33 Year Old with 2 Kids Having Removal of 240cc Saline Implants

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Hi ladies! I am getting nervous. My Explant is...

Hi ladies! I am getting nervous. My Explant is scheduled for Tuesday the 25. I just want it to be over and done with so I don't have to think about it anymore. This site has encouraged me to have the confidence to do this, so thanks for giving me the push to have this done! These next 4 days will be long ones ????

2 days to go ????

Pic with implants. My left is 270 and my right is 240. My right is rippling up top badly (hard to tell from pic) due to being under filled. My left always seemed bigger and harder. Can't wait to get these things out!

Today is the day

Driving to the surgery center now. Can't wait for this to be over. I need a drink of water! Missing coffee also ????

I'm done!

I am done and home from Explant. I am surprised at how good I feel. I am sure tomorrow will be worse but I am pretty comfortable and going to relax now. Glad it's finally over!

Day 1 post op

I am feeling great! I think I overdid it this morning and started to have minimal pain so am resting. I can shower tomorrow so will post a pic without bra on after I'm done. I am really flat....although I knew i was going to be. I feel really good and have a sense of relief with them out! I feel like all me :) no regrets!

Day 2 post op

I am feeling really good today. I got to shower and am off of pain meds. I am trying not to get too bummed when I look at my super flat chest. I am hoping to fluff out a little bit soon and may feel more confident when I can wear some regular bras. I still have no regrets though :)

Day 5 post op

Not really seeing many changes. I am trying not to get too frustrated. I am still pretty "sunken in". I hope they will fill out. Using some firming lotion so hopefully it helps.

One week post op

I had my post op visit with doctor today. I got a great report. Everything looks good and she said I can resume exercise as tolerated in one week and also wear regular bras. I am not going to lie....kind of disappointed that she is not confident my sunken in look will even out. I seriously feel like I look like a little old lady. I have less breast tissue than I ever imagined. I measured myself to order a bra online and I am a 34AAA. I know that I am only one week post op and I may be freaking out a bit. I've looked at nearly everyones pictures on here and I'm pretty sure I am the worst looking one! lol trying to hang in there and hoping for a miracle fluff to say the least!

One week post op

12 days post op

I think things are starting to look better. Skin is retracting and I feel less "sunken in". The swelling has gone down and the right one is smaller now. I ordered a 34AA bra from lula lu, and it fits good. It is super comfortable too! I will wear it this weekend but stay in sports bra for awhile longer otherwise. I noticed now my tape fell off that my scar is quite thick. When is everyone starting to massage theirs? I don't want to start too soon. I may start light workouts later in the week, as I got cleared to start after Tuesday.

10 days post op

5 week update

It's been 5 weeks since my Explant and I am feeling great. I think I have fluffed a little bit and look less concave but still have some to go (hopefully). I am working out with little restrictions and have started running again. No regrets still!

Noogleberry anyone?

Has anyone tried the noogleberry? Thinking about trying it and I am curious if anyone on here has had results from it.

10 weeks post op

Doing my 10 week update. I feel great! I love not having implants! I'm using a toning cream twice a day and starting some massage, as I have been reading may help with fluffing/tissue growth. I have been reading about naturaful cream and will order that today to try as well. If anyone has any reviews on this please let me know! It has a 60 day money back guarantee so I figure it's worth a try to help with fluffing and/or some growth even if it is only a little.
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