My journey to small tatas

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I've been large breasted for pretty much as long...

I've been large breasted for pretty much as long as I remember. I hit puberty early and the boobs seemed to sprout overnight. I don't ever remember wearing a training bra. I was the girl the boys chased around the school yard to watch the boobs bounce! (I actually married that boy!). In high school I was spilling out of a 36C and the sag factor had already started. I had looked at doing s breast reduction at 20 when I was a D, I was told I had to lose weight and by the time I was to meet with the surgeon, I chickened out. As I got older I gained weight, and cup size. By the time I got pregnant with my first child, I was 210 lbs and bigger than a 40DDD. After 2 kids I was a 250 lbs and a 42F. When my second baby was 6months I focused on losing weight, dropped 85 pounds and my breasts spilled nicely out of a 36F. I have back problems, neck problems, skin problems, they sag unnaturally low, the tattoo i got when I was 18 is now 4 inches below my boob, I can't wear any shirts with buttons or really anything without stretch, I look ridiculous in just about every bathing suit out there, I poke my own eyes out when I run, even with 3 bras on, I have to hold onto them, it's kinda embarrassing! I went to a plastic surgeon that came highly recommended by doctor colleagues of mine (I'm a Nurse), he happens to specialize in body sculpting after excessive weight loss. He said I'm an excellent candidate for a breast reduction and also for a lower body lift later on! I found out I was approved by OHIP (Ontario health insurance plan will cover the cost of the surgery) and my surgery date is booked for May 2nd! I'm really impressed how quickly this referral has gone. About 4 months from when they got the referral to surgery! Including "time to think". I'm so excited and can't stop thinking about all of the cute clothes and bras I'm going to buy!!!

Less than 3 weeks until surgery! Taking the girls...

Less than 3 weeks until surgery! Taking the girls out for one less spin! Date night!!!

I'm preparing for being benched for a few weeks :)...

I'm preparing for being benched for a few weeks :). I spent the better part of the day cooking and portioning freezer meals to make the post op course a little easier for my husband and I. I have a little more to do then it's on to spring cleaning so there won't be much mess to stare at from my sick bed :)

Went to my pre op appointment with my family...

Went to my pre op appointment with my family doctor yesterday. I also handed in my short term disability papers to my boss. It's all coming together! 16 days to go!

I had my hospital pre op yesterday and I picked up...

I had my hospital pre op yesterday and I picked up a couple of comfy tank tops to bum around in post op and I have a freezer full of meals. I think I'm ready! It's weird though what my thoughts run through with the surgery looming. I'm ready. Really. Ready. But my mind keeps playing through the what if's and the nervousness is setting in!

It's Thursday! 7:25 in the morning. This time...

It's Thursday! 7:25 in the morning. This time next week we'd just be arriving at the hospital! I'm so excited! But I have so much to do before then!

Well I'm ready. I have everything I need for post...

Well I'm ready. I have everything I need for post op, the freezer is stocked with ready made healthy meals and babysitting is all worked out! One more insane workday! 2 more sleeps!

I got a call as I was heading out the door that my...

I got a call as I was heading out the door that my surgery was moved up from 9:00 to 8:00 am! So here I am at the hospital! I'll keep you posted when I wake up!

Well I did it! They're gone! My surgery was...

Well I did it! They're gone!

My surgery was moved up from 9:00 to 8:00 am, so when I got to the hospital things went quickly. They got me all set up in day surgery, 3 tries to find a vein for the IV, sucks when you're dehydrated! The I was moved to the OR waiting room where I spoke with the anaesthesiologist. Dr Shortt came in right after and took me into another room to do the markings. He was meticulous! He even go out a level to make sure things would be perfect! We agreed on a "C" cup but to err on the small side. I'd rather be smaller and be able to pad them then to be larger and still not happy. I was then brought into the OR where they did my blood pressure and the anaesthesiologist gave me a shot of something into my IV "something to settle my nerves" as he'd promised. Then I woke up in recovery! Post op wasn't bad, I was given quite a bit of Morphine so I wasn't uncomfortable at all, I was able to eat and drink right away. Dr Shortt came in and told me he took about 475cc's off of each side! Holy crap! He gave me tramaset to go home with and told me to keep the dressings on until Sunday. I did get a quick peek when he pulled back the dressings, they're so small! My nipple on the right is just below my tattoo!

I had quite a bit of nausea yesterday, but only a little today. I haven't taken the tramacet since last night, so I think that's helped. The pain isn't nearly as bad as I'd expected it to be! The most annoying thing is the dried blood under my right breast is hard and putting pressure on my ribs. When hubby comes home from work he's going to bring me more gauze and another tensor and we'll redo the dressing.

I'm swollen just about everywhere! My hands and feet are swollen, my belly is huge and even my back feels swollen! I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up about 6 pounds!!! I know that'll come off over the next week or so.

Yay for new boobies! I can't wait to go shopping!

Thank you all for the well wishes!

Thank you all for the well wishes!

Day 3. I was able to change the dressings and...

Day 3. I was able to change the dressings and tensor late last night. Thank god! The old blood on the first dressing hardened and was putting a great deal of pressure on my ribs. I have to keep the pressure dressing on until tomorrow morning. So far I'm feeling pretty good! Not needing to take the narcotics as long as I lay low and don't try to do too much!

I found a sports bra in my collection of "no...

I found a sports bra in my collection of "no possible way this'll work" bras from before when I was trying to coral the girls to go running. It works! And I look normal! I can see the other side of all. This recovering mess!

Day 6. Doctors appointment today for follow up....

Day 6. Doctors appointment today for follow up. The tapes came off! Quickly. With some scabs attached. I had a quick peek at some really thin, well healing incisions! Then the tape went back on. I have significant bruising below my breasts on my rib cage, the doctor said more than I should have, but that he's not concerned about it. I however, find it uncomfortable to have a sports bra resting on the bruising. So Walmart stretchy sleep bras it is!

I did a quick trip to a thrift store to get a couple of tops. I have no summer clothes! I was excited that everything fit and all of the options that are now open to me! I only got to try on a couple of things before I started to get sore. I really can't wait to get healed and get shopping!

I'm still quite swollen, under my breasts and under my arms are the worst. Strangely my breasts aren't as swollen as the rest of me. I'm still up about 5 pounds (or 7 when you count what was removed surgically). Hopefully that'll go down in the next week or so, then I'll be more comfortable!

I had a good soak in the tub last night and took...

I had a good soak in the tub last night and took the tapes off for a little bit. I had a couple of spots where the scabs looked a little green, so I kept the tape off for an hour with Fucidin on the incisions. I'm paranoid of infection! Nothing is open though and as long as I keep an eye on things I'm sure it'll be ok. I'm getting tired of not being able to do anything! I made lunch for the kids and was totally exhausted afterwards! Sheesh!

Things are healing well at 10 days post op. I'm...

Things are healing well at 10 days post op. I'm only taking Motrin when I need it, otherwise I'm not in much pain! Everyday it feels better. I still have quite a bit of swelling under my arms for some reason, near the end of the incisions. I find this the most uncomfortable part! I still have no nipple sensation on the right, but what I hear is that will come.

I'm so far really happy with the shape! I fit well into a 36C and won't mind a little smaller when the swelling goes down, they're still a bit big! So that's good! Overall I'm really happy with them!

Tomorrow I'll be 2 weeks post op. I'm doing ok,...

Tomorrow I'll be 2 weeks post op. I'm doing ok, not really much pain, it mostly feels like I need to feed the baby (mothers who have ever breast fed would understand this reference:) they are quite swollen at the moment. My incisions get irritated when I've had a sports bra pushing on them all day, feels kind of like I have a sunburn in some very unfortunate areas.

Pretty well all of my incisions are healed up with the exception of the t junction under my left nipple. It's a little open, not really draining anything, but when its been covered up by tape it's whitish inside with slightly red borders. When it's left open to air it scabs over. There is no pain there. I've posted a picture of it, looks much worse in the picture than it does in real life! So far I'm not worried about it. I'm just putting antibiotic ointment on it tonight, then I'll leave it open to air to scab over and hopefully heal up.

My breasts are so swollen that they still look big to me. I'm glad there is a lot of swelling left to go away, I really do want to be smaller, I'm still having clothing issues because they're so big still :). In time, I know.

My journey to small tatas

I called Dr Shortts office this morning to see if I can get into see him. While I was waiting for a call back I went to my work to visit and had one of our doctors have a look at the open spot. She doesn't think it's infected, just that it didn't close up properly and needs to heal from the bottom up. She gave me a prescription antibiotic ointment and told me to keep it covered and it should heal pretty quick. She also gave me a prescription for an antibiotic to fill incase I need it over the long weekend. Not long after I got a call back from the PS office and he is on call all weekend. So if I need him he will see me. It doesn't look angry at all and doesn't hurt, but I'm glad I had it looked at!

Chafed nipples post op?

That small spot under my left nipple is healing up slowly, it's not a hole anymore but it's still open, a work in progress. Now I'm dealing with a chafed nipple! I guess my boobs move a little bit more freely in my sports bra and my one nipple is getting chafed. I currently have been putting Vitamin E and a bandaid on, but that will only heal it. As soon as I take the bandaid off, it'll chafe all over again! Who knew I'd be worrying about this!!! Lol!

First day back at work, 19 days post op

I'm a Nurse, but I work in a doctors office and don't do any lifting really at all. So just short of 3 weeks off should be fine. Well today was my first day back and it totally knocked the wind out of me! I was so exhausted by about 2:30 I could barely concentrate on anything and the bouncing boobs as I walked up and down the office hallway countless number of times were so uncomfortable and swollen rock hard by the end of the day! Just when I think I'm fine and can do anything, my body tells me I need more recovery time. I'm still going to work tomorrow, but I need to find a way to lighten my load!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I've not had one issue with Dr Shortt or his team. I know many doctors in my profession and he his as courteous as they come. He cares about my happiness with the final result, even though I went through OHIP and made that a priority. His staff are excellent and very helpful. The reason there are a couple of 4 stars are when I had a wound issue on a Thursday before a long weekend, I called in the morning, I did hear back from Dr Shortts secretary a few hours later and Dr Shortt would have seen me the next day, but I'd already had the issue addressed by a doctor I work with. I'm very happy and will be returning for a lower body lift in the next year!

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