Loving my new Gel 600cc HP !

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Hi I had BA surgery on May 8 th 2012 . At 3 months...

Hi I had BA surgery on May 8 th 2012 . At 3 months my right breast was going to far over to the arm pit . At 4 months it started to bottom out . I'm going to get sutures to hold the implant over and up . I sure hope it works . I wasn't going to fix it until it started to bottom out . I will update after surgery .

Had my surgery and it is so much easier this time ...

Had my surgery and it is so much easier this time . I love being able to use my left arm . The implant was t put up to my collier bone this time . Not in much pain .

I'm doing ok ! My boob is numb on the side I also...

I'm doing ok ! My boob is numb on the side I also had gurgling in my breast. I didn't have that last time . It sounds weird . I'm in a little pain .

I'm doing ok my boob is numb and had the boobie...

I'm doing ok my boob is numb and had the boobie gurgles . Never had that it sound weird . Time for rest pain pill is working .

Doing great ladies !!!! I'm off the pain pills . I...

Doing great ladies !!!! I'm off the pain pills . I still have gurgle boob . So far this has been a easy recovery . I'm still numb on the side of my boob . Have a great day ladies !

Well had a bad day yesterday . Today will be...

Well had a bad day yesterday . Today will be better . A lot of burning ! The healing is different with the suitors. I woke up flat this morning not good . Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Hi ladies , the burning pain is so bad . It burn...

Hi ladies , the burning pain is so bad . It burn down to my elbow . It's not any better . I can't handle anything that fits on I've been wearing my husbands shirts .Nothing stops the burning . I can only pray it will go away . Does anyone know how to releave it ?

Today the burning isn't as bad . I called DR I was...

Today the burning isn't as bad . I called DR I was told to give it more time and take ibuprofen . I took hot bath last night and it helped . I hope know one else goes through the burning as bad as I have it's very painful . I go back to work Saturday . I pray it's gone by then . I also hope clothes don't bother me because right now I can't wear any of my shirts due to the burning .

New pic

New pic

Ok update , I'm doing a lot better. I'm 6 wks and...

Ok update , I'm doing a lot better. I'm 6 wks and my right boob is looking a little scary to me . It's dropped to far to me . I need to fluff so I hope that's why it's so far over and the nipple is to high . Time will tell . So far not happy with it . It could be that I'm comparing it to the the left one . I still have some nerve pain and burning . It's still swollen under my arm pit and numb . That's all for now .

Hi ladies , I'm doing ok . I still have a lot of...

Hi ladies , I'm doing ok . I still have a lot of nerve pain . I'm still swollen under my arm pit . When I wear a wire bra it helps . My Dr said its from the internal stitches . I sure hope some day it goes away . My nipples are not even . I was told that that's how they will be now . Not happy about that . I will post a new pick . They ere better than the last pic . I can't go bra less it hurts to mutch . I guess that I will get used to the pain . It hurts to massage , I still do it anyway . I hurt more after I massage . Hope is well with all of you .

Hi ladies , not much to tell , still about the...

Hi ladies , not much to tell , still about the same . My nipples are uneven now . Not to happy ! Don't like my breast now . I think I will have surgery again in the winter to fix them . They were so awesome until the one bottomed out . Still a 34/DDD . Need to save for another surgery . Don't know what it will take to fix them . The burning down my arm is gone but my breast still hurts . Hope all is well with all of you . I did post a picture in a bra

Hi ladies , well it's been almost 6 months . Not...

Hi ladies , well it's been almost 6 months . Not happy about my boobs being so different . I should have had the internal stitches put in the left boob. I go back in Oct. so I will see about another revision . I also might go with gel instead of saline , because the gel is lighter . I also think 700 will be a good size in the gel . If I go with saline 600 or 650 . I'm not sure yet . Here is some pics with new bras

Hi ladies , I have made a app . With my Dr . To...

Hi ladies , I have made a app . With my Dr . To talk to her about what needs to be done to fix my left boob . I go see her March 29 th .i won't have anything done until sept .or Oct . .

Time for another revision ! Cost 5,383

Hi ladies , I'm going to have my second revision on August 6 th . I'm going to exchange my saline to gel . I'm not sure on the size yet . I also will get internal stitches . Now to research to see what size implants . My saline is 420 I like my size 34/DDD I really don't want to be any bigger . I will see my Dr. July 24 th to decide on size .

I'm getting excited for second revision

I'm posting pictures of my breast before my second revision . I'm ready to have them fixed . I'm also excited to change to Gel implants . I do realize my breast were different before I had a BA . I think they are so ugly now . I loved how they were before my right boob bottomed out . I haven't picked the cc yet . I don't want to be bigger . I plan on loosing weight so I want to add for that . Sexy 49 has such beautiful breast and she has ultra high profile . I'm going to ask my dr about the ultra high . If she tells me there not for me I hope to get 550 HP or 600 HP . I hope this will be my last surgery . . I know I will need to replace the implants in 10 years or so .

My boobs I did love

Pic before bottomed out

Changed surgery date to 7/23/2013

I'm so excited I changed my surgery date to July 23 rd . Now it's only 1 wk and 4 days away . Pre op on the 15 th . YAY !!!! I'm sooo ready .

Revision and going bigger !

I'm going to have surgery 7-23 . Mentor HP 600 cc with internal suiters . Yay !!!

Yay !

I can't believe in 5 days I will have new boobies . It's been a long journey so far . I'm praying this will be it for a long time . I'm so blessed to have such a awesome husband . He loved my boobs before I ever had a BA . He only wants me to be happy . My husband is a butt man . When I told him I was going bigger he said why you have a hard time with bras now lol . What ever makes me happy makes him happy . I'm so happy that the money it has cost so far doesn't bother him . I'm so blessed to have him . My husband of 25 yrs passed away from cancer . Now I have another awesome man to spend the other half of my life with . I'm getting excited to have revision again . I haven't been happy with the way they look sense I bottomed out .

Yay tomorrow is the day !

I want this time to be my last revision for a long time . I still need to bathe my Shih tzus I should give them hair cuts . I also have a doberman . I went to barber school so I cut they're hair my self . Cut my sons hair yesterday so he will be good for awhile . I have a african grey parrot so need to clean his cage and give him a shower . He is so awesome .He talks a lot I cant even count how many words and sentences he can say and sounds he makes . I also have horses , cats, fish. So my kids that are still at home are my animals lol . It's just my husband and I so the house stays clean . My husband will take care of it all for awhile . I'm a waitress so when I go back to work my husband will sweep and vacuums for me at work . I only work 2 days a wk . My husband is retired . I should retire too but I love my job . I'm going with HP mentor gel 600cc implants with internal sutures .

Revision is done !!!

I'm doing great . Everything went great . After the numbing goes away I hope I stay feeling this good . I have been doing my walking around to make sure I don't get blood clots . Im going to stay on top of my meds so i dont have a chance to have pain . also doing ice packs 20 on 30off . I had all women in my surgery room this time . I love my dr !! I will update more tomorrow . I will post pics tomorrow .

Revision !

Yay have new boobies ! I took the pis myself , so there not verry good . Last night I was so sick . I don't know why . I have never got sick like that after surrgey . It was a ruff night . I'm feeling Great today . The numbness in my boobs is gone . They hurt a little . I'm taking my pain med and muscle relaxer . I full range of motion with my arms .

Dumb phone

Dumb phone ! I took my pics my self

Boobies are awake !

Hey girls , I hope everyone is doing good . Well my boobies are awake now . They were numb for 2 days . They hurt a little bit . But I'm taking my pain and muscule relaxers . There still real tight and high . I'm getting tired of sleeping propped up already . I'm a side and back sleeper . I have a recliner but I would rather sleep in my bed with lots of pillows . I still haven't had a BW . Time to take some meds and miralax because it has been 3 days . Hope all is well with all you ladies . I will post new pics later .


My boobs are still real tight . I was going to try my old bras on . I'm not going to try them on yet . My boobs are to tight . I have internal sutures and I don't want to pull on them at all . They look the same as my surgery day . I'm taking my muscle relaxers and tylonal . I stopped taking pain med yesterday . I'm not in any pain.i full range of motion with my arms . I have had it from day of surgery . All I have done is take showers and rest .

Day 6

Not much change .

Post -op

Went to post-op today . My boobies are doing great . Mr dr told me she likes the 600 on me . She said I could go to work Saturday if I wear my band . I only have to wear it when I'm at work . I hope I'm ready . My job is so fast pace and demanding . I get a work out when I'm at work ., its non stop for 7 hrs . I only work on sat and Sunday . I'm going to rest until Saturday . I'm also to do 5 min. Massages a day and take my 800 mg vitiman E for 3 months . I go for my second post -op in 2 wks .

Peeling !

I can't believe my boobs are peeling . They didn't peel with my first BA so I guess I really got stretched this time . I'm a little soar from massaging . I'm so tired of not being able to sleep on my side or laying flat . In due time I will be able to . I go back to the dr in 2wks I sure hope I get the ok to sleep any way I want . I have been stretching to help the muscles in my back . It has helped a lot . I'm getting tired of laying around . I'm so ready to go back to work . I know it's going to be tuff my first wk end back . They expect a lot from me . I dread wearing that darn band . I only have to wear it to work . So ready to get back to normal .

10 days

It's hard to believe I'm 10 days . I'm feeling great . My boobs are getting softer and don't hurt at all . I go back to work tomorrow . I feel like im ready to get back to work . I sure hope I'm ready . I'm not looking forward to wearing the darn strap . My dr wants me to wear it while I'm at work . I don't have to wear it any other time . I did my measurements and I think I'm going to be a 34/G . It is early so when I drop and fluff I could be bigger . I sure am loving the size so far . My husband said today they already feel different then the saline . I will post new pics on Tuesday . That will be my 2 wk .


I'm doing great . My boobs don't hurt at all . They still need to drop and fluff . I'm loving the size . I'm ready to go and do everything . But not going to until I get the ok . Starting to go crazy . I did give my dogs a bath . I probably shouldn't have . My dogs get a bath every couple of wks so they needed one . I would love to ride the horses , weed the flower bed , and a lot of other stuff . In time I must be patient . I'm walking on the treadmill it's a start .

Going on a all day Harley ride

We're going to Texas on the Harley . I ride on the back ao i should be ok . It will take 3 hrs to get there . It's a day trip so we will play when we get there then ride home . I hope that I'm not going on long rides to early . It's raining now and we leave at 7 and its going to rain until 10 . I guess we will leather up to ride down there . I would love to brush and ride the horses but my dr told me not to . My boobies are getting softer . They still have some dropping to do . I can sleep on my side now . My back is happy about that . I usually go to my chiropractor every 3 wks . I'm going to go next Monday and I will be a day shy of my boobies being 3 wks . My chiropractor knows how to do it without hurting my boobies . If I don't go I won't be able to walk . I have a hip that pops out and my lower back gets out of alinement . I've been going for 5 yrs . He is awesome ! I think this wk end at work is going to be easer now that I e had more time to heal . I'm so happy that I'm not having the pain and burning down my arm like my first revision . That was tuff it lasted a couple of months . Nothing would stop the pain . My nerves got pinched by the blood pressure cuff during surgery . I was scared it was never going to go away . I hope all you ladies have a good day in boobie land . I just love my new boobies . I can't wait to wear a bra !!!!! When I go go back to the dr I hope she will ok a wireless bra .


Went to dr I'm doing great . They have dropped some . I get to wear a wire bra in a week . I'm so. Happy about that . I don't need to go back to see her for 2 months . I still can't do everything . Don't have to wear strap at all yay . Now I need to try on the bras I got in the mail a few days ago . I sure hope they fit . I measured myself at a 34/ G . I will try them on when I get home . Happy healing ladies !

New bras

Yay they fit 34/G ! Now after I finish dropping and fluff we will what size I will be. I will get some more and more sexy a d pretty . I just needed to see what size I will most likely be .

I'm so happy !

It's been 5 wks and I'm doing great . I've had easy recovery this time . Wk 2 I was back to my self . I still could not do everything due to PS orders . I'm ready to start doing everything now . I just got to get off my lazy butt and start doing it . My mom thinks My boobs are huge . I guess they are lol . But I love them . My husband loves them too . My Dr said the size looks great on me . I was doing so good that at my last app. She said see you in 2 months . I only had to see her twice this time after revision . I've been wearing a bra for a couple if wks now . I don't like sports bras so I'm happy that I can wear a regular bra . The only set backs I've had is my lower back , UTI and kidney stones . I love having big boobies . Now it's time to get the weight off that I gained before I ever had a BA . I have been going through minapause and my lower back makes it tuff . If I would get this weight off it will help my back . My lower back has been bad for years . My knew boobies have nothing to due with my lower back . I need to loose 15 pnds . Happy healing ladies . Posting some pics there not verry good because I took them . I need to have my husband take some pics .

Other pics with before revision and after

A couple of pics in the same suit . It was tuff to keep nipples covered lol .

Worried !

Yesterday after I took my bra off I seen this hole where a stitch is . It's oising . I've needed to go get this stitch taken out because it didn't dissolve . I sure hope it's nothing to worry about . I'm going to call my dr today . I think she has surgeries today . I sure hope not .

All ok !

Went to my dr today . She took the stitch out and said its fine no infection . Had her check me out and she said I don't need a full TT . So do a get the mini or just be happy because I am 50 . I feel like I should be happy because its not to bad . She said I have good skin only the bottom is loose . Well I guess I will think a out it and decide .

Darn phone

I'm going to think about it

Got my surgery date !

Yay !!!! I'm so excited I'm having a MTT and lipo March 11th . I know it's months away . This way it gives me time to pay of part of my second revision . Plus I hope to save some money to help pay for it . I also hope to finally give up cigarets again . I quit for 5 yrs and started back after my husband passed away . I don't have to quit but my dr would like me to . There's not to many MTT on this site . My dr said I don't need a full TT which I'm happy about that . I set the date now because the surgery center is going to have a rate increase in October .

2 months !

Well I'm 2 months now . I'm doing great . It has been a easy revision . I haven't really had much pain with this revision . I was scared because I had such a hard time with my first revision . I think they look the same from last pics . I will post new pics later . I still wear a 34/G . I don't feel like there that big . They are soft and bouncy . I love that they don't fall to the side due to the internal suiters . My scars are still not very light but that's ok in time they will fade . The hole I had crime the stitch is gone . That really scared me . Now I'm looking forward to having my MTT and abdominal lipo . Got to get my act together and get this weight off . Happy healing ladies !


My 8 wks pis

Almost 3 months

Ladies I'm still in love with my new boobies . Nothing has changed they still look the same . My scares are still about the same also . Hope the scares get lighter . But if they don't its ok . I still wear a 34/ G some 34/Gs are to small . I have a couple of bras that don't fit . My recovery has been a breeze . It's nice that they don't fall to the side or sag due to the internal suiters . I was due to have MTT with lipo but my back is messed up . I have to go 3 times a wk for 16 wks to fix it . I have a pinched nerve and a blown disc . After I get my back better I will have my surgery . Happy healing ladies !


I did a update on my MTT review .

Still love my Boobies !

I'm doing ok . Still having back problems . I have lost 10 lbs and 10 more to go . My boobs still look the same 34/G and I still love them . Hope all is well with my friends . Hugs !!!
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I love my PS she is awesome ! I would recommend her to anyone who wants a good PS .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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