Ready for Surgery!!

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I'm 24 going on 25 and still at a 32A I'm finally...

I'm 24 going on 25 and still at a 32A I'm finally blessed enough to go thru with the BA. I had s friend who got hers done and I loved them after being referred to Metcalf I set up my consultation. After seeing him today omg I know I got the right Dr. The nurse that helped me was helpful she showed me pictures different ways he would go in and his new way. They helped and answered my questions. I told him I want 36D-38D he got 455cc-480cc I'll see what he will be using I'm excited 6 days away I can't believe how a breeze it was counting down the days.

4 days till surgery

I'm nervous and ready I got so many questions now I'll be calling him tomorrow to confirm and ask my questions really hoping for 480cc crossing fingers

Confirmed app

Today I confirmed my appointment and got my questions answered so nervous ready for this weekend to be over

Finally ready to post my before pictures

I'm nervous counting down the days and hours now I'm hooping for some big girls before my 25th birthday

Pre op picture

Last days with the small itty bitties

It's tomorrow morning

Man eating my lady meal before 11 hungry anxious and ready for tomorrow I'm really excited

After surgery

Its 9:42 I'm in my room man I don't remember leave the room to surgery I woke in my hotel room threw up once I feel good eating for the second time chicken felt lite to eat in case


After surgery

Wanted to see

Man I feel the confident boost already

After surgery pictures

Friday the 18th

Feeling sore but love my ????

Nipple pain

Yesterday omg was painful my nipples had a very sharp pain I couldn't take it I had to take a pain pill I'm using my strap over my boobs 24hrs a day since surgery for best results

The new update

I love the way they look and feel I been doing better a lil bruising under the boob area my scars have already healed nicely and I'm using scar away to help it I get itching every now and then nothing to be worried though my right rib is still kinda sore though
Dr J Dan Metcalf

He asked me what I wanted I told him we talked and he let me know how he'll be doing the surgery he heard me out and also let me know what he could do

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