26 Years/Thin Lips/Wanting Fuller Lips When Smiling - Oklahoma City, OK

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I think my top lip disappears when I smile. Do you...

I think my top lip disappears when I smile. Do you think Juvederm XC will help?

I have been debating lip injections with Juvederm fillers for a while now. I have never ever had any type of cosmetic surgery done and it took me a while to work up the courage to even schedule a consultation. I've done as much research as I can by myself, and decided it was time before the holidays. Today I went in for my consultation for Juvederm XC. The nurse was open and honest and answered all my questions. She made me feel very at ease. I had a lot of questions about swelling and bruising, and she explained that lips (and especially eye area) have a huge amount of capillaries. So, even if injected properly there is always a chance of hitting a vein, which in turn would cause bruising. She said the swelling should go down within the day of receiving the injections if I ice my lips.
She also explained that since I did my own extensive research before the consultation, that I've probably seen reports on Juvederm's website that the results last 12-16 months, and that is not realistic. I told her after reviewing this site that most people's results last an average of 6 months and she said that was correct. Also, she said they would probably use 1/2 a syringe, and inject both top and bottom lip for symmetry.
I am scheduled for my procedure on Dec 3rd, which on a Wednesday is the middle of my work week. I was worried about that but she said I will be fine by the following morning. I'm excited and will update after.

Had Juvederm Lip Injections/Lips are sore? Is this normal?

The procedure itself was easy as could be. My injector was very pleasant and explained every single thing to me before she did it. The injections stung a tiny bit, but I mean come on, it's a needle with a foreign substance being injected into your lips. Not bad at all.
However, the numbing cream has now worn off and now my lips are sore. Not excruciatingly sore, but sore enough for me to freak myself out that something is wrong. Did anyone else have soreness/slight pain after their numbing agent wore off? I'm just a little worried. My injector said I would be sore in the morning but it's only been 5 hours, any thoughts? Should I ice them? I'm not wanting to take advil/tylenol because of the risk of bruising. Thanks!

Juvederm Lips Before & After

It's been about 18 hours since my injections and my lips are a little sore and stiff. I have a little bit of bruising on the inside of my lip.

24 hours post op/Juvederm Lip Injections

24 hours post op. No longer stiff or sore! Just a few bruises on my top lip, which I have easily covered with lipstick. 1/3 of a syringe used. I think they look natural, which is what I was going for. Did not want duck lips, just a fuller top lip and poutier bottom lip.
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