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I'd like to thank you ladies for sharing your...

I'd like to thank you ladies for sharing your experiences here. They are a tremendous help. I am 58 years young, have three adult children and two sweet grandsons. I have battled my weight since I can remember and in 2007 I had a gastric band installed. I was at an all time high of 209 lbs. I maintained a steady weight of 160 for several years never reaching my goal of 150. In March, I decided to try Weight Watchers and I love it! There is nothing you can't eat as long as you are honest with your consumption and keep track. I am now holding at 148 for the last month. I would like to maintain a weight between 140-145. All this yoyoing has been rough on my body and after my abuse of it, I certainly get that it owes me nothing. I had a c-section with my last child and a tummy tuck shortly after her birth 25 years ago. I looked great since I weighed 135 and had a beautiful flat belly. Old habits die hard and the rest is history. So here I am. Ready for the last hoorah. New tummy and nice slim, firm arms. My arms have really suffered through my weight loss. Their texture is very crepe like and there is so much extra skin. I never wear sleeveless tops or dresses anymore and I'm tired of wearing a jacket or sweater in the warmest weather just to hide them. I know the scars are no hell but as my daughter said "be proud of your weight loss, you worked hard for it". I have read others here have used a cosmetic make up concealer to hide them.

I have chosen Dr Shortt in Oakville as my surgeon. I feel very comfortable with him. I think he is straight up regarding what I can and cannot expect. The surgery will take place at his office "operating" room.

I am hoping that others who have had both these procedures at the same time can answer a few questions for me.
I know everyone is different but I appreciate any info you can provide.
Best clothes to wear post op for ease of going to the bathroom, dealing with drains, etc..
How difficult is it to get up and down PO doing both procedures at once?
How long before you can use your arms/hands to brush your teeth, wipe, type and so on?
How much time did you take off work? I work at a computer all day so nothing strenuous.
That's it for now. I'm sure more questions will arise.
I'll download some pics shortly.

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Arm Lift Only Oct 26

Hi RS gang.

I have decided to proceed with just my arm lift at this time. I don't have any sick benefits at work so each week off adds one thousand dollars to the cost. If there is even a teeny set back, the extra time off will really add up. I will go ahead with it in a year or so with the same Dr. I will get some pre op pics up here soon. I am hoping that the Dr can place the incisions low on my arm but not showing from the back. I have my hands forward in front of my body a great deal more than down by my side like a soldier. I have seen all kinds of scars on this site. I saved a few to show him. I will stay with my daughter for recovery and now that I have eliminated the tt, I am hoping recovery will be easier and quicker. Take care.
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I found Dr Shortt to be very informative and patient. He actually leaned back in his chair during our conversation and took a great deal of time explaining things to me. Our consult was over an hour long and free if you mention Real Self. I have been for a second visit to ask more questions as well as more details regarding things we had already discussed. At no time did I feel pressured to do other procedures and he was very honest regarding my expectations.

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