Thermi Tight on Lower Face & Neck 55-60 yr old

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I have pretty good skin tone but past 2 years...

I have pretty good skin tone but past 2 years noticed some loss of elasticity and laxity. Saw a prestigious plastic surgeon who suggested a face lift. Then I saw another Dr who also thought a face lift because he said my expectations were too high and ThermiTight wouldn't give me immediate results that I wanted. Third opinion plastic surgeon told me to try ThermiTight and said that my laxity wasn't bad and I was a perfect candidate. Today is when I was scheduled. In summary, three areas were injected for numbing and 3 areas were then probed like an arthroscopy ! Then the cannula type of probe was inserted and it felt a little warm & there was pressure but no pain. I found the area around the chin to be a bit more uncomfortable. The entire procedure was maybe 30 minutes. I was fitted with a compression facial garment to wear for 24 hrs but from what I've read, most people wear it for 2-3 days. I noticed swelling and black and blue immediately

Day 2 after ThermiTight

It is almost 24 hours since procedure and the only discomfort is wearing the facial compression garment. It is itchy and annoying. Some people wrote they wear this garment for 2 days and then every night for a week. Dr. told me 1 day, so I'm a bit confused. Another doctor on RealSelf stated the garment doesn't even make a difference so who knows. I changed the band-Aid beneath my chin & also pulled away the sides of the compression garment to peek. Both cheeks are slightly bruised - not bad but I won't leave the house yet .
Bridgewater Facial Plastic Surgeon

Really like Dr. Karalak because he is honest and very experienced as a plastic surgeon. He answered all my questions during my complimentary consultation and the staff was awesome during the procedure. He also explained everything while doing the procedure and constantly asked how I was. It was not painful, felt a bit of tugging and probing but no pain. I was fitted with a facial compression band like when you have a facelift. I left through an exit door specifically for staff but also for patients who underwent procedures. Yeah ! Didn't have to concern myself with having others stare at me after my procedure. I have to wear this facial compression garment for 24 hours but will wear it for 48. I also read about taking Arnica Montana tablets so I'm taking those which I bought the day before the procedure. Applied ice packs when I got home for only a few hours. Slept in a recliner, then transferred to my bed lying down later. Thought upright might help with swelling but don't think it matters. I'll post more in a few days. I cannot truly rate this procedure yet, but intend on doing so. The cost was $4,000 which is slightly more expensive than others I've read about online.

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