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30 Year FIT Mom. Reduction and removal of excess...

30 Year FIT Mom. Reduction and removal of excess skin and fat from abdomen, hip rolls, lower back and upper buttocks, and tightening of front abdominal muscles.

Day 1: Surgery and an overnight stay at the hospital, pretty medicated and not in any pain, just a lot of tightness/tension. Dr. had a catheter in which helped me not have to move, stayed overnight at the hospital and was discharged at 6 AM the next morning. When they took the catheter out a few hours before I was discharged and having to make the famous trip to the bathroom that is with with any sort of procedure was very difficult. Trip to the car it was a little challenging even in a wheelchair, which is expected because really I haven't moved out of bed for close to 20 hours.

Day 2: At home recovering making sure to do my breathing machine, to prevent pneumonia, taking medicine as prescribed, also making sure to get up every 3 to 4 hours to go to the restroom and get my blood flowing. Staying consistent with my leg exercises to prevent blood clots while laying down ( Do not miss your pain pills, take them on the dot! Still swollen and lots of drainage in my 3 tubes, 1 tube struggling to drain.

Day 3: Slept good overnight, swollen, feeling too swollen. Lots of drainage, tension is very intense while standing. Shortness of breath struggling to get around. Did not realize that I would be so hunched over. However while I'm standing in bracing myself on my caregiver I'm slowly stretching my abdominal muscles muscles. Pain is very controlled just so tense when moving, what's the day three I couldn't get comfortable try to readjust and readjust my caregiver was probably getting irritated. My buttox was numb and bruised from laying down so much. However, did get my first shower since surgery in, that was a struggle getting there, because my shower is so far from my living room, but it was probably the best shower in my life! Water felt good!

Day 4: Could not sleep last night too much pain on my buttox, not where the incision is just where my buttox was placed in my recliner. I'm very swollen today, feels super tight, questioning what have I gotten myself into, is it going to be worth it, can't get comfortable, very emotional, so I had my caregiver go buy a memory foam pillow so that I can set my booty on it!! Life saver!!! Really really swollen all day, feeling super bloated, have been taking laxatives for two days but it's not working, haven't had a bowel movement since Sunday, the day before surgery. Had to take an emema, it was a struggle, I'm independent and don't want t ask for help but I made it happen and have to say I feel less tighteness after bowl movement. My two pain pumps are getting smaller, not sure I will ready for them to be removed, really think that has been a life saver. Did have trouble with one of my drains being very irritated and it felt like burning when I walked. So while bracing myself with one hand on my caregiver to walk to the restroom with my other hand I has pressure gauze against the two been where inserted and it relieved the burning sensation while I was in movement.


Day 5 -Post Op

Went to doctor today, removal of 1 of 3 drains. Pain pumps removed, and everything looks good. Can't stand up straight yet, working on stretching each Time I Get up. Getting stronger everyday, but swollen in the front and legs are extremely swollen. Progresses worse throughout the day.


Here are some photos, I'll post more as recovery progresses.. Day 6, still not fully upright, getting better everyday. Working on Stretching exercises...still very swollen in abdomen, hips, legs, feet... Which is to be expected after a major trauma to the body.

Day 7 - Post Op

Made a small amount of progress overnight! I was able to go to the restroom alone with the help of my walker. I had this Great idea of getting a walker so that I can work on my stretches and sure enough It's helping me tremendously. The walker and the memory foam pillow for my buttox have been a life saver. I also was able to raise my legs myself to lift then on to my pillows to elevate my feet. Swelling seems to be down a little I my legs, ankles, feet... My abdomen seems to be down a little I can't wait till I actually can stand straight and take pics. Drainage has slowed way down, can't wait to get this annoying little things out! Here is a photo from the hospital, post the 1st morning so swelling was in effect.. :)

9 days Post Op

Went to the doctor today, my last two drains removed & compression garment on.. Wow, this feels amazing! I'm still struggling to get around, taking my time.. When I can stand up straight, I promise to post a photo without compression garment.. Even with my garment on, my results feel amazing! So happy about my frame. Abdomen is still swollen, and my legs/feet are still swollen. Especially by the end of the day.

2nd day back at work. - 10 Days Post Up

2nd day back at work. Feels good to be back in action, I'm sitting all day with occasional ups and downs, but I have to say I think it's doing me good, it forces me to do my abdominal stretching! I'm
Lucky to work for a good company that allows me to come in as needed and leave if I feel exhausted. Depending on your job, you really should wait two weeks with this sort of procedure before returning.

3rd day back at work - 11 days Post op

Everyday it's getting better and better! Can't wait to walk fully upright. Dr. Brou is an artist! If you live in Oklahoma, I highly recommend him, my results are better than I even expected! :)

Two week update!

Oh man! I feel amazing! Walking more upright, have energy, still getting around slow, pain is manageable, more like uncomfortable and still a lot of tension! Incision is healing, most of the glue is coming off, I am not peeling off, I'm letting it do its thing! :) not rushing the healing process! :)

1 month post op

4 weeks post op... Still wearing my garment, by the end of the day. I still have swelling. I'm back at the gym, taking it easy, but feels good to be active. No pain at all! Couldn't be more happier with my results!!
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