5'6", 112, 339cc Natrelle Style 15 - Omaha, NE

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So, um, I had a boob job today???!!!! I have...

So, um, I had a boob job today???!!!! I have never been large chested, always a 34B, but after I stopped nursing my oldest I was left with AA's :(. After my 3rd child I was left with AAA's and knew I needed to call for boob side assistance :) Choosing the surgeon was pretty easy, he was highly recommended by a neurosurgeon friend of ours, my OBGYN said he did a great job, and other PS nurses said he was good. Also, of all three that we met with, he was the only one who could do my umbilical hernia too! The other two would refer me to a general surgeon. I just assumed get it all over with. And since I had to have my hernia repaired, I asked to have my diastasis fixed too. Why not while you're in there, right?

So from the other consults, I had decided 350 mentor moderates. I identify more with a smaller chest and didn't want the round high profile look. If I had some breast tissue to conceal it, difference story, but I have nada. Unfortunately my PS prefers Allergan, thus we began the torture of deciding between the 339's and 371's. The PS, my husband, the nurse, a few friends, and even my mother-in-law all liked the the 339's in a sports bra. Problem is my PS said to get that look I would have to do the 371's. Well that freaked me out!!!! I know it's only 30 cc's. I know EVERYONE wishes they went bigger, I know the 304's looked a bit small in a sports bra (aka what the 339 is suppose to look like in,) but I could not shake the feeling that the 371's would be too big. Especially once you put an underwire bra on. The only difference between them is .5mm width, so really I just needed to decide if I wanted side boob. My PS said either one would look great on me, he just recommended the 371's because historically people wish they went bigger. I ultimately decided that I wanted to control them being bigger with a push up bra, but wanted them a little smaller for the pool and tight shirts. I didn't want to stick out or be obvious.

So I went with my gut, and got the 399's this morning!!! It was crazy, I went in at 8 and came home at noon with boobs. Surgery went fine, I just personally get really nauseous from anesthetic. But I'm past that now and just feel really sore. Probably due in large part to having all my stomach worked on too. So far I haven't seen them out of a surgical bra, but I think they look great and will be exactly what I wanted! Once they drop, fluff , and the swelling goes down. So far I'm glad I went with the smaller choice, but we'll see as the weeks go on :)

Before pics

Diastasis pics

Haven't been able to do ab workouts well since my first child. Although fixing this, now I have lost my excuse, ha ha!

Wish pics

I debated even if I wanted to go low profile? I love that look, but my hubby liked what would be about a 375 HP. So I thought 339 mods would be a good compromise :)


So my PS let's you check out implants to try on with clothes at home. I went to gap to get a feel for what bra size they would be. I LOVED the GAP mannequin boobs. Tried on the same top for comparison.

Day of surgery

Leading up to the surgery I was cooking, freezing meals, cleaning, and organizing like I was about to have a baby. Guess I was getting read for twins :). I also started taking miralax 5 days before the surgery, just to try to preempt constipation. Also got dried apricots and prunes to snack on. Got a sneak peek in bed and later that night! Profile. I'm sure I could have gone 371 and been fine, but my PS said if I wanted to err on the side of smaller the 339's would still give me the look I wanted. I have always had a natural gap, so that doesn't bug me too much.

Day 3: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good: Saw my PS yesterday an he gave me the ok to take off the strap and the surgical bra!!!! I'm suppose to just free boob it and let gravity do it's job. Oh man, it feels so good. I think all of my back pain the first 24hours was from that darn strap. Even sleeping upright last night was super comfortable with that thing gone. They definitely look bigger in a bra. And they are still riding high. I can't wait til they drop down and fill the bottom more :) my pain has been amazingly low today. Dropping down from 2 hydrocodone every 4 hours to just 1, and hopefully tomorrow or Friday will switch to ibuprofen. My mother-in-law could not believe how good everything looks just 2 days after surgery. Gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised too!

The Bad: the drain they put in for the diastasis/hernia repair feels SO weird! And the compression garment is getting itchy. But I can't believe how not bloated I am! I haven't even pooped yet, but haven't eaten much so I don't think I'm constipated. But I feel like my tummy is already flatter than it was before!! Oh, and yes, my boobs have been makin weird squelching, suction sounds. This is normal, for the first month, as the air pockets trapped in there are released. But right now it's like I have squeaker toys in my chest :)

The Ugly: the bellybutton looks totally weird and gross, I know. But I've seen some other umbilical hernia repairs and that's just how they are for a while. In about a month he said the swelling will go down and there will be a depression that will make it look like a cute little belly button. He'll take the stitches out when he takes the drain out, either this Friday or next Monday.
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

We had 3 consults in 2 months with Dr. Johnson, mostly because we were deciding between two implant sizes. He graciously put up with us and all our repeat questions :) He was also the only PS who didn't have to refer me to a general surgeon for my umbilical hernia and diastasis repair, he was able to it all. So far, very happy!

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