Reduction Finally Within Reach - Oklahoma City, OK

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I am 5'5, 138lbs, and DD cup size. I have had...

I am 5'5, 138lbs, and DD cup size. I have had large breasts as far back as I can remember. I am hoping to become a small C. I have a small frame so I think this size will look good on me. I have the rashes, bra strap indentations, bruising on rib cage from wires, and irritation from having to wear two bras when doing anything active.

Will continue to update as it gets closer to the 25th.

Longest countdown ever!

Today is March 12, 2014. My reduction is scheduled for the 25th. I am so anxious and it seems like even though I am extremely busy the days are dragging by. I also wanted to correct my last post...the lady in the front office is Lynnette. I can't wait til 6 mos from now so I can see some real results.

Think positive thoughts!
Think positive thoughts!
Think positive thoughts!

12 Days to go!

I booked my hotel for the night before my surgery with Dr. Quang Tu in OKC. I decided to book a hotel for two reason...the first is because I live two hours from OKC and have to be at hospital at 6am & the second reason is because it will hopefully help me to relax and calm my nerves.

I am too excited and still can't believe that this is happening. I also hope that everything turns out fine and the girls end up looking normal afterwards.

March 14...11 days & counting

Anxious is the only word I have to describe how I feel. I think I will cal the doctors office on Monday because they have told me nothing regarding eating, lotion, or anything I don't need to do prior to surgery.

Hoping to get mind off of things..

Headed to OKC for the wknd with hubby so hopefully all the events I have planned will keep my mind off of things. Still anxious and wayyyy too excited. Yayyy!!!!

No pre op info????

So today is the 17th and I'm scheduled for sx on the 25th so why havn't I received any pre op info? Hhmmmm. Started to second guess surgeon choice. I had to get antibiotics today because I've been fighting some sickness for two weeks. I should be done with them this Friday but I don't even know if it's ok to take antibiotics this close to sx because they havnt' told me anything. I called the office and they're in clinic but hopefully they'll call me back soon so I can get all my questions answered. Otherwise looks like I may be calling Tricare to find a different surgeon.

Still waiting on pre op info

So I call back today. Needless to say I am a little irritated and feel like if they can't take 5 minutes to call me back then how are they gonna be after my surgery is over. We will see if they call tomorrow!

Can't sleep

Early in the morning and I can't sleep. I also realize my last post should've said "so no call back today."

I am hopeful that they will call today. Fingers crossed because I am starting to get doubtful.

Very irritated...

So I called the doc office today because they still have not called me back with any pre op instructions. The main thing I am concerned about is if any of the medications that I am taking are okay to take all the way up to the day prior to the surgery. So anyhoo I called and the office lady (Lynette) had the nerve to seem irritated. I wanted to reach through that phone and give her a Lousiana Slap in the Face (backhand style) but I just said okay and hung up. The only reason I am even tolerating no response from these people is because I have seen his work in person and was truly amazed. Also, because I am having a bilateral TMJ surgery early June and changing plastic surgeon docs at this point will postpone the TMJ surgery. Since that surgery will take a long time to heal I would like to start it as early in the summer as possible because I do not like missing out on my kids school and extra curricular activities.

So if you are considering this doctor you may want to keep in mind that you may not hear from them until it is your pre op appt. but his Reduction work does look good.

6 more wake-ups

Just releasing some happiness. Only 6 more wake-ups. Yayyyy!

So thankful

Oh my back....

So I woke up with the nerve in my lower left back in sharp pain everytime my left foot hits the ground or when I sit down. I think it's because I had on workout clothes yesterday on the road and of course I had to wear two bras so maybe that stress inflared something. I wish I could take a muscle relaxer but with my surgery in only 5 wake ups I don't wanna risk it. So I'll just put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Hopefully the surgery will help with my back pain. **fingers crossed**

Have a great day everyone!!!

Why do road trips make you so exhausted?

Finally back from our trip and I'm tired. Gonna pass out now and hopefully get some good sleep. But I must share how I cannot wait to rid myself of this custom made bra that kills my poor ribs.

3 more wake-ups

Just got back from a road trip and unpacked one bag and put some stuff in a smaller bag for my surgery trip. Planning to stay at hotel the night before since we live two hours away and have to be at hospital at 6am. Also packing extra set of pj's just in case have to stay at hospital that night (you never know). We have 1 1/2 hour hot stone couples massage at 6pm the day before surgery so we can both relax. I'm so excited for this because I am a lover of massages. Well ta-ta for now.

1 more day...

Sitting in my new recliner that hubby let me buy. Exciting because I have a major jaw surgery in June and will have to sleep sitting up for an extended period of time. Trying to make sure everything is in order before we head to OKC today for my pre-op appointment. I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me to be able to get this done. I am hopeful that this will help my back pain. I couldn't sleep last night and was having major second thoughts (which I am sure is normal) but I know this is the right decision. As I type this "illegal" bra underwire is digging into my ribs and it's only 8:30am (sigh). I am also excited that tomorrow will be the last day I have to wear this thing. Told hubby last night I wanted to have a bra burning celebration; he just looked at me and laughed (doesn't understand. Luckily the people that I have told are supportive and not beating me down about doing this. Not that I care because I am independent and do what I want. I believe that you have to do this for you and no one else, so if someone doesn't give you their seal of approval then screw them! You are the one that will have the new and exciting breasts. If you are reading this then you are in search of more answers or are waiting on your surgery date and I say kudos to you. We are our own worst critic and are the only ones that truly understand how much of a pain big breast really are. I remember watching an episode of Geraldo Rivera (when he had his talk show) and he put on a body suit that was in the shape of a pregnant woman, then he understood how we felt. I believe the nay sayers should wear the equivalent to this but with huge breasts before they open their mouths to say anything negative to someone else. You never know what someone is going through. Well I am just ranting because last night when I couldn't sleep I was reading a posts where a lady said her family was supportive. So sad because this surgery is a big deal; hell last night I read a CNN article where a woman went in to have her wisdom teeth pulled, went into cardiac arrest, and is now laying in a coma. So any surgery is a big deal and should be supported, especially by family and friends.

Bottom line: If the people you tell about your surgery don't support you then read on my friend because we all are your sisters and have your back!!!


My last post should say **unsupportive instead of supportive

One wake up to go!

Had pre surgery markings done today and finally got my question answered. Yes ladies you can shower after the doc marks you. (Who knew lol) I couldn't find this answer anywhere. Anyhoo, the hubby and I asked a million questions today including how many years of schooling and clininc do you need to be a PS....15 total. Yowzah, now that's crazy! I also asked why he decided on plastic surgery he said because he's meticulous and because you see instant results. Works for me! Then we went to the hospital for pre op stuff and answered a million questions, had blood drawn, and had a chest X-ray done. Then we went to get our massages. Ladies let me tell ya...this is definitely the way to go before surgery. Uber relaxing. I have to be at hospital at 6:30am for surgery at 8. At Buffalo Wild Wings about to get my eat on then to the hotel for some good ole rest. I did have to go to Wally World today to find some extra thick maxi pads....per surgeon paperwork. Goodnite til tomorrow!!!

Update on doctors office

I must sat Dr. Tu is quite knowledgable and I have complete faith in his skill but I was not satisfied with the staff not calling me back about my pre op. So I guess you tolerate stuff like this for skilled hands.

Up and nervous

I'm up early this morning clean with pj's on. I hate it when I see people out in public with pajamas on but I figured since I'm going straight to hospital it's okay. The hospital is 0.7 miles away and the nerves are going crazy and I'm starving. I could sooooo go for a Belgium waffle this morning lightly dusted with powdered sugar and warm maple syrup. Guess I'll have to wait til I get home for that. The doc gave me Norco for pain and I hope it works. I have an extremely low pain tolerance and a weak stomach so I know I'll be super nauseous afterwards. Hope I'll feel like eating. 6:05 now and watching CNN trying to ease the nerves. Watching hubby pack his bag. He's so supportive and I'm so grateful for him. Alright ladies pray for me today. See you on the other side!

Gotta love morphine

Surgerys done. At hm now. Morphine wearing off so took Norco. It's helping. So far no excruciating pain but I know it's coming. I will say the the Phenergan is the best thing ever for nausea. So fast and works great plus it helps you sleep. I didn't even throw up...yet.

Nite Nite. I'll post more tomorrow

Things I'd like to share

First off let me say that it is 3:37am the day after my surgery and I have no extreme pain...yet. although I feel very, very sore and some burning. Nothing to unbearable but it did wake me up and I took a pain pill. I also want to say that the morphine helped me to get home through all the bumps so make sure they give you a dose right before you come out of surgery. I do not know how many cc's he took out but I'll ask during my follow up next week.

So I was on Pinterest days before my surgery and found ways to make ice packs from alcohol and water and heat packs from fabric and rice but the doctor told hubby to not let me use any of that. He wanted the blood flow to be natural and to make sure I did not use any packs at all. I was like WHAT!?!? At first I was upset because I was sure looking forward to using that heat but I'm sure he knows best.

Now I'd like to share a couple things I have noticed that may help someone post-op:
1. Have bendy straws on hand...seems trivial but believe me very helpful
2. Ask for Phenergan for your anti nausea medication. it is very fast acting and also helps you . The hospital also gave me a Norco which was the Rx they prescribed me so I would be in no pain at all riding home.
3. Keep a notebook at your ready to keep track of your meds. It is very important because you will be loopy and will not be able to remember and don't want to overdose on pain pills.
4. Have someone open those pill bottles for you and set them aside for when you later need them because the soreness will prevent you from opening them.
5. Take your time in recovery at the hospital because they are their to help you. They have any type of medication you may need their so make sure you are ready to leave and do not let them rush you. In fact, you can tell them to please not rush you because you are not quite ready to leave. Be very vocal because although this may be routine for them it is YOUR BODY!!!
6. Have TV remotes, Kindle or whatever you like to do easy accessible especially if you are sleeping downstairs and hubby or helper is sleeping upstairs.
7. Don't feel bad for asking family or helpers to get things for you. I wash clothes and clean house everyday so why not let them do things for me, plus you don't want to over do it. In fact the post op papers so rest and do not move for that first day at all.
8. Have a neck pillow along with the pillow for your seatbelt on your ride home.

I'd also like to share that it is important to compile a list of questions to ask you PS that is totally unrelated to your surgery. For instance, we asked how long you have to be in school to do this. He said 4yrs of college, 4ys of med school, 2yrs of residency, and 5yrs of clinicals. I also asked why he chose plastic surgery and he said because you see instant results and because he is a very meticulous person. I felt the off topic questions helped to lighten the awkward moments and that joking around with the doc made me feel better because I got to see a tad bit of his personality. I felt sooooo much better after leaving my pre-op appointment. One last thing I'd like to share with my wonderful RealSelf family is that all day after the surgery things felt surreal. I mean I knew it had happened but it felt like a dream and I literally pinched myself quite a bit (stop laughing LOL) to make sure it was all real. I told hubby and he was like yeahhhh it's definitely real hun. He's so supportive and I am so grateful for him and everyone on this site that has been so supportive to me.

So out of all this I think the most important thing is to keep a notebook with your meds, how often you take them, and what time you take them. Oh yeah, I also bought Arnica for bruising/swelling, Bromelain for swelling/inflammation, and B12 for constipation/energy/weakness.

I will post pics later today when hubby unwraps and puts me back together. Toodles for now.

OR Pre surgery procedure

Forgot to tell about the OR procedure I went through. The wheeled me to the OR fully awake with IV in tact and had me scoot over to OR table. the the hospital surgical nure announced that a patient (me, yayyyy) was in OR 2. then she asked me personal questions to ease me nervousness and told me that she is in with my PS every Tues and Fri. She then hooked up the wraps I had on my legs to a pump to help prevent blood clots during the 3 1/2 hr surgery. Then she put some type of pads around my feet, I guess to prevent bed sores because of the long surgery...IDK? She had told me beforehand everything she was going to do in the OR so I as not shocked when she helped me move my arms over so she could strap them down. Ladies I know this may seem scary but think about it, do you want your arms to flail around and accidentally hit the dr while he is cutting. I know it sounds far fetched but I'm glad they do it. Then the anesthesiologist came in and sat behind me and told me he was giving me the happy juice and I started feeling it and said "here we goooo" and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery saying my left breast and back was hurting. I kept falling asleep then they gave me crackers and sprite and I started feeling nauseous and they put Phenergan (best thing ever!) in my IV and I passed out, woke up idk how much later and finished my crackers. I did ask if I could have water but she was like noooooo hun because water will make my nausea worse (didn't know that). She said that it is best to have drinks with sugar in it when feeling nauseous. Learned something new because I never knew that.

I am not sure why only my left breast and left side of my back was hurting when I awoke. The surgery took 3 1/2 hours. I was going to say something else but forgot....oh well Norco is kicking in time for muah to sleep.

Ladies take your pain meds

So I'll start with the hubby changing my bandages. Well everything was going fine with taking the gauze off then all of a sudden I started feeling lightheaded. I felt all the blood leave my face and had to sit down. I then felt like I was going to poop on myself and I started dry heaving a little. I think maybe it was the pain. Anyhoo, poor guy he was trying to put the pads and gauze on and the ace wrap. He had to call our two girls downstairs to help. It was really bad and tomorrow I'll remember to take pain meds beforehand. I thought that I was doing fine because it only hurts a little when I walk. I also feel like I have to hold my chest when I walk because it feels everything is gonna fall. the hospital sent me home with 2 compression bras but can't put them on til the drains come out on Thursday. Someone is supposed to call about the compression bras Thursday I think. I don't know if they will be tight enough because they look too big.

I also have this pounding in my left ear and it has been their since I woke up in recovery. It is my heartbeat but its just loud and annoying. Oh yeah and that Norco they gave me for pain gives me gas.

Here are a couple more things I want to share with you:
1. I found out that that would be five people in the O.R. I asked the hospital's nurse and she said it would be the dr, his surgical assistant, the circulator (which is the hospital surgical nurse that makes sure the dr does what he is supposed to do), the anesthesiologist, and uhhh I forgot the 5th person.
2. Have chapstick on hand for your lips since the sleeping on your back (or in recliner like me) may cause you to sleep with your mouth open.
3. Suck on ice chips instead of drinking lots of water all day. Less trips to bathroom
4. Have a Bluetooth earpiece charged and ready for use that way you don't need to hold the phone to your ear when people call to check on you

Does anyone feel the heartbeat in their ear and can someone tell me what this sticky stuff in between the breast is? I can't get it off...I'm thinking glue???

2 days post op

So today I am in a bit of pain and extreme soreness. Feels like someone has been playing drums on my ribs. I have been having extreme migraines since Tuesday evening and realized last night that it was the Norco the dr had given me for pain. I stopped taking it because I cannot deal with those type of headaches. Had the hubby call dr's office today to see if their was something else he could give me and of course they havn't called back yet. I am scared because hubby has to pull out drains today and I have a feeling I may pass out again. Whew that was scary. Well at least I'll be able to shower today. I can't wait.

Drains came out today

So hubby had to take out drains today but I am such a wimp and was like "wait let me try" LOL and honestly it didn't hurt. After we slid them out blood and yellow fluid started pouring out of the incision sites. The tubes were about 2inches long inside my skin and then afterwards I was ready to shower. Hubby called dr office while I was in the shower because he was told I needed to put on the compression bras but I was still leaking fluids. So Lynette told him to bandage me back up, put the ace wrap back on, then put the compression bra on. But I already knew the bra was going to be too big because I know my band size. So we called them and they are going to send out smaller ones. I will say that it may not be necessary to take pain pills before taking out drains, I didn't need them and I'm a wimp, but you can feel the swelling immediately after they come out so that may bother you. I am so glad that I do not need those Norco anymore because those things gave me major migraines but I wish I had something a little lighter to take this edge off.

Stupid compression bras

Compression bras are not made for people lol. I have 2 from the hospital that are too big and one I bought that is tight...although I have maxi pads, gauze, and an ace wrap underneath it. Anyhoo, I just told hubby to wrap ace bandage a little tighter like when I came out of surgery and to take the compression bra off. I'm off of pain pills completely yayyyy me! Just dealing with the soreness and taking B12, Bromelain, Arnica, and my antibiotics. I am just ready to be able to move around like a normal person because this soreness is now somewhat of a nuisance. I'll post more pics tomorrow because now I am going to go to sleep. Oh and I definitely do not suggest anyone to lay down because it hurts!!! I'll stay in my recliner so I don't accidentally roll over in the middle of the night.

3 days post-op

Just change bandages with hubby and took a too long shower. Whewwww boy lemme tell ya...I gotta make it quick next time because that darn gravity hurts like nobody's business. I couldn't wait to be all wrapped back up LOL.

3 days post op pics

I forgot to post my pics. Everything is still boxy and swollen but I know it will fine tune itself in due time.

Another 3 day post

So I know this is my 3rd post today but I have to share my funny observation. So has anyone ever seen the funny and lame movie "Spaceballs?" Well if you have then you would remember the scene where they were in the diner and the alien thingy started popping out of the guys chest...well that's how I feel about my new boobs 3 days post op. I'm having these random nudges and it feels like there's something trying to get out in their. Kind of like a baby in the womb. Weird and very annoying and I keep having the urge to press and rub it. Ggrrrr go away alien...You are not wanted here! LOL

4 days post op

So I'm home alone today and took a shower that took all of my energy. I am a little concerned about my vertical incision scars. The right one looks infected. Man that shower took all of my energy I am exhausted.

5 day post op

Took shower today and that darn gravity still hurting. The paper from the doc says that I should only be sleeping at an angle for two days but laying down flat hurts. I wonder how long everyone else feels like they need to sleep like this. My breasts feel weird today, kind of like they have icy hot on them. They are swollen and throbbing which I expected and can deal with. This morning I had my emotional breakdown wondering if I made the right decision but I'm okay now. That same paper from the doc also says I am supposed to remove my surgi strips a week after surgery but let me tell ya....this tape is like super glued on me. I don't know if this tape on me is surgi strips or just some kind of magical doctor's tape that should fall off on its own (my pick). I'm afraid that trying to pull this stuff off will hurt like no one's business so I think I'll just wait for my follow up appt. on the 3rd. Yes...I know I am a wimp, but hey at least I'm honest about it.

I have also been having a couple hours where I feel light headed and then I get a headache. I am wondering why this is happening to me and hubby even had a family friend (nurse) come over to check my blood pressure yesterday. It makes me feel like I want to sleep but my head won't stop pounding. Anyhoo these are my thoughts for today.

6 days post op

Slept in the bed for the first time last night and woke up really sore on my right side. Right breast looks bigger than the left but hubby said that it's just swollen. The R side of the R breast feel like it has a knot in it and it is weird how one side is much more sore than the other but oh well.

I do have to share my funny of the day...every time my girls walk by me my eyes get really big because I am nervous that they will forget they can't hug me from the front right now. My daughter laughs and says, "it's ok mommy, I didn't forget," then I lay my head on her shoulder and smile. I also put a pillow in between me and the hubby because I was so afraid of him rolling over into me.

Today is by far the most soreness I have felt since the surgery. Not really pain, just feels like my chest had a fight with Muhammad Ali and lost very badly. Tomorrow we are supposed to remove the surgi strips and I am not looking forward to that. These things are stuck to me like white on rice but hopefully come off with no pain. We shall see...and I will update photos tomorrow

1 week post op

Stood in shower for 45 minutes trying to take bottom incisions tape of. It was an extremely so and painful process. I cried and now I'm back on the pain medication. I couldn't even take pics I was hurting so bad. Tomorrow I will tackle the tape around the areola and pray it's not as painful. I don't know why he can't use something different or the butterfly strips instead. That tape is harsh.

8 days post op

Sooooooo still hurting but nothing I can't bear. Feels like someone is pressing into my incisions really hard. My right breast is also still bleeding and oozing so I called dr office today and she asked what I had been putting on them and I told her nothing. She said okay and wait til my follow up tomorrow. I am driving for the first time today since the surgery. The day before I removed the horizontal surgi tape my hubby and I went to lunch and I couldn't wait to get back home because the car ride hurt and sitting up that straight (in the restaurant) hurt as well. The dr office is 2 hours away so not looking forward to that trip at all.

9 day post op & follow up appt & final thoughts on doc and staff

Saw doc today. let me just say that it is cold in there and goose bumps hurt on incision lines. Weirdest thing ever! So he said that everything looks fine and that the open incision looks good and should heal on its own within a week. He is against putting any type of ointment on them so I'll let it be. He also said that I could start using Mederma, Bio-Oil etc starting the 3rd week. If the incisions are not closed by then I think I'll wait til this happens. I know that my body heals slower than the avg person. He also said that the tape I left around the areola could fall off on its own;bc if he didn't I was ready for a fight. But the thing is....I don't think this tape is coming off any time soon, so if it doesn't start to curl by the end of week two I'll just cry it out in the shower and give it a go (after pain meds kick in of course).

Thoughts on doc:
Dr. Tu's work speaks for itself. I have seen some reduction where the lift was not high so I am very, very pleased with my results. I went in this expecting a mild lift and was excited when I awoke to really high boobies. All in all I would recommend Dr. Tu's but not because of his staff. The nurse that works in the office is extremely nice but the lady at the front counter is a force to be reckoned with. She can be snippy so you would need to weigh your options here. In my opinion it was okay because I am a force to be reckoned with myself and had seen Dr. Tu's work in person so I was staying with him no matter what. I will hopefully be going back soon to get a tummy tuck if I can save the money.

10 days post op

So hubby came home yesterday with advice from nurse friend on how to remove that industrial strength tape....alcohol. So my incisions are still not closed all the way so soaking them was definitely outta the question so I took some of my facial cotton pads and used those. I pour alcohol on half of the pad (enough to soak) and blotted the tape (a piece at a time) and it made the adhesive come off easy. After I remove the actual tape I tried to remove the leftover adhesive but the open incisions burned when I tried to rub it off with alcohol so I let it be. It'll come off eventually.

Took daughters to Rue 21 to get new swimsuits (for the summer) and did some other errands and really think I overdid it. I was so tired and had to just stop several times. I will definitely sit all day tomorrow with minimal walking.

11 days post op

Very nauseous today and feeling extremely swollen. Headache and feeling lightheaded. No fever so that's good. Took Phenergan and hopeful it will get better soon. I'll take it easy today.

Nipples on fire

Nipples have been irritated past couple days but today after my shower they are on fire. I mean burning and throbbing. Oh my this is torture...but am grateful that I have feeling with them so I guess you take the good with the bad. It's not forever.

Day 13

Things are looking better today. Scabs are starting to slowly fall off. Called the doctor and they said that even though all of my incisions are not closed they still want me to start massaging with the oil tomorrow. The right side is still extremely swollen and still looks much bigger. It actually looks like the incision line is lower but it may be just because of the weight of the actual breast. I'm not gonna panic because even if it is off then it's a mile above what I had; plus only my hubby will see it.

I did try on my first piece of clothing without a bra today and was so excited I did a little squeal and happy dance. It was so invigorating and thrilling to have breasts that don't sway when you turn.

2 weeks post op

Hey y'all (it's a southern thing!). Today I finally got fed up with the compression bra. It was itching my skin so badly that I was have hickey like marks from scratching so much. Went in search of decent but not so pricey sports bras and found a perfect front zip one, but it wouldn't stay zipped. So then I stumbled upon a 2-pack of bras for TJ Maxx. Oh happy day. I would have never been able to wear something like this let alone getting a bra that fits for under $50.

Use oil to remove adhesive

So I started massaging with Palmers Skin Therapy Oil last night and most of the adhesive that was leftover from that industrial strength surgi tape is gone. The oil has also helped those dry scabs to fall off. Now I can see that most of my incisions are almost closed. They should hopefully all be closed by end of 3rd week.

Day 19 post op

Incision still really sore and left nipple still extra sensitive. Nipples are healing nicely and my R breast still looks larger than the left. The bruising and soreness on the outer R side is still their and is the most sore spot I have.

Started back sleeping in bed a couple days ago and am finding it very difficult to sleep. I know I'll get there soon.

22 days post op

Incisions are starting to raise up a little so I've been massaging a lot. I also have a vein under my L breast. It just started hurting two days ago when I stretch. Feels like it's pulling.

22 day post funny

Went to the gym today just to hang out with hubby and I automatically started to adjust the girls. Muscle memory I guess. I thought it was funny

24 days post

Woke up more sore than usual this morning. Throughout the day I was very uncomfortable and achy. When u got home and undressed my hubby and I realized my breasts dropped and maybe that's why they are so sore today. They are a tad but swollen and we can still see that the R breast is still bigger. I think it's going to stay that way and am trying to come to terms with it. I mean....the L one was bigger before the surgery so why is this bothering me so much. Oh and I don't like the uneven shape if the L nipple.

31 days post

Made it to a complete month. Incisions are pretty much healed just have a couple spots where it's still trying to close. No major issues just itching where the incisions have closed. I noticed they are starting to raise so I try to remember to massage them as much as possible.

I also tried to lay on my front but not quite ready. I've also come to terms with he larger breast and off sized nipple. It's ok. They look more better now than ever!!!

Had last follow up appt today

So today was my last follow up appt. 5 weeks and 2 days today. He said everything looks fine except my scars are a little thick. He asked if I form keloids and I told him no. His office gave me a silicone patch they had. You can cut the size you need and his a little give to it if you need to stretch it a little. The piece that you use is supposed to last two weeks if you clean it properly...hope so because then next one I have to buy and it's $45. Whew! I read that 2-3 months is the appropriate Mount of time it takes for the scars to change from wearing these things. We shall see. I hope so. Maybe it will also help with this crazy itching that jury started back up this week.

I forgot to take a pic of the path before I cut it but it's the same width and length so you get the idea. It's actually a pretty good deal if you compare this one to the ones found online. This one is much bigger and I'm sure I can get 6 more strips out of it which will equal at least 2 months.
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

First I will start off with the office staff. I have seen a review for Dr. Tu's office before that was not positive but I'd like to say that this is far from what I have and am currently experiencing with this office. The office had no problem with me calling every other day to see if they had any cancellations for a closer consult date. From my home I had to drive 2 hours to his office and upon arrival into the city I received a call from the office asking me if I wanted to come in early...I said definitely!!! When I arrived at the office the lady at the front counter, I think her name is Tracy, was nothing but friendly. My husband and I met with Dr. Tu and were both satisfied with his knowledge of information and felt comfortable enough to go forward with him as my surgeon choice. He put the referral into Tricare the day after my appointment and it was approve the day after that. I called the office, with nerves in my belly, and was told that the lady (Monica) that I needed to speak with was at a workshop and would call me back upon her arrival. I was surprised when I received a phone call right after noon because usually medical offices take all day to call back. They even had an appointment available for next week, even though I couldn't take it. All in all I am satisfied with the staff and doctor. I will continue to update and post pictures next week sometimes.

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