Blocked Artery After Juvaderm – Ohio

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Decided to have juvederm for first time, after...

Decided to have juvederm for first time, after losing significant amount of weight, I felt my face was very drawn in so decided to have filler in my nasolabial folds. Have had Botox many times in past with no issues. Within 12 hours my face began to bruise in the corner of my right lip, by 24 hours bruise grew bigger and face was swollen around my lip and sore, within 72 hours purple, black and blue deep bruising with white blisters forming in nose fold. Went to PS office he injected hydro to unblock the juvederm, gave me rx for nitro paste ( which no pharmacy could fill until next day), steroid pack, antibiotics and pain med. was also told to take aspirin. The next day 96 hours I began calling around for hydrotherapy o2, was able to find one place that could get me in the next day $175.00 per session. They recommend 5. The swelling has gone down and the bruising appears to be somewhat lightening in spots, still burns if I use the nitro paste and still suffering headaches. I can't afford anymore o2 treatments as my ins does not cover. Does anyone else have experience with this and what other options can I try? Will it slowly return it normal? Should I see a dermatologist? Is there anything else I can try? Who should be responsible for the extra medical treatment? Please help
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