Deviated Septum and Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

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Hi all, Here’s my problem! Please read, very...

Hi all, Here’s my problem! Please read, very important!!! I am a guy, 6’3” in my early 30’s. I had surgery done to my nose several yeas ago, 6-7 years ago. I had a bad deviated septum, which caused breathing problems and constant nose bleeds to one side of my nose! Both sides were hard to breathe, but one side was extremely bad! Just by looking at my nose, before the surgery, you could tell it was a little crooked due to the deviated septum, a result of a small accident during my teen years. Since I was looking to fix that problem I also decided to shorten the length of my nose. Length of nose before surgery, nostril to tip, about 1 ½” long!! There was also a slight, very small bump on the bridge of my nose that did not bother me at all, no big deal! My main concern when I had the operation was straightening my nose, deviated septum, and shortening the tip/length of my nose! I wanted the length shortened at least, very least ¼”.

I met a girl that had rhinoplasty done. Her nose looked great. She showed me pictures of her nose before her surgery. She originally had a big bump on the bridge of her nose and the length on her nose, the tip was longer. So I really liked her results! She told me which doctor she used in NYC, Manhattan. I went to the Doctor, talked about what I wanted done, straighten out my nose, deviated septum, and to reduce the length of my nose to at least, very least ¼” shorter than what it is. I told him exactly what I wanted, so I gave him an option if he wants to do what I asked for, and he took my offer, he agreed to do what I asked! I also had 2 witnesses with me, my father and my friend who is a doctor! After the surgery, my nose was swollen and numb for sometime. My nose looked fat, and it seemed as if the length of my nose was still long. He told me it can be like that for some time, 2+ years to see results!

So I waited. As time went by, my nose became less swollen, but the tip of my nose was still long. Final results 6-7 years later, I still have a very bad deviated septum, he took off that little bump I had on the bridge of my nose, that didn’t really bother me. Bridge of nose is still and more crooked than before, forms sort of an S from top to tip of nose, it is also thinner than before, tip of nose is thinner than what it used to be, remember I am a guy at 6’3”. The length of my nose, from nostril to tip is still close to 1 ½” long!! Not shortened at all! I have been back to this doctor a few times, 3-4 years after the surgery. He doesn’t give me a straight answer, I told him my nose is more crooked now, and the length of my nose is still long, he just replies well thats how surgery is, nothing is perfect. If that’s how surgery really is, why bother fixing people’s noses, doing surgery for deviated septums, doing rhinoplasty, or on top of all why even bother doing revision rhinoplasty if it will not be straight?????? Remember, I made him an offer what I wanted done, he accepted!

I also told him I still can not breathe good from my nose, he looked quick in my nose, he tells me it is slightly crooked, but much better than before! I told all this to my doctor. He told me go to a ENT specialist and get it checked out. I found one and went in. He numbed my nose and put a camera in both sides, one side the camera had difficulty going through, that’s the bad side, which I can’t barely breathe from there! He also sent me to do a cat scan. I did it, I also got the results, and a CD copy of the cat scan itself! I can clearly see how bad my nose is!! Very crooked!! One side of the nose is ok, the other air passage is extremely bad, very very thin air passage!! After I had my rhinoplasty surgery done back then, I also had developed some symptoms, which I never realized it was problems from the nose. Coughing, wheezing, constant clearing of throat, broken cracking of throat, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, soar throat, fatigue, and a few more on the list. As well as sleep apnea!! I developed these problems, but I nor my primary doctor knew it was from my nose. I found out from the ENT specialist I went to, that all this was form the nose!! All those problems I have, the symptoms, it is called Post Nasal Drip! After the surgery all this happened, never had it!!

After I got all this info from the ENT specialist, and the cat scan results, I recently went back to the surgeon, with the results and the cat scan. When I made the appointment I told the lady at the desk what the problems were for my appointment. So when I went back to his office he was informed why I was there. The doctor walks in, “Oh Wow, your nose looks really great after 10+ years”. Its only been 6-7 years, and he knew why I was there. If my nose is so great, how come my picture isn’t posted with the rest of his patience on his website??? What do you all recommend I do??? I have difficulty breathing(deviated septum), constant nose bleeds, not happy at all with how my nose looks, very angry, mad, upset, and most of all very depressed!! I need help, advice!! Something has to be done!!

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