Downsizing from D/DD to a C with Mastopexy. YAY!!! - Oklahoma City

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I'm a 46yo mother of 1 who originally had a BA...

I'm a 46yo mother of 1 who originally had a BA with textured saline in 2004, 8 months after having a baby. I am 5'2" & 123 lbs (pretty much the same as 12 years ago). I originally asked for a full C/small D. What I was GIVEN was DD/DDD. Hated them! So, in 2008, when I had a deflation, I was actually happy about it so I could get them replaced. I wanted silicone but my PS wouldn't do it so I went elsewhere. Guy #2 would do silicone but said he could not decrease the size by more than 100cc without a lift. Not knowing how much of a difference this would or would not make, I went with it. Better but still really too big. I'm now WAY over the fat-cow feeling!! I'm a petite person who has to wear big shirts or pops buttons open all the time. I'm still really mad at my original surgeon for not listening to me. I'm going for a straight C. My new surgeon has done work on people I know & I love their results. He is going to completely start over & rebuild my pocket so I can have the nice high & tight look I always wanted!! (No more dumpy feeling!). I cannot wait!! Surgery is scheduled for November 4th. So ready that I wish it was tomorrow! I am scared a bit about over-correction or still being too big (but anything less is an improvement.) but I really trust this guy. As a surgical person & actually having worked with plastic surgeons, I'm very impressed so far on that level, as well.

Spoke with my PS yesterday!

He is so good about responding quickly and thoroughly. I had asked him about the size he was deciding to use. He told me he will probably be removing some of my own tissue to create the shape I am wanting. He also said he was thinking he will be using a 200cc low-profile silicone implant, give or take 25-50cc's. The low profile part surprised me but the size of implant is what I was expecting. I trust him, having done so many of these surgeries and knowing what tends to create the desired result. I can't wait to get this done! there are beautiful clothes in my closet that I NEVER wear simply because of my boobs. I also can't wait to wear cute bras that are not just simply for holding these things down. That goes for both sports bras and the sexy daily bra. I will now get to wear the pretty things & the cool strappy ones! Whooohoo!! I've always treated my bras with delicate care and detergent. Not anymore!! l now even put them in the dryer because we all know their days are numbered and I just don't care. Mentally I have moved on! Yay! Not to be wishing my life away, but I sure can't wait to get there.

To address the lipo issue, I can't wait for that either!!! This hispanic muffin top HAS to go! It just contributes to the dumpy feeling and covers some hard-earned muscles. I am a really fit person who is pretty muscular. Genetics aside, I tend to like my carbs as well. Might need some hypnosis for that one. Or,…
a support group.

One more week! Now for the mental preparation....

Just finalized everything & going for blood work. A little shopping left to do and I'm all set! Trying to get things done around here so that my family is not too inconvenienced. I'm so excited to get this all done but nervous about the pain. I had very little pain with my last revision but I think this might be considerably different considering the pocket reconstruction & the mastopexy. Having had some lipo in the past, & also having assisted in the procedure on patients, I know a little too much, maybe. I'll be fine once I get there & they give me the versed! Hahaha! I am SO looking forward to looking better in my clothes: No bulges around my bra, no muffin & no fat-feeling, giant boobies competing with my head for attention! LOL! I have a lot of good lean muscle I've worked hard for under this coating of fluff. I just hope I don't lose too much of my fitness in the recovery process. Working out is like therapy for me so it's hard to keep from getting depressed when I can't for long periods. When you add pain meds to that, it can be extra tough. I'm bracing myself for the psychological part of this. It might be the hardest part but I just have to be positive & think about the goal.

375's reduced to 210cc + flank liposuction

All went well yesterday. I have a drain hanging out of each pocket for the next 2-3 days because of the size change. This will help tremendously with swelling. I have no visible bruising of the liposuction areas yet. My waist, bra line & upper hips are already impressively more trim. Hope to post pics tomorrow. Already loving the appearance of my new breasts!


Man, do I hurt. Ugggh!!

4th day out

The not-so positive: Still pretty painful but no constant need for pain meds. The drains are going to remain in place until the output is

Somehow my whole update did not post. Continued...

Anyway, the drains stay put until the output is less than 40cc in a 24-hr period. That's for each. I'm glad they are there because I can only imagine the amount of discomfort from the swelling if the fluid was just sitting in there. I just didn't expect to still be carting these 2 bulbs around. ( My husband deserves a prize, by the way.) My backside feels like it has been beaten with a bat and now I have a yeast infection from the antibiotics…. Ok now for the POSITIVE: My wounds already look pretty amazing! I am going to love my new size and I can already tell I am going to love my new shape from behind. I am still quite bruised everywhere but I can see past it and I am very excited to get to my final result. I already feel lighter and less burdened. I'm excited about all of the things I will be able to wear, too! I just need a magic wand to satisfy my impatience!

Drains are out!

Got rid of Thing 1 & Thing 2 this morning. So now I'm out & about. Not sure if I'm too happy with my righty but I know it's early. I'll post 1week pics tomorrow. I'm sort of going through a little depression but it has to do with more than post surgical woes of being sore & bound up.

Uncertainty at 10 days post op

These are pictures from this morning to show the lateral aspect of my breasts. I texted my surgeon pics with the question of "What do we do about this & when can we do it?" I called his office to ask them to make sure he checked his phone. He called in less than 5 minutes!! He reassured me that as the swelling goes down I may notice more of this. Then as the tissue softens& the sutures settle, this area will smooth out. He reassured me by explaining he has never had to go back in to revise this as it will resolve on its own. The reason the sutures are there is because of how wide the 375's were compared to the 210's. To reconstruct the pocket to size was necessary or the implant would slide into my arm pits. So I'm pretty relieved. I have to go back to work on the 29th. Boooooooo!!

Less pain in the boobies now.

I have only had two episodes of bizarro nerve pain in my nipples today & I feel stronger in my chest. Feels like I did a bunch of push-ups & weights & like a hormonal kind of sore. Way better than the the last 2 days. (Still sore & pissy with the lipo recovery. Mostly a garment issue I think.). I'll post 2-week pics on Wednesday. I can't wait to get back to yoga & (at least) spin. Hope to get the go-ahead on the 24th to lightly re-engage. I need to DO something....other than online shopping. Which is pissing my husband off. ;)

2 Weeks Out

Pretty happy about my progress. Still sore with swelling & feel best with my sports bra. The one I'm wearing in the picture (Champion) was ordered online, prior to surgery, along with a zip-front solid black Jockey brand & a Natori (not zip but super cute & lower cut). The zip fronts are the best & seem to provide more support than even my old high impact, over-the-head Nike. For sleep I like the moderate support soft Underarmour bras or the strapless wrap I left the hospital in. My doctor said I did not need to sleep on my back & never gave me a specific bra or brand to wear. Even so, I prefer to sleep on my back, propped up by soft pillows. I get sore on one side or the other for too long. I use soma at night to help me sleep. I didn't use it last night & I had a struggle! Anyway, with some swelling still present, I can't tell what the hell size I'm gong to be but I suspect a full C. I tried on an old DD & a D. Don't think any of them will in my future! Woohoo!! I still like my shape. Jury still out on the wrinkling/skin indentations on the side. I have to have faith for now that what my surgeon says of it self-resolving will actually be true within a few months.

5 weeks out.

I swear that the majority of my swelling disappeared over the last 10-12 days! The girls have settled nicely. I still have the rippling from the internal sutures on the lateral sides. As the swelling has gone down, it is more pronounced but I'm going to wait it out as my surgeon says to. He says it will resolve & he has not had to revise this issue in the past (Please don't let me have to be the first!). So far I'm so much happier with my smaller size. They are natural & soft & im increasingly pleased with the shape. It appears I am horrible with selfies even if my body. I wish I could actually capture what I'm looking at. I seriously don't understand how anyone takes their pictures. I must have the worst set of T-Rex arms ever.

9 months out

I haven't been on because life moved on. I will say that I'm still so very happy with my decision and my results. I have had some issues with the incision sites around my nipples. There have been pores that I can express pimple-like substances from. My PS insists that I'm spitting sutures but I think it's something else. I may have the incisions revised but I'm not sure.
Dr. Derek Shadid

I have been so impressed by Dr. Shadid & his office staff. He is so responsive & meticulous, as are those working in his office. I've never felt rushed & my questions were always welcomed no matter how silly they may seem. I had seen his work on a close friend, looked at his reviews & results. Clearly he is a perfectionist who understands his patients. I have had 2 other surgeons in the past & never felt so confident & trusting as I do with this guy!

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