Rhinoplasty for a More Refined Nose - New York City, NY

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So I am on day 9 right now, and this morning I was...

So I am on day 9 right now, and this morning I was crying hysterically because I just feel that this process is going to take forever and it's really tough waiting. I also was really upset because my nose really wasn't so bad to begin with and I felt that maybe I have done this all for nothing! I am a very secure person and with all this swelling I feel very self conscious in public, and it's not a great feeling. I have a ton of swelling (obviously to be expected) and bruising left behind from the cast which was removed yesterday. But I have to say as miserable as I felt this morning I just compared a photo of my nose from yesterday to today and can already see improvements. So I feel a little more encouraged that each day it will get better. The waiting is tough but I am hoping it will all be worth it. Another difficult part for me has actually been that since I have gotten the surgery, my skin all over my face has been extremely oily yet peeling of skin at the same time. It's really bizarre! So it's a little tough because I have to wait for my skin to normalize before makeup will look remotely good on it again, and I am a big makeup person! I begin college in about a little over a month, so hoping to feel more confident in my appearance by then.

Can't sleep

All I can think about is how much happier I would be if I never did this surgery. I am really really starting to regret it. I didn't realize it was going to interfere with my life so greatly. I expected a week and I'd be feeling like myself again but it's far from it. I wish I just left my nose alone. :(


Two things concerning me right now. Number one...the bump on my nose is still there!!! Same exact size and everything. I don't understand how it could still be there even though he said he shaved it down. I'm really bummed about this. Number two... I'm worried my new nose isn't projected from my face enough... I know my before nose was projected too much but now I am worried there was an over correction. Thoughts?

OMG! just took a pic. My nose is so LOPSIDED !



Liking my nose a lot better. The one thing bothering me now is the swelling where the incision was at the bottom of my nose..it hangs down a bit. I know though no one probably notices it but me. I still feel like I am so fresh out of surgery!! My nose is super sensitive and especially the area where the incision was is very very sensitive. Well actually it's completely numb but it feels really weird and agh I hate it! It's crazy I am almost three weeks. The healing really does take quite awhile and I wish I had been more mentally prepared for that! Oh well too late now! At least I'm liking my nose a lot more :) also at some times of the day I have a bump on my nose and other times it's gone! My surgeon promised me it wouldn't be there at all in a year so let's hope that's true! Excuse my greasy nose in all the pictures!!!!! Can't deal with the non stop greasiness and nose blemishes:( so annoying. Also I don't know if it's surgery related but ever since the surgery I have been getting a lot more blemishes on my face. I had horrible acne for years and finally finally cured it with repeated use of retin a for over a year. Now I'm scared it's coming back :(

Loving my nose today!

I'm really happy with my results. So natural and just an improved version of my exact nose. Swelling has gone down drastically. I still have very little motion in my upper lip but that's getting better everyday. Changing my review to worth it!

Nose almost two weeks post op

Sorry for the blemishes ! An unfortunate side effect of having a cast glued to your nose!!!

So so happy!

I think it's already four weeks tomorrow! And as of now I am so so happy with my nose. The swelling lessens everyday and I have my normal smile again. I have a small bump on my profile on one side but not the other. It's weird but not bad at all and even if it were to stay like that (which the doc says it won't) I wouldn't mind!! Here's some pics of my nose today. I used emojis to cover my eyes and mouth sorry if it's kind of creepy looking!!!
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