
So to VS tomorrow let's see what size they are!!??? I will post some pictures tomorrow. ;) kinda nervous I just don't want to be any more disappointed. :\

Almost 7 weeks! :)

Trying on some tops but also getting comfortable with not having clothes on, and not always covering my tatas. I was always so shy and insecure about my breasts but, slowing getting of them. ;)
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