Chin Implant Removal with Sliding Genioplasty - New York, NY

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If you are deciding between a chin implant and...

If you are deciding between a chin implant and sliding genioplasty, please read my experience. In July 2010 I had a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation via chin implant (Implantech XL silicone). The implant gave me more projection, but I could feel it in my face, which was obviously awkward and uncomfortable. After having it in for three years I decided to have it lowered to alleviate how it felt and how it affected (minimally) my speech. After it was lowered, it did alleviate these issues but it looked ridiculous. It still didn't quite give me the projection I wanted and I had unwanted length between my lower lip and the bottom of my chin, effectively lengthening my entire face. I wanted the implant out so badly, but I read a lot about how it could only feasibly be replaced by a smaller one because a removal (especially after four years) would result in ptosis, or basically having a large pocket in my chin where the implant had been.

I was very discouraged thinking I was stuck with the implant for life, but then I found out about sliding genioplasty. It seemed extreme and scary at first, but this is where I am so happy I did my research and found Dr. Jamali. He is a specialist in exactly what I needed, and had many patients who did exactly what I wanted (implant removal with genioplasty). All of his reviews are 5-stars and now I know why. I was pleasantly surprised at how ecstatic they all were after going through with the procedure. They echoed the sentiments I so badly hoped to express one day (and now I can!) regarding having the implant out and their own chins restored, only better. What’s more, they all told of how easy the recovery was with little to no pain or downtime. I was definitely skeptical, but being in NYC, this definitely seemed like my answer. Although I am lucky to live in NYC and have him so close by, I would have definitely traveled to have him perform the procedure.

The consultation consisted of two meetings on separate days. The first day, I brought in pictures of my chin before the implant. He could see me with the implant in and we talked about exactly what I wanted it to look like after and what my aesthetic concerns were. He took x-rays as well. He was very realistic with me and told me exactly what I could expect. He has a very calm and relaxing demeanor; I could have talked with him for hours, but of course, we both had other things to do. I never felt rushed and I never felt like I was being sold anything. He was simply there as a medical professional to give me factual information about the procedure and about my particular case. Before our next meeting, he took the time to sketch out a photo showing me (to scale) what my face (based on my x-rays) looked like before, presently, and what I could expect it to look like after the procedure. He noticed through my x-rays that my roots are abnormally long, so of course he took this into consideration when planning the surgery because he did not want to cut them. While this obviously concerned me, he took special precautions, taking special x-rays and measurements to ensure my safety. I always felt very confident with Dr. Jamali. He answered my laundry list of questions, and I booked a surgery date.

Dr. Jamali was extremely courteous. He shaved 1,000 dollars off of his own fee for me (from 5,500 to 4,500). When the hospital called the day before surgery to tell me I would have to pay 3,000 dollars up front, I called his office concerned. He contacted the hospital and got them to lower their fee as well by almost 1,000 dollars. This is absolutely unheard of in all my experience with medical professionals, and in and of itself should be a testament to his reputation as one of NYC’s top orthognathic surgeons, not only because of his amazing skill, but because of his human quality and ethics.

I was a little concerned when I read the reviews for the New York Ear and Eye Infirmary, where I was scheduled to have my surgery. I brought these to the attention of Dr. Jamali and he assured me that he had had only the best experiences with them. In the end, this turned out to be my experience as well. I was treated very kindly and with respect by every member of the faculty with whom I interacted. I was always well cared for. Everyone was always very clear about what the next step was and always answered all my questions. Dr. Jamali met with me briefly before the surgery and before I knew it I was on my way. Right before I went under, one of the members of his team was making friendly conversation with me and I told him I was from California. He said that in that case I should be feeling really good in about a minute, making some implication about CA and recreational drug use, which honestly was very light-hearted and funny, it made me laugh.

After what seemed like only five minutes I was awake and the surgery was over! I was in bed watching TV and on my way to recovering. I was all bandaged up and very swollen, but I felt fine, just drowsy. My brother came to meet me and we hung out until I was ready to see if I could walk well enough to leave the hospital. It didn’t take long before this was the case and we grabbed a cab. I could walk completely fine on my own. I got home and he relaxed with me for a while. I was totally lucid and in no pain whatsoever, just wanted to sleep. I was totally fine, so despite the fact that I live alone, he left after a couple hours at my assurance that I didn’t need anything.

One of Dr. Jamali’s previous patients described the recovery as a “minty breeze” and it was now time to test the truth in that. I took my antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed, but I didn’t really need the pain medication after the first few days, and even during those first few days, whatever pain there might have been only felt a little annoying at worst, but there was really no pain. I stayed in bed as much as possible because I wanted to heal very quickly, but I was totally able-bodied and could easily do anything I needed to do around the house. The diet was supposed to be: liquid days 1-3, puree days 4-10, soft foods days 11-17, and pretty much whatever after that. I know I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I was eating soft foods by day three. I do not advocate this; you should always follow the doctor’s orders, but I think that because of his skill and expertise I really did have such a quick and easy recovery with no complications at all. The only thing is that the amoxicillin did give me a rash, so I might be allergic, but it wasn’t a big deal.

The only thing I want to warn people about is that you cannot even begin to tell what you are going to look like for at least a week. One of my problems was that I was concerned out of surgery about what I looked like and how my face felt, and I had to keep telling myself, “you’re very swollen and still healing!” After surgery my bite felt like it was off, my lips were very swollen, my teeth were pressed against the inside of my mouth leaving tooth marks temporarily, etc. My advice to others who might have this concern is to just let it go. Everything completely resolves in the end! The length I wanted reduced from the chin implant was still there and when I woke up I took pictures of myself after surgery and was disappointed, but of course, I was swollen and just out of surgery! Give things time. In the end (or at least, 6 weeks post-op) everything has turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, and I am thrilled! I would do it again with no apprehension. Thank you Dr. Jamali!
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