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I'm a 36 yr old mother of three had a BB with lift...

I'm a 36 yr old mother of three had a BB with lift in spring of 2012 and whose been wanting a tummy tuck for as long as I can remember. I had my children early in life and have had stretch marks since 17yrs old. I have lost 60 lbs on my own with diet and exercise and now have loose skin and diatasis recti (Muscle separation) along with my stretch marks. My full TT with lipo of flanks and hips is scheduled for 1/23/2014 (a week) and I cant wait. I have been scheduling this surgery as soon as my BB with lift was done. Due to work and school I kept pushing date back , I recently graduated college and as a gift to my self I paid for my tummy tuck and made the necessary arrangements. I am eager and excited to finally be getting my tummy back.

getting anxious

So my tummy tuck is two days away, I'm getting everything in order at home. I'm working out until day prior to surgery. I don't know how I'm going to deal with the no gym for six weeks rule since I go to gym atleast 4days a week but I guess its a must.I got my silicone sheets , my arnica gel and bio oil ready.

almost here

Ladies so my surgery is about 9hours a way, I can't sleep.I'm getting my things together .I have to shower and use this skin disinfectant tonight and wash up again before I leave home.I'm scheduled to arrive at 8:00am.I am nervouse but ready to leave this tummy behind.


Ok ladies I'm here changing into my hospital gown..good bye old tummy , update when I'm able to wake up lol.
I'm so excited I can't wait.

just woke up enough to update

Hello ladies, I'm finally up enough to update you all.Surgery went well, I'm in the hospital since my doctor likes to keep patients for 23 hours.I have not been able to see my new tummy due to cg however I can see these drains.Anyways ill update more later still sleepy from anesthisia btw the pain not so bad yet.

3days post op

So its been three days since my surgery, I haven't beem able to see my new tummy since surgeon strongly stated to keep mu cg on until I see him tomorrow. I am doing everything exactly as instructed I want best results.I will post a picture as soon as my bandages come off.I just wanted to say pain is not as bad as I ecpected, pain is managable I'm trying to take the least percocets since they can be addictive and I hate the way they make me feel (light headed).Pain can be managed ladies its just the discomfort of not being able to use your core for anything.My daughter (21yrs old) has been an agel helping me get in and out of bed, rubbing my back and flanks with arnica gel and helping with my 11year old son.ladies get the arnica gel really helps with bruising and swelling.I'm able to walk without any problems I still haven't moved a bowel however I haven't ate solid foods yet either been eating my protein shakes, fruits and soup , ill keep you posted on outcome at post op tomorrow.

four days post op

First post op update, dr said I'm healing well although I'm swollen everwhere I wouldn't change my decision for anything.Surgeon did not remove drains, however next monday they coming off, I'm sooo happy.

10 days post op

It's been 10 days since my full tt w/muscle repair, lipo of flanks.I am still very swollen however happy with results so far.I still have drains which are scheduled to be removed later today.The scar is healing well can't wait for it to heal so I can get my tatto cover up.I will post pic later to show my results without drains.


I am three weeks post op and I have developed a Seroma. I had my drains removed on 2/3/14 (Monday) by Friday my lower abs were swollen but different than prior swelling , it feels like water moving around in there. I called my surgeon on Monday and I have to go in today to get it drained.I was told its common and that some patients develop Seromas although they do everything correct which I did.I followed my surgeons instructions and still developed a Seroma. The Incision could not be better , its healing perfect however my belly button has darkened , no foul odor or discharge so hopefully there's no infection.I'm nervous but glad I'm seeing my surgeon today, I will update later today.

all drained

Seroma was drained today and drain was re inserted as a precaution.Unfortunate for me my follow up appointment is not until 3/3 so drain will be In place till then.The drain is a headache but clearly still needed since I drained 35cc today .

1month post op

So its been a month since my surgery and I'm so happy with my results however yesterday I attended an event had a few alcoholic drinks .I must say it was a huge mistake,my lower abs are really swollen.I must also add the high sodium foods are also off limits.Tomorrow I will go back on my healthy diet , I promise .

three month update

Three months since surgery, finally starting to see swelling go down.I still get swelling at night it's worse on days I do not work out.I work out my abs every other day.I work out 5 times a week cardio and weights. This tummy tuck was the a great investment.
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