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Hello, Real Self Community! I've been use Real...

Hello, Real Self Community!

I've been use Real Self reader for about a year as I'm researching different cosmetic procedures. One of the surgeries I really wanted was filler in my tear troughs, smile lines, marionette lines, and lips. It sounds like a lot, but I just wanted a natural, little plump to fill out the places that have started to hollow. I'm 32, no kids, and wanted to give myself a birthday gift.

I've been to several consultations in Oklahoma City, but never felt comfortable with any doctor. In fact, I'd been to exactly 8, including the doctor I finally decided upon. I researched the injections quite a bit, and watched tons of videos of the injections. All the doctors I visited were qualified, but ultimately there were several factors that affected my choice: 1) How the secretaries looked (I know this may seem unfair, and biased) - if they appeared overly done or had lips or other work that didn't seem pretty and soft to me, then I knew I wouldn't choose that doctor. So I'd have a consultation and learn a lot, then leave. 2) Gut feeling. If I felt pressured, or if something just didn't set right, then I'd have a consultation, then leave. 3) Before and after photos and how willing they were to share their work. Some doctors had a lot on their website. Some hardly had any. I definitely wanted to see pictures. 4) The Real Self community! This is a great place to get info. I do wish users would more frequently share the doctors names with whom they had success.

I just got the injections yesterday and am unsure of the result. I'm pretty swollen. Here's what happened from the start:

-I schedule a consultation. It was $75, but if I choose to go ahead with the procedure, that would be applied to the cost. I think it's worth it since this is apparently the best facial cosmetic surgeon in Oklahoma. If anything, I'll learn a lot about fillers. At the consultation, I met Charity, the PA who does injections. We talked about what options I had, the filler she likes, the places I'd get the most bang for my buck, and all about the procedure and recovery. I decide to make an appointment for the next week.

The night before injections:
-I used the deep cleaning Biore Pore strips because I felt like I needed to exfoliate my skin. This is normal for me, and I didn't even think about it. Little did I know...

The day of injections:
-We discuss that I can only afford 1 syringe (it was $525), so we'll prioritize the tear troughs and the smile lines.
-Charity puts numbing cream on my face and it stings a little, but that's to be expected. She leaves to give the cream time to work. I'm becoming numb but can still feel it stinging pretty badly. The cream is melting down my face and now my lips are numb. Then my tongue is numb because I lick my lips, and my chin is starting to feel weird. Everything is stinging pretty badly. I start to wipe the cream off on my own.
-She comes back and wipes all the cream off and my face is burning red! It looks awful, like an acid burn. I explain that i used the pore strips last night and she says I probably removed the protective barrier of my skin.
-She speaks with the doctor and they don't want to irritate my skin further. After some conversation and a lot of disappointment, I'm sent home with ice packs and no injections.
-I leave really upset because I wonder if I've just scarred my face.
-Luckily, the redness goes away a few hours later. The next day, my face is fine. Charity calls me, which I appreciate, and we talk about what happened. I reschedule for the next week, promising not to do anything to my face until then.

Finally, the actual day of injections:
-This time Charity uses a numbing cream for sensitive skin. It stings a little and I get paranoid. We talk about what my other options are (a dental block or no numbing at all). I decide to keep the cream on. Luckily, the stinging actually stops and it's totally fine.
-She leaves to give the cream time to work. This cream doesn't melt thankfully. I'm pretty numb.
-She comes in and wipes the cream off. She wipes off the areas with an alcohol wipe and gets to work.
-The first syringe is shared between my tear troughs and my smile lines. I get a small bruise under my right eye, but I do see a small improvement. I'm disappointed when she says it's all used up as I didn't see as much plumpness as I wanted in either area. She recommends another syringe, as the tear troughs are pretty deep. It's a tough pill to swallow because it's so expensive, but I saved for this, so I decide to splurge for the second.
-She shares the 2nd syringe between my tear troughs and smile lines, and some in my marionette lines. I like my tear troughs, but still see a definite crease in my smile lines. She says she wouldn't recommend putting anymore there.. that instead, the real root of the problem is the fold of the cheek, and we'd have to put some filler in the cheek to lift it and take away that fold. That sounds a little overwhelming to me, so I listen and let her focus on the tear troughs.

-I left yesterday (Wed, June 29, 2016) feeling a little swollen and tender. I expected it and don't have anything scheduled until next Tuesday. Right now it's Thursday night and I'm still swollen. I've been icing it every so often. My face feels full and tender. I just got a shower and washed my face and put some lotion on, so I feel better. It hurts when I bend over bc I feel pressure in my face. I can't rub my eyes obviously. It hurts a little to touch the areas that were filled.

I've been researching the swelling during recovery time. Some doctors say it takes up to a week. Maybe even 2. This is only day 1, so I'm hoping it's better tomorrow. I do have to say some swelling under the eyes has gone down since last night... it was pretty swollen last night. Today it's not as bad, but definitely still swollen. I haven't left the house and don't plan on it anytime soon.

I'll post updates to share my experience.

Here are the other procedures I'm interested in. I'm still going to consultations. I especially haven't yet found a breast aug doctor that I'm 100% comfortable with... if you have any recommendations, I'd love them!
1. Chin implant
2. Ear tuck
3. Breast aug
4. Possibly lipo... it's hard to find a good lipo doctor in the OKC area!
Oklahoma City Facial Plastic Surgeon

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