Going with Grigoryants -- June 2017!

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I am definitely seeking a rhinoplasty as I feel...

I am definitely seeking a rhinoplasty as I feel like this is the one surgery that I 'need' because it will make a huge difference in how I look. That said, I want this 'difference' to be a good one. I really want: redundant cartilages in tip/base to be REDUCED and my base width/alars made smaller!

any recommendations for surgeons who do stellar frontal work?

please see my photos attached. the last one shows how I want my nose less wide as it goes past where my eyes begin. Ideally I want my nose to be less wide than my lips, I feel like the lip-nose width ratio is throwing off my face right now and also if you see how redundant the cartilages at the very tip are, it bothers me because it looks like a BLOB on my face? Also, I don't want to look any less 'ethnic'

how much smaller can it get?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a nose becoming too small post op? I'd love a result like lana del rey's rhinoplasty result. Admittedly, her nose does look slightly done, but it looks so beautiful and tiny. This is her pic.

another wish pic

oooh how amazing it will be to pinch this!

Do you guys ever or for those who have already undergone the procedure, did you ever, pinch your nose together to anticipate how it'd look with a rhinoplasty? lol I know it's silly but it encourages me to get this done and follow through with it. I just like how the triangle of beauty in the face (looks like inverted triangle) that goes from eyes to lips and the nose is SMACK in the middle like a freaking nucleus. It doesn't have to be perfect, but the more minimal it is, the easier it is to bring out the better features (eg. lips and eyes) Sigh, cannot wait for this to happen! Again, I am looking for surgeons who do great frontal work in the greater NYC area so please let me know any sugegstions you guys may have. thanks!

how long do you consult for and when do you know you've found 'the one'?

I went on a series of more consultations recently here in NY and can't say I was impressed at all. This prompted me to get in touch with the offices of some California surgeons, namely Dr. Grigoryants and Dr. Ghavami, both of whom seem to have solid results in frontal work in their galleries.

I haven't skyped with Dr. Ghavami yet but Dr. Grigoryants emailed me back and after I sent him a ton of pics, he quoted me $9500 (which seems slightly higher than most of you) and said that they are scheduling for October which sounds like a decent time. He suggests "shaving the bump of the nose, refining and raising the tip, narrowing the nostrils, narrowing bones also and possibly opening the airways." Those sound like things I want but like I said earlier the bump isn't a huge deal as my primary goal for this is the bottom half of my nose in both the wide nasal base/nostrils and the wide hanging tip. I really want to schedule a skype consult because I can't book such an expensive surgery from an email response and want to talk to him and see/hear that we're on the same page.

What do you guys think?

on: specificity

Decided to round up more nose inspiration pics and I know, they're all different noses/women but which do you think (if any), would realistically match my face and be doable considering we're working with a pretty wide nasal base here?

More scheduling

going to a consultation in Albany and then a skype consult with dr. g. The good news is I have enough money woohoo the bad news is narrowing it down to ONE of these three guys.

Still debating....

I need some time off from work and was thinking of doing my rhinoplasty and having the splint removed 7 days post op and then going on vacation for the next 7 days w the new nose and coming back to NY. I want to take time off to heal properly and also may just work from home and the cool thing is one of the most reassuring surgeons I met quoted me only around 3200$ for my work because he is a resident surgeon at a teaching hospital. I've become increasingly concerned with my nose and it is unbearable how much you can't conceal a nose bc it's the nucleus of your face sooo.....

Also, I retract my earlier statement about how the profile doesn't bother me as much because sheesh, I saw it in some photos my friends took and I was immediately taken aback about how I look, how meaty my nose looks bc I don't have thin skin and also because my nose is super squisky, the cartilage are wide but very weak so I'm very scared about the implications for this and that's why this thread has been open for so long. It is so difficult for me to solidify the decision due to my insane fear of a revision or of the nose ending up looking like it is plastered on my face due to how my thick skin might react to the swelling of the structures underneath. My tip is just hideous, let's be honest and the alars are so wide. The profile could also use a shave which is pretty standard and my columella is short so I have to be careful for it not to be raised too much because the frontal view implications might end up having ugly nostril show which I really do not want. I have around 5k saved up cash and also got approved for carecredit so in terms of cost, I am now considering flying out to California and getting a surgery around 14 K most of which would be financed OR stay in NY and go with the 3k offer, cash.
My nose is just really bothering me you guys, it is the bane of my existence.

Booked for a rhinoplasty w dr Grigoryants!

Initially contacted him a year ago and look where we are. Convinced by all the patient reviews and the fact that loads of his patients are ethnic. Looking forward to December 4th just in time for the holidays.

will have to delay my surgery =/

I am moving out to SF from NYC for a job and my date of december4th no longer works because I wont be able to take a vacay that early into the job and also go home to ny for christmas vacation. Willing to trade the date and so far one person has dibs so I am hoping it works out because if I delay the surgery until february/march-ish, that would be ideal.

Switched surgery date - March 19th :)

Officially pushed my date to March 19th!!!

grigoryants dolls: does anyone want to switch surgery dates and take March 19?

Let me know if any of you girls would like 3/19 for a rhinoplasty. I am willing to switch dates due to a recent move to San Francisco and not being able to go on a long vacation so soon at the new job. I am looking for a summer surgery instead but wont give up this slot unless someone wants to switch. Cheers and DM me :)

Now booked for June 2017 :)

Saved the money, have the means, SO SO SO EXCITED!
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