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Let me start with my history on realself.... I had...

Let me start with my history on realself.... I had my breasts done in Feburary, and realself was with me every step of the way. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent on this site researching and sharing with other members. This site and the other ladies helped me all the way from my consultation and size to my pre surgery jitters. The ladies on this site have been absolutely fabulous to me.

I come now inquiring about rhinoplasty. I have always felt that my nose was one of my biggest flaws, almost that if I didn't have this huge thing on my face that I could be beautiful. For the longest time I felt as if it was my only flaw, and was told that by others too. It was not until after pregnancy that I started to feel bad about my breasts... But now that those are fixed concentration is back on my nose. I have been made fun of my large nose all of my life. Not only by the kids at school , but by my family also... I have always felt as though I have not been able to find love because who would want to bring a lady around friends and family with a nose like this... I know I am not ugly, but i do have this flaw and it just happens to be a very big flaw.

I am three quarters white and one quarter african american. My mother is half black and my father is white. It seems that the only parts of my body that have inherited the african american side are my ass and my nose. My ass used to bother me, but now I embrace it, I have learned that is actually quite a good thing. :) My nose on the other hand I have never been able to embrace. i have tried believe me,.. The whole "it is what makes me different" blah, blah, blah... It sucks, and nobody wants it. And nobody wants a gf with a huge nose either.

I would have already had it fixed if I wasn't so afraid.. I had no problem with breast augmentation.. Jumped right into it, with little to no fears... My nose on the other hand, is on my face... The last thing I want is to make things worse... I can't cover that up. I see several caucasion nose jobs but not a lot of african american... And I am not sure mybe I have a white nose... Thats just not what I am told...

So can anyone tell me... Do you think my nose is fixable? Is there a doc you can reccomend that has expierence with african american noses? Or am I doomed with this thing on my face?

Thanks in advance for you responses! You all are truely the greatest!!!

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