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I have an appointment this week to speak with my...

I have an appointment this week to speak with my PS about a couple of revisions of my TT and BA. I am more nervous about this than I was the first time around. For one thing, then I definitely wanted the surgery, my body was a big mess! This time I feel like I'm being picky. My bellybutton looks large, puffy and unnatural... I have avoided showing it all summer. Second, I am disappointed in the size of my breasts. I wanted to replicate the size I got up to while pregnant and nursing, a small 34C, but ended up a 34B. Even the 32C bra I bought and filled a month after my surgery is loose. I worry it will cost a lot to fix these problems, it took 7 years to save for the first procedure. I worry I will turn disappointing results into disastrous ones. I worry that I will be disappointed again either too big or two small. I also feel like I don't insist on what I want often enough and when it comes to my body, I have the right to be particular.

Post BA photo

This is me with 175cc presumably overfilled to 195. I am 5'6" and 118 lbs. I was a 34A to start but deflated after breastfeeding. Still a little deflated. I am also hoping he will relocate my scars up to the creases as they show below bikini tops.

Pre BA photo

I weighed 130 lbs before my BA and TT. This is the photo my PS took the day of surgery. Good surgeon, lousy photographer. I think that's his thumb in the corner.

330 cc? Not so comfortable with PS's recommendation

Saw my PS, he said he can make my BB smaller but not deeper as I lack the fat needed to sink the thing into. A good and bad side effect of having a TT. At least it will be less conspicuous! As for the breast revision, he felt staying with saline in a larger size will not increase my risk of rippling. He measured my breast diameter at 12.5 cm. He told me my current implants are 10.6, which is narrow for my size. I told him I still look deflated and he said I will also need more projection to fill my breast envelope. He proposed 300cc overfilled to 330. From my research, that is more than I want. I have also heard that overfilling can make them feel hard. (From my gynecologist, who has probably felt a lot of boobs!) I am still considering a change to silicone, but am on the fence. I still feel 265 to 280 is a better fit for me. I have another consult next week, so I am going to be wading through before and afters of sizes between 265 and 330. He did recommend moderate profile, saying 80% of people use that shape. He said that his rule of thumb with revisions is at least 100cc to notice a change. Given the particularly small size of my current implant, I would think it would take less than 100cc to make a noticeable change.

PS confirmed 175 overfilled to 200cc

Debating saline vs silicone, definately don't want to fill beyond manufacturer's fill range. I don't want to lose softness and movement. Thinking 275 or 280.

286cc! Going for the upgrade!

I debated size, shape, silicone, saline all week and saw my PS today. Decided to change to silicone. I am not afraid of developing a dread disease from exposure to silicone. The capsule of my saline implants is made of silicone. I just wanted a low maintenance implant that won't have a lot of costly problems. After reading a lot about the pros and cons, the statistics, the evidence, I came to the conclusion it is pretty much a gamble either way. So I chose purely on aesthetics: the look, feel and movement. Here silicone is a clear winner. I have ripples palpable just under the surface for nearly 360 degrees (and mine are unders). I think going larger will stretch my already thin skin and those ripples might start to show in my cleavage. When I told him my desire to change to silicone, he said I would be at 304cc then. I stated my preference for 286 and why. We went back and forth a minute when I used one of the cliches you see all over the Q&A section of Realself. I said "but it's only a tablespoon". He smiled and said he would do whatever I want. It was a nice exchange and I think it will be a good size for me. I put down a deposit on the date I want and now it's just waiting.

Moved up the date.

My PS assured me that the revision would involve minimal recovery time so I won't need to take off more than the Friday of my procedure. So I moved it up! One month from today...

Goal Photos

The padded bra test

I got out an old push up bra and found it still fits pretty well. I have been wearing it everywhere for the past week to try out the extra size. I have no idea how much extra size, just enough to notice. At home, at work, out with friends... I am not at all self-conscious in it. Maybe the 304's aren't so scary...

Getting Excited

Last time I was too fearful to feel excited. (Last time I was totally focused on the tummy tuck, which has more potential complications.). Last time I took 2 weeks off, this time just the Friday of my surgery. I just used my zip front compression bras for 2 weeks. With going back to work and (I am told) much less swelling, I thought I would purchase some nice bralettes. I tried some on over my padded bra for fit and got 4 at the Gap in nice colors. I realized I never had a bra that wasn't black, white or beige! I guess I never really wanted to dress up my boobs before. This experience is getting real. I paid for the procedure and got my prescriptions in the mail. Not long now!

How Crazy Does This Sound?

I am officially over-thinking this. As my revision is too small to try on sizers, I have been trying to figure out what I'm going to look like by other means. Measuring and looking at implant dimensions does not seem to help. Guessing at cup sizes is frustrating. I measured myself 3 different ways and got 3 different sizes! Comparing myself to photos of people of similar size is wildly inaccurate... I am often shocked how far off some results are compared to their before pics. Complicated by the fact that I was 15 lbs heavier in my original before pic. So I made a bunch of itty bitty rice sizers from 59cc up to 108 cc. My favorite "look" was 78 cc of rice in a bag stuffed in a bra with my boobs with their 200cc saline implants. After reading about changing from saline to silicone and using rice sizers, I saw that most of the Realself MDs add another 10% to account for the fact that silicone "molds to the chest wall" better than saline or rice. So doing the math: (278) + 0.1(278) = 308ish. Which is darn close to the 304 cc implant. Does this sound reasonable or am I just a step away from that scene in A Beautiful Mind with the wall of newspaper articles and a whole lotta twine?

Chilling out with frozen peas

Found a use for an old bikini I don't think I fit into anymore. Tied my bags of peas to my boobs with it. My sports bra is thick so no worries of getting too cold. Somewhat sore, pain med is working well. Post op nausea has subsided. Took a quick peak, liking them already!

Not too bad really...

My doc said my recovery from the revision would be "minuscule". I'm not sure that's how I'd describe it but I can appreciate that it could be far worse. My swelling and pain is mostly around the edges of the implants where he had to open the pockets a little further. That and the incisions are sore. Only used 2 rx pain pills, used only Tylenol this morning. Totally different than the first time. They are swollen and shiny but not hard, maybe just a little high. Have tried not to judge the size due to the swelling. All I know is that the last time I loved them swollen but after a few weeks they were too small. This time they seem a little big so I hope when the swelling is gone they'll be just right. Less optimistic about the bellybutton revision.

Back to work went well!

No pain today, just a little tender. The day went smoothly, didn't need so much as a Tylenol. I can raise my arms over my head without pain. Not lifting anything heavier than a jug of milk, but back to using my heavy purse. Still swollen, both boobs and belly. At the risk of TMI, still waiting for my post-op #2. Using MOM at bedtime and drinking tons of water. Appetite is still low post-op.

Back at work, I doubt anyone noticed. Not that anyone i work with would say anything. I wore loose clothing and an unlined bralette. I got right back into it, most people hadn't even noticed I wasn't at work on Friday. My post op with my PS is Wednesday, hoping he approves my return to light cardio. I don't enjoy exercise, yet I am finding I miss it. Strange.

Darn it

Had my post op today, still not allowed so much as a gentle stroll on the treadmill. Still have to wear the sports bra. Otherwise, healing like I should be. Will get the stitches out at the next appointment. Was given a stern warning to resist the urge to lift or do household chores even though I feel normal. Which is the opposite of the advice I got earlier, which was to let my body be my guide. Apparently I feel a little TOO good. I guess it's about time to post a post op photo. The boob in the foreground is my right and still kind of sore and swollen. The boob in profile is my left and much less swollen and sore. They still have that cone shape, which took a couple months to change to a nice boob shape the first time around. My favorite part is hard to appreciate, but my cleavage area looks a lot more smooth and natural with the silicone. With saline you could see the edge of the implant. No longer! Not even with the increase in volume. At this time after my first BA, I loved my size. When the rest of the swelling subsided, I was disappointed. So I am trying not to get too attached to my current size. Although they do look a lot better than they did!

Pics from playing dress up

It's been one week and I am exhausted. Worked late every night this week. While it was a busy week, I suspect I was a little less efficient and tired than normal. In bed at 9:15 tonight but first I had enough energy to pull some swimwear out for size! While my left is beating my right for settling and getting rid of swelling, I like them both just fine! My belly is still a little swollen so I assume my boobs are as well. Since the dressings were removed (still have itchy steri strips) I am happy to see my incisions are up in the creases where they belong! They were 1-2 cm below before after my super-tight tummy tuck dragged them down. They no longer show below my bikini tops! Yay! Gonna get some sleep and relax this weekend. Happy healing to all who had surgeries this week!

The cones are staring to turn into curves

My skin has lost that stretched shininess. My slope is becoming a little more natural and my lower pole is starting to fill out. In clothes the look is nice too!

3 weeks, bikini pic

Enjoying my revisions, very pleased with the size.

Professional Sizing

Went to Nordstrom's I heart a great fit event to benefit a breast cancer charity and got sized. My PS said my shape will continue to change but I am probably pretty close to my final size. The lady who did my fitting was very knowledgeable. I learned a lot about bras. She said my size is a 32D, which is like a 34C cup on a smaller band. So I guess I overshot my goal of a large 34B. Oh well, they look great so I don't really care. I was hoping to find a comfortable strapless bra but no luck. She told me that I would have difficulty finding one without an underwire. Apparently my ribcage is curved in a way that makes underwires hit me only in one small area where it digs right in. If anyone knows of a brand that makes a wireless strapless bra, please let me know. Otherwise I will just have to use the stickers. Of course, with my silicone enhanced perkiness, that might actually work now! Anyway, I will post my 4 week pics. You tell me if they look like D's to you!


I'm no professional, but I found underwire bras that fit great today in 32C. Thinking maybe she did not measure me correctly and that is why the wire hurt so much. She had me try 30DDD (way too tight), 32DD and 32D. Probably should have tried the C. Cost herself a sale. So I got the one in the pic on clearance just for fun and to celebrate being 32C!

Bra sizes...

I have been confused about bra sizing through this whole process. Now that I actually have breasts (that don't change whenever a baby feeds) I thought I should figure out what size I am. The lady at Nordstrom's was chatty but got my size wrong. Fortunately and unfortunately there is a lot of info online. As I mentioned before, I got a different size with every technique I tried. To me, the only size that matters is the size of the actual bra I intend to wear. I have always liked Gap's line of wireless bras so I returned there today better informed (plus, there was a sale and my bra card only needed one more stamp for a free one). I tried on a 34B and 34C first. Most of the sizing techniques I tried said I was a 32, but I also fit the 34 band on the tightest hook. I tried the underwires first. The 34C was much too large in both the width and projection of the cups. The 34B seemed to fit pretty well, but the wires seemed to rise off my chest slightly in the middle and the cups were slightly wide on me. From what I have read, the size of the cups for any given letter vary with the band size, which means someone with 36Ds has much larger boobs than someone with 32Ds. Some websites claim there are "sister sizes" which means a 32C has the same size cups as a 34B. While I found them to be very close, they were not identical. The next bras I tried were 32C and 32D. The D has the underwires rising off my body in the middle like the 34C. I could see why. The underwires are wider than the boobs they support, so they stick out beyond the edge of my sideboobs. So when I fasten the bra, the lateral ends of the wires get pulled back. The wires act like curved little teeter-toters against my ribcage and rock outward in the middle. This is painful and means the bra is too big. So I tried the 32C, and the wire laid flat on my body, pain free. It fit. I could also feel small wrinkles at the bottom of the cups in the 32Ds, where the under-filled cups folded a little. Another sign that the cups were too big. The 32Cs were smooth and form fitting, even underneath. Then I tried the 32B and my cups runneth over with a little of the dread 'quadboob' look. Too small. I included a couple of pics of the "sister sized" 34B and 32C to show how similar they look. The fit felt a little different, I liked that the width of the 32C a little better. I read that it is a good idea to choose the band where you fit on the largest hook rather than the smallest because bras stretch out with time. I ended up getting a couple of lacey wireless bras in 32C and feel pretty good about it. Hope this helps anyone who has been struggling with bra sizes like I was.

The bra size chart for augmented breasts

6 weeks

Dropped a little more.

7 weeks

Still not back to my usual workout, but not due to discomfort. Just working my way back slowly just in case. Slope is improving still, right side is looking more like the left. Finding I am pretty satisfied with my cute little pair. Other than bras, I can still wear all the same clothes, I just look a little more womanly in them. I've reached that point in life where I really want to look my age... The adolescent boobs bothered me but the wrinkles on my face don't. Not yet at least. I will include a pic but it is hard to appreciate the change. I do find I need to wear a comfy bralette to bed to keep it G rated if I have to get up with one of my kids in the night.

Drop and Fluff

I was interested in what D&F actually means because silicone and saline aren't fluffy an don't compress noticeably. Apparently it is a change in shape rather than size. I ran across the following on another website:
"Drop doesn't mean that the implant changes position. Some people might misunderstand and think it means that, but it doesn't. It means the contents inside the implant drop down to fill the bottom due to (1) gravity and (2) relaxation of the pec. Fluff doesn't mean the implant literally gets bigger. It means the breast appears bigger because there is more projection and the volume is more visible and rounded at the bottom of the breast. Because the breast rounds out more, a woman may well go up a cup size because before "D&F" a significant portion of the volume was stuffed up under her pec muscle where it would not influence bra size."
Another post continues:
"When the implant is placed, the muscle tightens and holds the implant up higher, near the collar bone. The muscle also squishes the implant into the chest. As the muscle stretches and relaxes the implant contents will drop down into the lower portion creating more lower pole fullness. The implants will also "fluff" out as the muscle relaxes and stops squishes them into the chest. As the bottom of the breast fills out, cup size will increase (because cup size is determined by lower pole fullness not upper pole). At this point, they will also look larger although there is no technical increase in size. stretches and relaxes the implant contents will drop down into the lower portion creating more lower pole fullness. The implants will also "fluff" out as the muscle relaxes and stops squishes them into the chest. As the bottom of the breast fills out, cup size will increase (because cup size is determined by lower pole fullness not upper pole). At this point, they will also look larger although there is no technical increase in size."
What are people seeing for themselves? I have seen a lot of shift from upper pole to lower recently, but they don't seem to project as far as they did.

12 weeks

While you never really know if anyone notices or not, I don't think so. They look so different from before, when they looked conspicuously small. It's almost like they look too normal to notice. I like the flexibility of the size I have. Under sweaters or loose fitting shirts, I can wear a structured bra so they don't disappear. I also finally fill out my tailored suits and shirts. If I want a more slender subtle shape, I have bralettes that hold them in a bit. I wear these under fitted t shirts. They still look large to me, too wide or something... But I really think I needed the projection to get rid of the droop. I still fit the 32C and 34B like they were made for me. What little tightness I had on my right side at the upper seam of some bras resolved when that side finished dropping. I revisited my "before" pics, I forgot how hollowed out my chest looked. I was less than flat, I was filling in the holes left after breastfeeding my babies. So good to look healthy and normal!

Before and After 304cc silicone

4 1/2 months

I am celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my TT. Among the things I count as part of the success of that is the fact that my breasts stick out beyond my stomach. This would not have been the case if I had not had my BA revision. I still sometimes feel like they are bigger than I wanted, but I cannot let the stomach win! And at almost 5'6" with my thick waist, being a 32C is not too large. So I am happy.

The difference 100cc's make

This is for a couple of people considering revisions to go bigger.

Victoria's Secret

I finally found a little time to go to VS. I have never had occasion in the past... As I never had boobs, I never had the desire to go. I owned 4 bras: 2 black, 2 beige. Bra shopping just reminded me of what I lacked. Like so many others on this site, I was still waiting to get boobs...for decades! How sad. Then I got pregnant and had boobs, but they went away leaving empty little flesh sacks. Now suddenly I have boobs and I am bra shopping like I'm making up for lost time. 4 t-shirt bras, 2 contour lace bras, 4 unlined lace bras, a baconette bra and several bralettes... Only one of which is beige! So I went to VS and while most of their bras are a little frilly for my taste, I really like the luxurious details! Padded straps and clasps, soft fabrics, extra hooks. Much nicer than I was expecting! Their sizes are a little off. The 32C I wear in other brands is a 32D at VS. Their 32C fit okay, but was a little too narrow. The 32D was the right width, but had a little extra space in the cups. I thought they used a little too much padding (never thought I'd complain about that), even in their t-shirt bras. Their unlined lace bras had thick straps and seams in the cups that showed under my shirt. I didn't end up buying anything but I've been looking at their swimwear online and have an idea of what size to get if I decide to order. I hope they size their tankinis the same as their bras.

Lace bras!

So much cooler on a hot day than padded bras!


While it is pretty unnatural for a thin woman in her 40's with 4 kids to have boobs that look like this, I don't think they look obviously fake. Fake or not, I like them.

Bras a year after revision

I believe they have settled as much as they are going to. I'm no expert in breasts, but I can tell my shape is different than natural breasts by the way bras fit. I ended up 32C in most contour or underwire bras. They are really close to 34B except 32C are slightly more narrow with slightly more projection. Sometimes the band on a 32 is just too tight so I go with 34. That is where the fake becomes evident. The B fits my lower pole perfectly but is slightly tight in the upper pole. The 34C fits the upper pole but has big wrinkles underneath. I do feel that I have more upper pole than is natural for my size. It looks okay, it just makes bra shopping challenging. Despite extensive trial and error, I never did find a strapless bra that looks, feels and fits nicely. They all are too tight over the tops of my breasts. Then I discovered I can comfortably go braless! A couple of nipple stickers and I was good to go. I find I rarely wear structured bras now, and I almost never wear an underwire. I use a tight bralet that offers a little support, controls the nipples and is comfy enough to sleep in! (I do sleep in them, I like to keep it G rated in case I have to get up with one of my kids in the night). I only wear contour bras if I am wearing a loose flowy top and don't want my boobs to disappear. In fitted t shirts I find that the contour bras make me look like I am hiding a couple of torpedoes! For t shirts I pull out an unpadded bralette. Working out is great though in athletic bras I go with 34B because 32 is just too tight. I avoid 34C because when I am bouncing around, I want to be sure that lower pole is supported. Before implants, I used those hot padded athletic bras. Now I look good in the cooler unpadded type. So I guess one of the more surprising benefits of having implants is being comfortable and looking feminine at the same time.

How my doc came up with his recommendation

So I was killing time the other day after responding to LL2's comment when I came across a reference to the "high five" method for surgeons to use to determine what implant volume and placement to recommend to their patients. I was curious so I googled it. Along with some publications from medical literature, I ran across the website of the guy who came up with it. To my surprise, I recognized the form for using this method a the one my surgeon used. I recall the whacky exam it suggests (hard to forget having your boobs measured with calipers). My surgeon did not explain all the pinching and pulling and measuring. I always thought his suggestion of 330cc sounded kind of arbitrary. I am strangely reassured that there is method behind what looks like madness. The website did some explaining of why and how. Impressive is the fact that the results are studied. Less from an aesthetic perspective and more from looking at long term tissue damage and reoperation rates. Anyway, I will post the form here in case anyone is interested. I should add, I am glad I did not go with 330, that would have been too big for my taste... But apparently not for my tissues.

Using wish photos

My surgeon discouraged the use of wish photos and I felt I was unable to communicate my preferences without them. If I look back at photos of women of similar size with similar "before" boobs who got the same size/profile implants, I think it is a fair guess. I will post a couple here.
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