Juvederm Tomorrow

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Getting juvederm in my lips tomorrow and am...

Getting juvederm in my lips tomorrow and am wanting to document the process. Disregard how tired I look, long day of work plus sick kid.

Gona wing it on weather I do half syringe or 1 full syringe. Kinda thinking half at this point but who knows I could change my mind. This is a first for me! Wish me luck!

Postponed until Tuesday!

Had to cancel my appointment because my son was too sick for me to leave him! So rescheduled for Tuesday! :-( Will update as soon as it happens!

Walking in now, last before pic

One more before pic before I walk in!

Done! 1 full syringe!

I don't even wana say what that numbing cream looks like but eeew it tasted terrible!

Next few pics are immediately after (car ride home) and then a few hours later, u can see more swelling and bruising specifically on my lower left side....

And lastly I had to take a pleasant smile pic cuz I feel really weird looking stone cold in every shot lol

Side by side

Side by side immediately before & after 1 syringe

Day1 bruising


More updated pics

Fully healed :-)
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