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I'm 47 and have been unhappy for a while about how...

I'm 47 and have been unhappy for a while about how the lower half of my face has been dragging downwards. I've always had hooded eyes and they have now drooped so they make me look tired. Hollowing under my eyes often looks like shadows in photographs making me look worn out. I'm currently not working so I think I'm going to suck it up and do this.

30 day count starts today!

So I've committed to this surgery on 4/20. My final consultation is 4/5 and I have hair appt 4/16 (thanks to advice on this site!) Only 1 friend near me knows about this (and I think he's not over the moon about it). I will be in hiding for a solid 2 weeks post.

lower FL/upper bleph

My date was Tuesday. Day 4 and I'm getting my energy level and movement back. Wanting to sleep on my side which, is tough to not do. TRYING not to move my neck but that is hard. The lower half of my face and neck are pretty much yellow. Starting to feel itchy but still a lot of hardness/numbness under chin and on sides of face. Patience is not a virtue I have much of. :)

Stitches out today!

In about 2 hrs! Can't wait. Did anyone else drop an easy "5 lbs" after surgery? I wonder if it's water weight from taking anti-swelling meds?

4/19 surgery, bruise report

It ain't pretty. Like I rolled around with a yellow highlighter!

Day 7.

I am calling my bruises "goldenrod". Stitches out of eyes yesterday and some stitches from behind ears. Dr says I have a lot of blood on left side. Being diligent with arnica and bromelain plus arnica cream on neck.

Random thoughts - Day 8

I would advise anyone doing this surgery to DO IT IN THE WINTER. I would be so much easier to hide all this bruising behind turtlenecks, scarves. Plus, for me it is easier for me to say i'm hibernating in Jan/Feb. My calendar starts getting really busy from May until the end of the year and I'm having a hard to keeping out of sight.

You really cannot open your mouth but a tiny bit the first 3-4 days. Brushing teeth is very hard (I had a sonicare too, which is smaller than a reg toothbrush). My surgery was on a Tuesday and I don't think I chewed food until Friday. Until then it was yogurt, applesauce, jello, mashed bananas, pudding and protein shakes and juices.

I'm starting to have a hard time sleeping on my back. As I begin to feel better my body wants to lay on its side.

Day 8 update

Surgery was 4/19. Today yellow bruising started turning purple (didn't know that could happen). Not much change otherwise. My left side is more swollen than my right. I wish I had another full week to hide out but I have a commitment for all day Saturday. I hope these bruises fade significantly in the next 2 days!

Day 9

Last night at 4am I was a little freaked that I had a hematoma so I emailed PS office manager with photos of my left side. the purplish bruising concerns me as I have to meet a friend/client tomorrow and i don't think makeup is going to camouflage this monster. Someone asked for before pics so I'm adding them today.

Worried - social interactions

So tomorrow I am helping someone on a project that I committed to 6 weeks ago. The bruising on the left side of my face is still bad. I put makeup on tonight and it still looks like I've been in an abusive relationship. Going to make up an excuse for tomorrow if he asks but my PS is going to drain the area on Monday so I assume that the left side will look even worse all of next week (and I can't spend another week hiding out, I have a project I have to work on with same person I see tomorrow).

Plus I agreed to do a long weekend family trip in 2 weeks (I fly out 23 days post surgery) and my one friend who knows about my procedures (he's hairdresser so he's seen clients that have had work done) says I'm still going to be bruised/swollen and thinks I'm scheduling too much too soon. I worried he's right. Do most people have their energy back to normal at week 3? Is most bruising gone by then too? When do most people start drinking alcohol after surgery? thx

Bruise update - day 12

Day 13 update

Just saw my Dr and had the rest of my stitches removed (yay!). He tried to drain the bruise on left side but it is too hard still. He said next week it will be liquified and he'll be able to drain it. bummer. Another week to wait this out. I asked if there was anything I could do to speed it along in healing and he said no, just time. (I had been massaging it when applying arnica cream and he said that was a no-no as it just brings more blood to the area. oops!) I'm so glad I'm not working right now as there is no way I could go into an office looking like I do at week 2.

2 week post!

My surgery was 2 weeks today. I didn't have any bruising the first 2-3 days and then it came on with a fury, peaking around days 7-9. It's slowly fading and I can feel less hardness on the right side.

Day 16, makeup

Met a friend for drinks do had to do full makeup. Here's a pic of my eyes with concealer, powder and mascara

Day 17, minor improvements on bruising

Being the impatient person that I am, my bruises are healing but slowly. Def looking at a full 3 weeks of bruises. Swelling under chin has decreased a bit and on right side of face. I massage those areas a little bit from time to time. Still doing bromelain and arnica.

Day 18. Bruise/swelling status

Still feel hard lumps along jawline. Bruises healing sloooooowly. Some tightness under chin when I tilt my head back. I napped for a couple hours on my left side. Prob a big no-no.

Day 23 update

So my bruises are slowly fading. They are pretty manageable with foundation and powder. Last night I was pretty swollen and had much tightness around ears and neck but this morning I feel better. I'm more active now but still get tired fast after a few hours of being out and about. I started sleeping on my side since day night. Saw PS on Monday and he removed a few stray stitches from behind ears. He feels I've "turned a corner" with healing. I started using Biocorneum scar cream with spf 30 for chin and ear scars (not eyes). He said no massaging or putting anything on eyelids. Just time now. I go back in 3 weeks for Check up. I'm really glad these bruises are FINALLY fading and I'm feeling less self conscious about looking beat up lol.


Eyes, looking down at phone and looking straight ahead. I'm very pleased with upper bleph and under eye fat transfer!

4 weeks - major swelling/hardness. Any suggestions?

I'm at 4 weeks and have lots of swelling in neck (hard lumps) and also on jawline. Complete numbness in front of ears on my cheeks. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move swelling along? I feel frustrated because I'm still 'hiding' (scarves, heavy foundation on scars). Am I being too impatient?? Thanks all!!!!

Day 29 update

Bruising gone. Still lots of swelling and hardness. I'm not at the "omg you look so good!" Point yet and that bums me out. By end of day I really feel swollen and my eyelids even feel tight. Lots of hard lumps and cheeks by ears are still completely numb. I am not one of those people who is completely healed one month after.

5 week update

I'll post pics under this. My surgery was 5 weeks ago today (lower FL/neck, upper bleph, fat transfer under eyes). All bruising is gone. Swell has gotten less lumpy in the last few days. This morning when I woke up I felt like a pin prick in the left side of my jaw (where my jaw swelling lump was). Its gone! Its like it deflated overnight. It must be nerve feeling coming back that I feel but the skin in that area is now pliable. I still have a hard lump on the right side of my jaw (you will remember that I had a hematoma on the LEFT side, so this side was always more of a problem). I can start to see how nice my jaw is going to look (via left side - I'm not symmetrical at the moment due to more swelling on right). The wavy lumps in my neck are decreasing a little bit and i'm less self conscious about it (went to a sample sale over the weekend with NO makeup - just don't care about strangers seeing my chin scar or ears/eyelid scars). Still lots of numbness and hardness in front of ears and my earlobes get puffy at times (the incision right in front of earlobes itches so much). My incisions on the eyes are pretty pink still and the chin scar is red. I use scar cream faithfully on chin (not eyes, per PS) and I use arnica cream on swelling areas 1-2x/day. I think once the lump under chin goes down I will have a wonderful neckline!!!

Week 5 pics

6 week update

My swelling has decreased quite a bit. I saw my PS today and he confirmed I still had a lot of hardness under chin and on neck. He said all of that will get smaller and the sides of my face near ears will also go inward. He said the right side looks like I didn't even have surgery because the lump on jawline gives me a jowl look. My left side lost that bump over the weekend (I woke up Saturday and it felt like a pin had pricked my face). So I'm not symmetrical right now. I also asked him about my upper bleph because my eyes kinda slope down on outer edges. He said that is still swelling. I go back in a month for another "cheer session" from him. He gets I'm impatient and trying my best to wait out the healing.

7 week update, nothing major to report

Hey ladies, just posting pics at my 7 week point. Swelling has gone down a tiny bit. Lots of weird sensations at times that feel like pin pricks. Big bumps are now smaller bumps. Eye scars aren't flat yet, still raised but at times they are less pink. The chin scar bothers me most to hide. It's a dark color and even with concealer, foundation and powder you can still see a line. I'm not really even checking out behind my ears, can't see them so don't care. Lol

In public photo with makeup

Looking good, still visible swelling along one side of jawline. My skin is softening and so foundation doesn't just sit on the surface as it did the first 4 weeks.


I'll prob delete these soonish because I don't want my full face up, sorry! Going out tonight and full face of makeup. But I'm getting there in the healing dept!

10 weeks post tomorrow - update

Hello! Just wanted to give you an update. I saw my PS today. Tomorrow will be 10 weeks since my surgery. He says I still have a ways to go and a good amount of swelling and every change from here on is 'gravy' (meaning it just gets better and better). He said 6 more months as I still have "a lot" of swelling under chin and along jawline. I told him just touching my face feels like needles (which he confirmed was the nerves and that will go on for at least 6 more months). I go back to see him in 4 months (October). The area in front of my ears is still a bit numb but the skin is softening and more pliable than it has been since post-surgery. So I still have more waiting to do before I look "even better". I'm not posting any pictures because I look pretty much the same as I did on my last post. I'm at a point though that wearing eye makeup is fun again because you can see it. sometimes I feel like I look surprised in photos just because i don't have that droopy eye look anymore and you can see a sliver of eyelid. I look pretty good in most pictures (no longer having to get that perfect angle that doesn't highlight my eye hollows and jowls) although sometimes in full-on shots I still look puffy or fuller faced.

4 months post

My 4 month mark was Saturday. I still have a tiny bit of hardness near the chin scar. Side is my face and the neck behind ears still get prickly feelings when I touch my face or lay on my side. Sometimes it's not too bad though and the itchiness and prickly feelings are slowly becoming less frequent. My scars are still pinkish although the ones on my eyelids are faded most of the time (they look pinker when I wash my face). Some parts of the lid scars are flattened but I still feel like people who haven't seen me in a while are looking at me like they know. Lol. The 10lbs I lost the month after surgery came back and brought another 8 lbs with it. Blah. I can't say I have days where I feel more swollen than others....what I eat doesn't make me feel it in my earlobes and face like it did the first couple months post. My neck still gets a tightness if I've been laying still for too long looking down (like reading a book in bed). I go back to my PS in early October for a 6 month review. The right side of my jawline still looks a bit jowl-y and I'm not sure if that could still be residual swelling or just not enough "pull" done on that side.

For anyone who is past the 4 month mark, did you notice any further changes after this point still?

I'm happy with my neck, no double chin anymore. Sometimes I still feel like I don't look like my true self because my eyes are no longer hooded.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Freund was my surgeon many years ago when I had a breast reduction (I saw three plastic surgeons and connected with him the best). He is very down-to-earth, I feel very at ease with him and am confident in his skills. He has always been on the same page with me in terms of what I want aesthetically (natural, nothing aggressive just a better 'me'). I do not feel like he gives everyone a cookie cutter look and will explain the how and why of everything. I love his office staff, he has loyalty from them as most have been with him 13+ years. I just feel that I am in very good hands and he truly enjoys making people happy with his results.

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