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After benefitting from reading dozens and dozens...

After benefitting from reading dozens and dozens of reviews and and taking advantage of the December forum I am ready to contribute to this fantastic site! I appreciate all the women who have shared their stories...their backgrounds, worries, successes AND PICTURES!! I feel prepared for my Dec 11th sx - BL with a silicone augmentation around 250cc and a full extended TT. My thoughts and feelings have really given way to excitement and I've almost put all the fears to bed! I hope that by sharing my experience I can normalize the whole process for someone else and assure a future reader that they are not alone in any of their thoughts, questions or curiosities. I have watched the number of reviews increase by over 500 since I began my research and I feel proud to now be a contributing member : )


Pics from Dr. office...posts very soon. Eeek!

post op day 2

Doing well ladies...thanks for your well wishes! Keeping the meds, water, and leg motions all on a schedule. You really can't be prepared for the level of discomfort that engulfs the entire torso, but I can already get out of chair by myself and have been doing a sort of hunched old man penguin waddle to the bathroom without assistance since I got home yesterday morning. I am very glad to have the toilet seat riser and I empty my drain while I'm there. If progression allows I will attempt a shower and pics tomorrow. Continued healing and rest for us all! Take care!

end of po day 4

Today was my down day. I had a wonderful shower, but had to go to my mothers house to get it accomplished. Putting the compression garment back on was quite a feat, but I think it's just the back pain really getting me down. I will have drain removed tomorrow and am not looking fwd to that walk across the parking lot. Overall everything has really gone according to "plan" and I am grateful to have had such a nonplussed recovery and to be receiving such great care from my husband and mother. ( I have a pic from today but not the stamina to post at the momo. I'm only just becoming aware of my BL/BA!)

Post op day 5 - drain out!

Drain is owwwt!! I'm very happy the po appointment went so well...I'm charming and a model patient and all hahah! Dr. Brou is so kind and soft spoken and his staff impress upon you how well you are doing, how much you've already achieved, and how spectacular final result will be. I "walked" out of there thinking I really did look great in my non descript over sized sweat suit lol! Next goal is standing upright for appointment next week. Dr. showed me how to stand and stretch ...slowly. I'll do this with every bathroom break and share my progress. Go Team Dec! Go Team Post Op Day 5!!!

post of incision

10 days post op

Oh my I feel amazing today! I could really see a difference yesterday...I stopped my pain med completely and drove car about 15mins to retrieve a child. Later in the evening I removed my binder...and put it completely back on by MYSELF !!! (Mine is full knee to breast, hook/eye plus zips up each side...quite a feat if you have something similar !). Today I am making beds, cleaning up my convalescence area and am ready to shower daily and sleep in a bed like regular folk :) I am really amazed at the change and improvement in 24hrs! I will strive to take some photos for comparison w the very few I have from day 5.

almost 2 weeks post

I has to cancel my follow up app...all members of my house have stomach flu..except me. Talk about scared!? Here I've been worried about coughing and now I'm faced w 24hrs of vomit.

So I'll have a 3wk app next week, but in the meantime I am almost fully upright and only have rightness under my breast bone... Lower belly doesn't have that strained taut feeling any longer. My breasts are looking and feeling good... Still little tender on one under incision, but there has been improvement so I'm not concerned.
My doc uses derma bond glue on exterior incision. It is starting to peel from tummy but breasts are fully in tact.
The binder is getting loser. I don't know if my doc provides a stage 2 binder as I have read others refer to, but I relate to the others who enjoy putting it back on after shower. It feels safe and secure. Mine has been quite comfortable. I cut the top off of a tank and used it as a barrier between my trunk and binder. My incision is very low and torso long so I I had to cut off top so that it would reach low enough. Tmi- Only complaint is the diaper rash I developed after about 6 days. I now recommend using a flushing/squirt bottle for cleansing and a BLOW DRYER!! I'm also now battling one heck of a yeast infection from heavy antibiotics even after using probiotics and mostly eating yogurt. But I count it all good because yesterday I had a lunch meeting w my team and my profile is smoking hahaha...even w a hunch hah!
It's holiday from school, but at some point there will be no kids in the house and my photographer will be well and I will post some result pics.

self pics day 12

Dermabond glue seals original blood and marker lines in place. Up close I find the incisions are really impressive. Today I have on pants and a sweater that could / would have never worm before today! I reiterate what many have said before me...best most amazing and still unbelievable decision I have ever made! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ladies!

3wk post opp appointment

Went great....doctor removed most of the dermabond that was still in tact on my breasts and cleaned the incision above my mons. The dermabond on my hips is still firmly intact so it was left in place.

Dr.Brou provides Embrace scar therapy which also acts as protection to prevent tightest area of scar (directly above mons) from separating. The Embrace strip is only applied to that area. I'm uncertain if that's his general rule or because my other incisions don't appear to need anything further. I'll post pic of applied strip later. I go back in one month for another look-see. I will continue in my compression garment and only remove for showers and washing. No mention of massage at this appointment.

I am really pleased w my progress, as was he. I am super pleased w my choice in PS! He explained today that I have a deep internal suture under and center of my breasts. This is a common location for seroma and the suture prevents it...very cool. Also I mentioned to nurses as they did the Embrace demo that my mons was ...slimmer, taut...she said yes of course he does that so it matches rather than leaving it puffy. This reads funny haha, but believe me it's great and an unexpected result!

more bad selfies but pics nonetheless

25 days PO and back to work

Welp, it wore me out. I'm primarily at a computer and in meetings. I only made it for 6hrs and by that time I was hunching and my sides were aching. Overall not bad. I remind myself that it hasn't been that, long in the grand scheme of things, since I had my torso redesigned!

7 weeks PO

Feeling great! Visit w doc on Tues and he was as pleased as I am w the progress at this point. Ill take official post op pictures at end of March. In the interim I am cleared for any excerise that feels comfortable. I am still wearing my garment most of the time; it makes my thighs look great haha! I never go braless, just feel more comfortable in it. I started implant massage and even tho they had noticeably dropped they now feel much softer. I continue w the embrace scar strips on the tautest portion of incision, but am only using coconut oil on rest. I'll post some pics after kids are sleeping. I hope everyone is doing well and those in the research phase find this site as helpful as I have!

7 wk selfies

Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brou is calming and professional. His serene smile really relaxes me and puts me at ease. I put all my trust in his skilled hands and am looking forward to the full results. His office staff is responsive and kind; they expect to answer many nervous questions! Dr. Brou saw me promptly at 5.30am as expected the morning after surgery and demonstrated how to remove the CG and fit my bra. I'll provide further info after my in office follow up.

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