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Do I even need to say my story about my nose? To...

Do I even need to say my story about my nose? To sum it up it is probably the same as everyone elses, I was born with it and have gotten made fun of my whole life by family, friends and strangers. The date I posted is actually my consultation date, Ivan Wayne is who I am going to, his reviews are stellar and he is board certified. I have wanted this for forever and finally talked to my husband about it. Anyways, I am so scared though, not even of the procedure really but I have never had surgery before and going under scares me SO bad... what if I die!? I have terrible anxiety anyways so this is just tearing me up and it hasn't even happened yet! I need some positivity! Here is my before photo!

Just another add on!

I saw my post got posted, almost feels official now that I have something on here! I found this site last month and it is amazing for the positivity, encouragement and reviews which I need. My nose is not only something that bothers me (on the outside) but it functions horribly as well so I am excited to see if anything can be done there! I can't help but feel like this is my doctor just from reading the reviews, I will be traveling from another state to him. Anyhow, any encouragement and positivity is much welcomed. I am a big huge worry wart (I get it from my Mama) and I got my nose from her as well!

Why have all the nay-sayers come to my review!?

I appreciate all of the nice and supportive comments on here, they are wonderful and are what I need. After all we are all in this together right? I am sorry some people have had a bad experience (it happens)... I am not sure what to say though other than that. All I want is support from this site and hopefully/eventually to post pictures of my beautiful new nose! I can only pray.. I will keep updated! :) Here is another picture in the meantime.. just counting down the days until I meet Mr. Wayne!

Played around with an app...

So I was seeing a lot of people using plastic surgery apps on here and decided to join in on the fun. I used a few pictures and this was what I came up with! Of course it is not an actual rhinoplasty but it looks pretty good and gives me a rough idea of what a new nose would look like! Tomorrow is one month until my consultation. I am 50/50 fear and excitement! I can't even imagine what it would be like to not "worry" about my nose anymore! I have always always disliked my nose the most, it is the only thing that has ever bothered me. When I was going through college I worked at an Elementary School, a little boy told me I looked like a witch one day and then told all of his friends that, even though he was only a 2nd grader and was being honest I couldn't help but really take that to heart. I was on the track to being a school teacher and that hurt me enough (along with other things) I decided to go a different degree route. Time went on and even though I will never forget that comment I got a new job at a District Court being a Judge's Assistant, I sat up next to the Judge on the Bench during court. The way our Bench is laid out my profile had to be facing to the "crowd".. I am sure the last thing a person in handcuffs and orange is thinking about is my nose haha.. but still! I just am so ready to be over it!! Nobody understands unless they too have a "big" nose and are bothered by it. It seems petty, shallow and a little self centered I suppose to the opposite side who never think twice about their noses but to me (us) I know exactly how it feels. I am a happily married mom, I have nobody to impress.. my husband has been with me over a decade and everyone who knows me well loves me.. it isn't about that, this is completely personal to me and my self esteem, I just want that confidence I don't have. Anyways.. I have told a few very close friends and my mom and am so overwhelmed at the amount of support I have received, I feel so grateful to have them. Just thinking today I guess! I could go on and on but I will stop there!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day... keep the positive vibes coming my way!

I am still here! :) Here is an update!

Hey! So I kinda went MIA for a while after my appointment, but here is what is going on! I loved Dr. Wayne, he is for sure the surgeon I want. He was very knowledgeable and made me feel 100% confident with his work. He also "liked" my nose in a teaching sense because my skin was thin and the bones show through easily... so he thinks I would be a good case to instruct on. He was hoping they could get me in before September so he could do that. Anyways with that being said I had my hopes up the two months leading up to my appointment because somebody in his office said surgeries were booked 4-6 weeks after consultation. So I had been thinking I will surely have a July/August surgery and that will work out absolutely perfect. Anyways (since he is so good) the surgeries are booking for in the Fall... October, November, December range :(:(:( that kinda threw a huge wrench into things for me because we do have other things to work around.. holidays/work/family/our kid.. you know. So I am just basically in the process right now of finding a new fall date that will work for me. I am pretty bummed because my brother's wedding is the end of September and I thought I would for sure have a new nose by then. But yet again I have to stand up as a bridesmaid with my profile to the crowd. Ugh lol! Anyways, I am still here. Just trying to sort some things out schedule wise.. it is a $500 non-refundable deposit so setting a date is a little scary because you just never know. But, it will happen... and I am looking forward to updating this with my date!!

Oh my goodness!!!

So... I called a couple days ago to set an October date.. and as luck would have it (I am never ever lucky!) there was a cancellation!!!! I wanted to scream but I don't think the care coordinator wanted to go home deaf that day!! I am SO excited! So here I am just a few weeks out and June 13th is my surgery date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!! Just for fun here is some before pictures and some more app pictures.. I hope this is achievable!!!

...deep breaths!

I am getting a little nervous. Okay, a lot actually! So I know I have read the lists before on here, but I never actually paid attention.. what all do I need for this recovery process? Did I mention I am nervous!? I am such a big worry wart it is so terrible!! I keep picturing an amazing outcome and then my nerves and doubts set in and I get scared. I am not one to wish time away but I can't wait until this whole process is over and I never have to think about it again.. hopefully I just love my new self. This is for sure an emotional process! I know this happens all the time so I just need to quit being a big baby. I also have questions about who you told.. are you open about your rhinoplasty? Obviously, we are on here. I am wondering who all will notice my new nose that I haven't told and whether I will decide to tell them. The people that I have told (5) I know are not telling anyone else, they are very trustworthy. Really, it is nobody's business but my own but I don't like to lie either. Then again I live in a very small town and I can see this being such juicy gossip for "those" people lol! Not that I really care, but I guess I kinda do in a way if that makes sense at all. Anyways, that is just something I was curious about too. I need some more encouragement folks'... send me some quotes or something lol! :)

Sewing up a storm! 6 more days!

I have been sewing up a storm on my handmade page. (I make little girl dresses/outfits/headbands and such). I am finding a newfound creativity in all this nervousness I guess, so I have been very productive and getting a ton of new custom orders (I just have to tell them all I am taking a little break next week)! I have been asked to come back to work again for a girl who is going on maternity leave July 14th! (My surgery is the 13th) I was just kinda like "well.. I have plans.. that entire week!" I am wondering how soon I will look normal again after all this and how soon I can return to work. I am so excited to have a newfound confidence in myself, I literally cannot imagine being okay from someone looking at me from the side. I have been so controlled by this nose it isn't even funny. Not a lot of people understand at all how someone can be so self conscious of just a nose but it is true. I really hope I can be excited about the outcome, I think Dr. Wayne is the man. I have a lot of confidence in him so I hope he can deliver. Anyways, just counting the days... 6 more!! I am surprisingly feeling a little bit more excited than nervous lately!


I am busy today and probably won't be on the internet any time tomorrow! I am feeling at ease but I bet I won't get much sleep tonight. Kinda like my induced labor "Go home and take a long nap, come back tonight at 6 so we can induce you" um yeah okay haha! Anyhow.. this is really happening! All seems a bit surreal. One more picture for the road, I will try to update my progress. Wish me well!!!!!!!!!

I did it and I am so proud of myself!

I did it!! How do you like this plum eyeshadow on me? Lol. I would have wrote yesterday but I am for sure a minority here... I have had a horrible time recovering. I haven't heard all the details of my surgery yet but I think it took 4 hours and took me quite a while to come to out of my sugery. For someone who doesn't take any sort of medicine at all it has been my best friend, I have been in quite a bit of pain. Also I must be assisted to the bathroom even still this morning because I get too dizzy and feel like I have to throw up, which I for sure have... blood (so gross). I cannot wait to get the sponges out of my nose this morning, I am hoping a new leaf will be turned once that happens! Overall, very impressed with Dr. Wayne, his wonderful staff, nurses and of course my hubby. We drove 4 hours to do this so we are in a hotel, my husband has helped me go to the bathroom and has set his alarm and got up to give me meds, I am basically too weak and sick to do much on my own. I will update later, hope I start feeling better soon. I also remember the wonderful recovery room nurse gave me a Dr. Pepper, for the most part all that hurt when I woke up from surgery was my head (headache). I can't relly seem to get rid of my headache still but the hydros help when I take them. Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday!

I hate to wish time away but..

Just hanging in there! I keep having to remind myself I AM healing even though it seems like I am not. Thank God for my mom. That's all i've got right now!

I am feeling SO much better!!

I feel like I have turned a new leaf this evening and can say I finally feel pretty decent!! Thank goodness because those first 48 hours were extremely rough for me! My husband has been laughing at me because I brought a couple books to read "after" my rhino in the hotel room and I told him he could go do whatever when we got back after surgery because I would be fine by myself chilling in the room (haha!) that turned out to be far from how I was. At least I went into it thinking that right? lol. Anyways I am hoping to sleep good tonight, that probably won't happen because I still can't breath out of my nose at all yet. My eyes are still purple but are starting to open up much more than they have been, still very swelled but I can tell it is going down just a little bit as well. I have kinda robbed myself of joy the last couple days because I have been so focused on how crappy I feel that I forget there is a whole NEW nose under this cast!! YAY!! So now finally I can focus on this result! Dr. Wayne spoke with me on the phone yesterday evening and told me that I had quite a bit of work (inside) the nose, I had a pretty twisted up septum and enlarged turbinates so he fixed those. I remember being walked into the surgery room, laying on the table and then telling my anesthesiologist and nurses "I felt dizzy" and that was it. They may have asked me something after that but I can't remember so I am thankful I didn't have to lay there thinking for very long. Dr. Wayne did have a resident with him that I okayed to be in there. Dr. Wayne seemed very please on the phone with me, and talking to my husband post surgery with how well my nose sculpted. He actually told me I have a "cute little nose" under this cast... that is the first time in my life I have ever heard those words put together, especially when talking about me!! The nose has been brought into my face 3mm, the tip turned up and my hump is gone. He had to break my nose after shaving the hump to achieve the result he was wanting with it so that explains my extreme redness and swelling. Anyways... Yay! Finally back to feeling somewhat normal!! Thanks for all the well wishes and comments, I truly appreciate them!!

3 Days post

Just some pics! My eyes are opened, but the swelling has moved to my cheeks now. Feeling sooooo much better today and am taking less pain pills. I updated last night if you get a chance to read that one it is a little bit more progress and some info about my surgery. My mom washed my hair last night but it feels greasy still, I can't wait to scrub it and my face all at once. I am wearing my drip pad because I am having a lot of discharge coming out still. Tmi but I pulled something really weird out of my nose.. it was a big huge jelly booger with a stitch wrapped around it lol. (Glad to get that out of there). Surgery is lovely isn't it? :P yuck!

Patiently waiting! 5 Days Post.

This is an exciting view! 3 days post op/1 day pre. I have a top lip I never knew I had lol! I am still so purple and yellow and very very swelled. Looking forward to cast removal on Tuesday, it can't come soon enough! I hoping I have a cute nose underneath all this! I can't wait to style my hair and wear makeup again as well.. oh and leave my house!

Tomorrow, you're only a day away..

Tomorrow is cast removal!! Boy am I relieved! I quit taking the pain killers a few days ago and I have to say that this is the first day I have really felt like myself again! I never sit on our couch, I am always up cleaning, playing with my daughter or doing something.. and I am doing just that today. Feels good. Although I can't breath much my nose feels cold inside, like there might be a little pinhole of air coming through. I have been stalking realself since March and I have to say that I have some of the worst bruising out of anyone (I have seen) on here! I look like I have jaundice, the yellow has followed clear down to my chin. Do you think that is because the swelling traveled down there? My mom keeps saying that it is the last color I will be before I heal (thanks mom) haha :). I will post some pictures tomorrow, I expect to be pretty swelled and bruised still though. I had to get out of my house so my mom took me on a ride yesterday, I didn't want to be seen so I wore a ball cap and kept my head low. It doesn't help she drives a bright blue mustang convertible. Anyhow.. that is about it!

Cast Removal!!!

Here it is folks! I took lots of picture angles. I am completely thrilled, over the moon, head over heels, upside down, inside out, freaking excited!!!! Omgosh! I feel so happy and can't wait for time to pass a little more. I am pretty swelled and bruised still. Dr. Wayne said everything looked good and the swelling across the bridge should resolve itself with time. He said the tip is where it is at and won't drop anymore- LOVE that!! "Oh goodness" as my two year old says!! :) #happy

Oops here are all the cast removal pics!!

Just being nosey.

Just dropping in to say the nose and I are doing well. I am still super swollen. My smile isn't back yet either which is the only thing bothering me.. my smile looks like a struggle lol. How long did it take for yours to come back? My skin is also a bit dry but other than that I am loving it!

Closing in on a month!

I am feeling so extremely happy with how I am feeling and how my nose looks. :):):):):) I need to take time to write a review soon! Dr. Wayne is nothing short of AMAZING! Here are a bunch of pictures after finally waxing and putting on some makeup again lol! I usually don't take this many of myself but I have been documenting with photos every single day since my surgery and I can't help but smile. I am so happy! The last photo is off of National Lampoons Vegas Vacation... basically sums up how I feel about Dr. Wayne haha :)


Just randomly logged on tonight and figured I would post an update! I am doing great, been so busy I hardly ever think about my rhino anymore... and when I do I am like "ohhh my word. I did that!??! For real?" That brave feeling has for sure left me now lol! It's amazing how brave you can be when you are determined lol! Here's some pics.

woops.. here they are

Okay here they are..I hit post update before I attached my pics. Wassup, Dr. Wayne!?

and a couple more..

Just wanted to say thanks again to Dr. Wayne. I have always dreamed of having adorable mommy/daughter pictures I felt confident to have taken. Thanks to him, the black and white is my hangtag for my handmade children's clothing
Oklahoma City Facial Plastic Surgeon

This is by far one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It is an 8 hour round total trip for me to see Dr. Wayne but he is worth every mile! I would have traveled even further to see him if need be. I picked him because of his amazing reviews (WITH) real pictures of actual clients, his before/afters, his credentials and his background. He is SO amazing I could gush over him all day. He has given me a confidence like I have never had in myself. I was so nervous to do this, and he knew that, but he made me feel so comfortable from the first moment he walked into my consultation. I am so extremely glad I went with a gut feeling that this surgery and this Dr. were right for me. His bedside manner has also been nothing short of amazing, from surgery day to communicating with me via email, he always responds if I have a question. There is a reason why so many people have wrote amazing reviews for him, it is true! God bless Dr. Wayne!

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