2 breastfed kids. Deflated B to full D. 6wks post! LOVE! Omaha, NE

After breastfeeding 2 babies my once perky full c...

After breastfeeding 2 babies my once perky full c breasts are empty! I am now a small B and want to fill them back up to a full c/small d. I had my consultation last week and am super excited!! Only 3 weeks until surgery! Ah! I have chosen 400cc moderate plus silicone under the muscle. I am getting nervous about size. My husband doesn't want them too big but I def smile bigger trying on bigger sizers?! Lol

Crazy nerves?!

(Forgot to add Im 5'4 and 125lbs)...I'm so nervous! Worried about having things prepared enough at home before leaving, taking care of kids, work, recovery....its all just a jumble. Also worried about the 3hour drive home after surgery. How did you ladies cope with nerves? 15 days until surgery! Hoping I don't stress myself into sickness!!

No supplements :(

The countdown is on!! Next Friday! I'm bothered by not being able to drink my Shakeology tho :( Anyone else drink it? It keeps me "regular" so I'm already feeling fat and bloated yuck. It will only get worse after surgery! Ew lol can't wait to get back to feeling like my sexy self after ha :)


I keep having boobie dreams! Last night they looked amazing and felt so squishy ha ;)


Doing research like crazy! Not sure what bras to buy for after???

driving myself crazy...

I feel like I'm looking at boobs 24/7 and its making me feel a little crazy?! Fun fun :) The more I look the more confused I get. So maybe I should stop looking all day?? Ha


A better before pic... the last one looked lopsided and I'm actually even according to my measurements! As you can see I'm just empty up top. Getting so excited :)

1 week! ahhhh

Its really setting in! Next Friday. Yikes! Made my list last night and getting all my supplies this weekend. Hope I don't forget something important. My husband says "oh btw I'm stopping to get a new gun on our way home from surgery". I can't tell him no of course! Lol but does make me nervous as we already have a 3hr drive home. Just hope I'm not nauseous and can rest decent.

pre op shopping.

I can't believe surgery is Friday! So close. Today I bought comfy clothes and zip front sweaters. Did I mention I hate Walmart!!? Lol its such a zoo. I also got the Walmart clip front bras you ladies talk about and a couple extra comfy bras for when I have to go back to work that don't have so much fabric. Its hard to guess what sizes to buy! Got a 36 and 38 in the clip front bra and larges in the other.

Hyperventilation starts now!

Looking at the countdown today I'm in disbelief. I still can't believe I am actually doing this! I don't think it will ever sink in. This week will be busy with washing bedding, doing laundry, and meal prepping for my fam. The only thing my husband has cooked is Mac n cheese so this should be interesting! Lol He will be taking are of our 2 young boys and a new puppy this weekend! Then my mom comes Monday and Tues for a lil extra help.

before pics in my after bras

Little more full body to get a better idea! I really want a tummy tuck also but since there is a possibility of another baby I will wait. As much as I hate it I need to be patient :/ I def have a nice full booty so I need some more proportion haha

abnormally calm?

I've been real calm all of a sudden. Its making me feel better about my choice. Getting things done around the house. Washing bedding, meal prepping.... The husband is sick so I'm taking vit c like crazy. Thursday is travel day! Fri morning its time to getr did :) just in time for my Bday in a couple weeks. The big 26 ha

sleepless nights

I couldn't sleep at all last night! I can't wait till this is over :/ Tired of crazy dreams when I do finally zonk out .. mehhhh

looking at vs swimwear...

I'm excited that I will finally fill out a vs swimsuit! Even tho I still have to cover the tummy :( looking for one more G rated to take the kids to the pool

Nesting :P

I so feel like I'm nesting!! Washed all the bedding and 6loads of laundry done and put away and cleaned the house. My cleaning lady cones tomorrow for the nice deep clean. I feel better knowing things will be in order for a bit! Full day of work tomorrow then taking off for Omaha Thursday. Surgery bright and early Friday!!


preparation complete!

House clean, laundry done, meals premaid for hubby and 2kids, recovery clothing/bras washed, pre op phone call done! Feeling like I can breathe :)


By this time tomorrow I'll be prepping for surgery! Booooobbbiiieees hahaha :)

23 hours!

I'm so nervous I'm nauseous!!! Not good cuz I want a good meal today since I can't eat after midnight. Buuut that's not looking to promising lol overwhelming feeling of ralphage! Ha

Just arrived in Omaha :)

10pm and just got to our motel :) About to shower with my surgical scrub they gave me and then wakeup at 7am for another shower then off I go!!!

Boobie day!!!!!!

Just got up! I actually slept great?! :) Gunna get my shower done and head out! Ahhhhh :) :) :)


All done and on our way home. Pain and loopy :P Say more later...


Me and peas are bff's right now lol I'm finally home and napping. One more pic..

surgery story

Woke up at 6am and took a shower with the scrub stuff they got me. Arrived at his office at 8am to try on sizers again to make sure! Still loved 400cc :) They took me back and explained all the post op dos and donts while they were checking my vitals and getting my iv going. Finkle came in and marked me up and off to surgery I went! I was calm surprisingly. In the surgery room they had my before pics hanging on the wall and started prepping me. Next thing I knew the anaesthesiologist told me to imagine a beach and I woke up in recovery! I woke up within 15min apparently and was wide awake! Starting couphing tho cuz they had an oxegen tube down my throat in surgery so that was sore. The only thing that hurt was my sternum. Pain was a 2. I started itching with pain meds so the nurse gave me benadryl and that knocked me out lol. About 12 I was released to go home! 3 hr drive went well and no nausea! Stopped a couple times to get out and walk. When I got home Dr Finkle personally called me to check in :)
Now I'm home and everything hurts pretty bad! As long as I don't move I'm good haha. Lots of peas! Been walking around every hour. Pretty loopy still and going to bed now. Thanks for all the love ladies!

too impatient, had to look :)

My surgical bra was starting to feel tight so I let the girls roam free for a few :) love them!! Can wait for them to get softer. But so far seem nice and round yay :)



These pain meds make me itch all over!! Anyone else have that? Need to get some benadryl....other than that I actually feel better this morning than last night! Thought day 2 was going to be horrible so I'm glad

1st post op

I'm feeling a lot better than last night. I can move my arms today and feel Kore mobile. They are more swollen today! My surgical bra is so tight! Wondering if I should switch it today or wait? My Dr said I can shower tomorrow and change bras. I want to shower now!!


Had to switch bras to 38. Surgical bra was 34 and so tight!

pea spillage Yuck!

Been using peas so much I finally sprung a leak! And boy does it stink!! Haha Good thing I get a shower today! The Big reveal coming today! On a side note I feel great! Only my right boob is sore and more swollen so I hope that's just normal? Its 245am and Im wide awake so I took pain pills just to knock me back out til its a decent morning time lol Then comes my shower!! :)

Reveal time!

I just got out of the shower and I feel amazing! I'm very happy with my tatas :) The right one is a lil more swollen and has a tender spot but other than that I feel great. Just feels Heavy like when my milk came in while breastfeeding. I keep getting a rash when taking pain pills so I'm sticking with tylonal today. And sorry all my pics have a flower sensor, I know its distracting but I'm just not comfortable with it! :)


suits too small :)

Wanted to try on my swimsuit top from this summer. Its a size small and its def small!! Lol these boobies look bigger in person btw. Funny how pics seem so different .

surgical bra?

While I washed the surgical bra today I was wearing my comfy 38walmart bra. ... when I tried to put the surgical bra back on the girls were so swollen I couldn't get it clipped! I will call tomorrow to see if that's a prob? Didn't know how long they needed me in that bra.

3days post

Its been 3 days since surgery and everything seems to be going well. I seem to be allergic to the pain pills tho cuz I keep getting a rash all over when I take them. So taking lots of benedryl :( The girls are very swollen! The right is more swollen with a tender spot by my armpit. When I touch it it makes me nauseous! But I don't have any bruises so that's a plus :) I tried an old 34D bra on from when I was prego and it was a no go! Wondering what size I will be!

trying on bras :)

So its official, I'm allergic to my pain pills. So those are done!! Kinda sad but oh well I'm tough ;) I have so many diff sizes of vs bras from when I was pregnant and before i lost weight...I tried some on today and the only one that would semi fit was 36c but the cups were def too small! Can't wait for the swelling to go down.

2nd shower

Of course I had to take some pics. They seem bigger today??

love them!!

They looked amazingly perfect to me this morning :) the swelling has gone down a bit and they were closer together and completely perky and even! And a lil more soft. Yay :) If my right boob would stop having a sore spot id feel like a million bucks right now.


Drove for the first time today. Its amazing how many muscles it takes! Ouwiie :/ my swelling has really gone down and the 38walmart bra is starting to get a lil loose.

before/ after

no pain pills since day 2

Since I was allergic to the pain pills haven't had anything since day 2. Even tho I am not on any meds I'm very nasueas :( I'm also to the point where I want to sleep on something besides my back! Its getting so uncomfortable. And my 2 ur old is sick of me not picking him up. He's def been acting out. Its amazing how fast the body heals but my patience is def being tested lol.
P.S Totally in love with them :) The hubby finally looked at them last night too and his fear of not liking them is gone yay

I'm a woman again!! :D

I woke up feeling amazing today!!! Dr Finkle is amazballs! ;)

very happy :)

Had my post op yesterday. Felt good to get all that extra tape off! I'm loving my results :) Now to search for a good bra to wear with normal clothes without an underwire!

Love!! :)

Dying to workout

Feeling like mush! I need to workout :( I wasn't given a time restriction just can't lift more than 30lbs thru this week. Gunna start off slow! Good ol walking and work my way up :/

Eeeiiiik :)

They have dropped and....shrunk...thankfully!! Lol they were so swollen in the beginning I was a lil nervous! But I love love love!! Hope they don't change too much now.

before after again

I just can't believe the difference! I seriously forgot how empty I was! A couple days post op I was questioning and almost regretting what the heck I just did but now looking at this I am SO GLAD I did this!

forgot the pic ha


Seen my scars foe the for the first time today. No more tape! Makes me nervous! My right side has been the sore side this whole time and I notice the scar is more raised and funky but the left side is perfect. The right scar is also way closer to my crease so that makes me nervous that it will rub and take longer to heal?

2am can't sleep :(

so its 2 am and I can't sleep. First....it was my first day back at work (hairstylist---arms up all day) so exhausting. 2nd... my jeans wouldn't button ( very depressing 'fat' day) so I've been just down and having a rough day. 3rd... my husband just dropped the biggest bomb on me an hour ago waking me up from a dead sleep. Been bawling my eyes out. Perfect cherry on top of my day. Everything hurts, my muscles are so tight, im Allergic to freaking pain meds. All I need is good rest to heal and that's so not going to happen today :( I don't like to complain but this was a shitty day. The end.
On a side note I wore black today one cuz I felt fat and 2 cuz I didn't want my clients to stare at my chest lol so black with an over jacket thing and only my one old lady client that I love said something. Put a smile on my face tho! She's a great lady :)


Posting more of a full body. I feel pretty proportionate :) Ignore my jacked up stomach. I can't wait to workout and get a spray tan. It does wonders to camouflage my loose skin.

left boob numb?!

No feeling in my left side at all?! Feels so strange!!


Yesterday I went to get sized at vs. Was measured at 32 dd but the 32 band wouldn't clip...way too tight! So I went with the 34d. Got 2 simple bras to get me by for awhile. Had to make myself have tunnel vision to bypass the pretty ones!
I also think I over did it this weekend because some swelling and pain is back :(

first low cut shirt :)

I don't have the guts to have cleavage in public but this was sure fun to try on!

first workout!

I did my first good workout today. Lower focus lots of squats and lunges :) Felt good to sweat! Took pics of my scars post workout. They are looking great and I haven't put any creams on at all yet.


So today is my Bday and its 3am and for some reason was in pain today so not sleeping well. I felt like the girls were huge today!! And people at work were like ba bammm lol pics make them look smaller tho...

another pic

amazing scars

I'd have to say my scars are perfect?! Finkles got talent :) Thanks for the Bday wishes ladies!

I don't want them to drop anymore

Boobs you can stay put now?! K?! :)

scars 11days vs 20days

The body's ability to heal is amazing to me. You can tell by my scars that I have dropped based on where the scars sit now.

3days post vs 25 days

Such a difference! Starting to feel the infamous boob greed ha. They seem small now? Maybe I'm just used to them now! I can sleep on my side finally and feeling great. Only occasional soreness.

4wks post

I can't believe its been 4 weeks already! The first week seems like the longest in my life. Emotions everywhere. So swollen so huge I was freaking out! But now that they have settled I feel like I could've even gone bigger lol In clothes tho they are perfect and the boob greed goes away. Still figuring out the most flattering shirts now. My old shirts are def not fitting the greatest ;) Cheers to figuring out how to dress myself again ha :)

feeling real!

swimsuits too small :P

Def gunna have to shop for new swimwear!

a few days short of 6weeks

Seems like it went fast now! I am back to working out, wearing regular bras, and sleeping on my sides. They feel like a part of me. Its amusing to flex my pecks hahaha :P They have def dropped and look natural.

new vs swimsuit!

34 d

Pretty much staying at a 34d. I may try on other sizes as this size seems to spill over a bit??

real self is annoying me

Not loading! Blahh here's more...

might as well post one without sensors lol

I slept on my tummy last night wahoo!
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