23yrs - 5'6- 125lbs - 400cc over Muscle Mentor Silicone Implant - Oklahoma City, OK

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Surgery is in 2 weeks! Really nervous for a few...

Surgery is in 2 weeks! Really nervous for a few reasons. Not sure to go with 400 or 430cc implants. My surgeon goes OVER muscle and armpit incisions. Again, 5'6 125lbs not sure my chest measurements because my consultation was over a month ago. I'm a semi-tall thin girl, just so nervous about what size to go with!!

"Wish" boobies

I feel silly making this! I know everyone's body is different and there's no way I can get exactly what these women have! But I'm hoping for something a long these lines. Again 5'6 126lbs slender frame. Does anyone think 400cc might be too big for me?? Boyfriend says too big. My doctor recommended 430cc.

Before pic

Hate doing these. Kinda embarrassing!

Pic didn't upload I think lol

Before pic hate these

Negativity is driving me crazy!

Wishing I would've kept my BA under wraps and secret. Getting sick of hearing so much negativity. 400cc will look bad on you, you're too small! What a shame your self confidence is so low you are having an elective surgery...just to name a few. Annoying.

Surgery is in two hours!

Holy cow I am nervous!!!!!! Pics to come!

Officially an ex member of the IBTC :)

Had my surgery today at 9m decided to go with 430cc over the muscles so far I have been super tired and nausted. To mention again 5'5.5 and weigh 126lbs I haven't had a chance to unwrap my stuff and see what lies beneath! Wish me luck glad!


Not to sore but the nausea is kicking by butt. Each time I love it's overhelnibg

Ask idea for this lazies? Please help

Day 2 pos opp

Well pain has been minimum minus the intense nausea and no desire to eat what so river which is making me feel works. My experience with Dr Metcalf and his staff was amazing! They are super sweet kind and patient!! Dr Metcalf was assured to give me the look I wanted abc we achieved this I think? I requested 430cc for a large c MAYBE small D. After swilling goes down in a few weeks we will see! I don't remember a lot of yesterday other than crying bc the nausea was bad. Today I feel really sleet so I'll see his much sleep I can get! Praying for no boobie greed!

Headed to first check up

Headed in got check up the anesthetic still has me super messed up feeling. Nausea and headache with no appetite. The chest pain from actually surfer y is bearable but this nausea is killing me. Can someone give me advice about this?!

First check up

Surgeon loves them I love them! Happy happy! 430cc each

Didn't upload

2days post op 430cc I lone them

And the dreaded boob greed is real!

I went with 430cc mind you I am 5.6ish 125lb and I love my new boobs! Before surgery my surgeon reccomended 455cc and I said no way. Kinda wishing I gave it more thought. My boobs are amazing and fit my frame perfectly. But I'm
Afraid I won't reach a D as desired!
Anyone have any feed back?

Not sure why my pictures upload a zillion times when I only try to upload one

Today is day 3 post op and I'm finally not loopy and goofy feeling anymore. I'm starting to really worry that these things are going to stay this hard! I think this is the most pain I've felt since surgery. Extremely sore!


They look gross lol

Still really swollen and hard

Still feeling pretty uncomfortable just ready for them to settle and get soft my skin is sooo tight

Honestly forgot I had this account!

Forgot all about this account a couple weeks after surgery. Haven't posted any updates! I want to post some pictures because this site really helped me in choosing what I thought was best for my body pre-BA. These are pics 8 months post op and I am really happy with my results! At first I had boob greed, but now, I wish I had stuck with 400 cc as I notice having bigger breasts is kind of a chore! Still happy with them and having boobies is fun especially in swim suit season :) reminder- I am 5'5 and a half 126lbs and I went with high profile mentor silicone 430cc implants!
Dan J Metcalf

My surgeon seems AMAZING! He's been in practice for a long time and knows his stuff. He even gives out his cell number before surgery in case there are any questions. Can't wait!!

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