Expensive, Painful, Ugly Regret - New York, NY

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I was skeptical about joining this blog because I...

I was skeptical about joining this blog because I am so embarrassed. I am use to hiding my tattoo instead of showing it and talking about it. I was 19, head over heels and my soon to be husband got my name tattooed on his neck. So what do I do in return.. get his name tattooed on my boob/chest ofcourse. It's close to my heart, I'm in love yea! 5 years later, no! The name looked great, I would get compliments and everything. Then the relationship went sour and I saw that he got my name covered up, so what did I do.. yup, got a little twisted one night and got his name covered up. Except, my cover up turned out like Shit and his actually looked ok. Just days after getting the cover up I started regretting it. I wanted it as small as possible, so to cover the name it had to be extremely dark ugh I wish I knew that. If your thinking about getting a cover up please do your research. 8 months later and extensive research on laser tattoo removal, I finally found someone to start with (because I was so scared I would mess it up even worse) Dr. Jessica krant in nyc. She has the picosure Machine and her reviews were excellent. I went to my first treatment last week and I am extremely nervous and anxious to see the results. I know it will take a long time because the tattoo is so dark and I'm west Indian so my skin is Brown (skin type iv) the darker the skin the more challenging the removal. I was told there was a chance I could lose all my skin color where the tattoo is being removed. And it could come back or it could disappear forever. I can't explain how much regret I feel for doing such s stupid thing. I am constantly beating myself up over it. I have had to change my wardrobe. I can no longer show cleavage, not even a little bit. Hopefully this picosure removal works because I am so tired of hiding this ugly tattoo. I just want it gone forever!

1 week & 5 days later

There Is a little bit of fading. I hope to see more fading in the coming weeks.

3 weeks after 1st Pico

I still don't see much fading... I forget this is a long process and I need to be patient.

picosure removal #2

Just got my second treatment of picosure today, it hurt more than I remember.. I asked her to turn up the setting being that my skin didn't react badly the first time and I didn't see much fading. I'm feeling very hopeful. I'm more Sore, swollen and red than the last session, but hopefully that's a good sign and I see good results.

2 weeks after picosure treatment#2

I see some fading, I see some hypopigmentation also. Hopefully my skin color decides to come back or else I'm postponing my next treatment until it does. I heard rubbing ginger root on it helps the color come back :-\ I may start trying it! Don't judge me lol

2 weeks after picosure treatment #2

picosure #2

Slight fading, still frustrated. It's almost summer, it sucks having to be restricted in what I wear. Hoping by next summer I can be a regular person again.

q switch

3 weeks after q switch laser at tataway.

6 weeks after q switch

q-switch #2

I had my 2nd q-switch this weekend. That makes 4th treatment (2 picosure 2 qswitch) It hurt so much. I will never get accustomed to the pain. I really hate this long roller coaster ride. Some days I feel so optimistic, some days its a drag and I feel hopeless. I'll post pics after its healed. Right now I'm sore and blistered.

2 weeks after treatment 2 at tataway

2 picos 2 revlites

3 tx

3 tx

before 4th q switch

Doing 4th q switch this weekend

2 picos 4 revlites

2 picos 4 revlites


3 months later

After 1 enlighten treatment

Getting there


Enlighten cuteraenlighten treatment

7 months after cutera enlighten

Cutera enlighten

Cutera enlighten

2 months after treatment

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