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I remember in elementary school being in awe as I...

I remember in elementary school being in awe as I watched my friends grow curvier with each year. I had started out as a tom boy, and played sports through my early high school years, but I was oh so jealous as I listened to my peers complain about having to wear sports bras because their breasts got in the way otherwise. As a size A, this was never a particular concern of mine. But, oh how I wished it were! I remember my fear of first base...what boy would ever want to go there with me? And if they did, how could they ever proudly boast to their buddies? Silly thoughts like these have never gone away. After the birth of my son...ahem, 22 years ago, my fears were only exacerbated by now stretched and saggy size A/Bs. Then 2 lumpectomies in my left breast left me relieved to have found no cancer, but horrified to have my now stretched, saggy size A/Bs asymmetrical and one with lovely scars. I am lucky that I married the man of my dreams 2.5 years ago. Very supportive! But, I feel its time I added a little fun back into our lives. A wonderful new set of breasts! I am not kidding myself. I know they are primarily for me. I have no doubt I will enjoy the new look and confidence they will bring me. Having my proportions be in sync for the first time in my life will be glorious! We are avid boaters, all of my closest friends were either blessed with or have had BA surgery to enhance their breasts that any woman would be jealous of...every one. And we wear swimsuits 6-7 months out of the year. But, they have never made me feel self conscious of my own lack of endowment. (That started in 4th grade). However, they all fully support and are very excited I am taking this step...back to me and my hubby. While I do this for me first, I truly look forward to having him look at me with even more pride and desire. And I know the cofidence I feel about myself will only radiate upon us both. Sounds silly. But, when dreams (and fantasies) come true, there is plenty of room for joy and silliness. I have my consultation with Dr. Finkle tomorrow!! I have been stalking this site for months, and I am very happy to be joining you all in this journey. You are very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your stories. I will provide pics and updates as I take my steps.
David Finkle, MD
David Finkle, MD
17 Aug 2017

Thanks for posting and your heartfelt story!

Consultation and surgery date!!

Love love LOVE Kim at Dr. Finkle's office! She's amazing. Funny, honest, and took a lot of time with me n my hubby at consultation. Answered all my questions and totally put me at ease. I thought I knew what I wanted/needed..but she knew exactly what Dr. Finkle was going to suggest. Took lots of pictures. And when he came in, He practically quoted her. Lol! But, they both explained what would be best for my body type and the "issues" from previous lumpectomies, and pointed out some other "issues" I hadnt realized were causing the visual effects going on with my upper body. Anyway, I am actually scheduled for Sept 4th!! Its the holiday weekend and I guess no one wanted it. Next date was Oct 16th. I didnt want to wait. So now I am freaking out. 2 weeks from tomorrow, I will be bringing home my new twins, fun bags, tatas, or the Delicious Ds as my hubby calls them!! Im going 550 right, 600 left silicone mod profile subglandular/mammary, with the incision under the breast. (And I found out today, I have an interview for a job tomorrow morning...one I really want!) today has been a good day!!) i will add photos once I figure out how to get them cropped, my hubby has my face in them. Lol!

Pre-op beauties

Before pics

And another before shot



So, I see a lot of info on sub-muscular. My PS wants to go sub-mammary. Says it'll give me the look I want and that I have plenty of tissue to reduce risk of ripples, etc. I know its supposed to be less invasive and a better recovery time. But I am wondering about the "dropping and fluffing time", etc...is that any different than going sub-muscular?

My consult pics

Here I am with the sizers at my consult. 550 cc right, 600 cc left. I love the bra. Lol!

Getting excited!!! And nervous!!!

Less than 2 weeks out and I will have my BAB! (Bad A$$ Breasts! Lol) I am trying to stay pumped. I get nervous about the size and them being overs. Not the size alone, or the overs. But the combo of the two. I keep searching this site and others, and I am not finding very many before and afters for that size AND placement. But, I love my PS and his staff and trust them. Everytime I get nervous, I come back to this site. Not only do all the stories, QnA, before n afters, positive feedback, etc., but also to see my pics. Everytime I look at my befores I want to cry and remove them from my profile. But, they are my motivation, my reminder of why I am doing this. And, hopefully someone else will see them and realize they are not so bad off, or alone, or whatever. Anyway, thanks for listening...er, reading! And thanks to all who are supportive on this site!

Going to call the office

I am going to call the office tomorrow to schedule a time to come in and make my payment and discuss the sizing. Look at the "overs" book o' pics again, try on the sizers, make sure I have my expectations in check. I have wanted this for soo long. I know I will not end up with my wish ta-tas, but I have an idea of what I am still hoping to accomplish...just want to make sure that is in sync with the doc's plan. I have read a lot on here where some are disappointed or even depressed after. I haven't found any cases with my dr. I don't want to be the first, just because of my own ideas/concepts. I really want this, and I know my doc and his team are awesome....think I am just doubting myself and my choice of size more than anything.
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David Finkle, MD
David Finkle, MD
17 Aug 2017

Thanks for posting and your heartfelt story!

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