Love my body even more thanks to Dr. Schulman (BBL)

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Hi! I'm from New York 5'2 118lbs. I have a small...

Hi! I'm from New York 5'2 118lbs. I have a small flat butt. During the consultation Dr. Schullman told me I have a long torso therefore my butt looks like it sets low. He asked me what I wanted and I told him I didnt want nothing drastic I just wanted to be equally proportioned. I'm a D cup on my chest and I wanted to have a fuller & perkier butt to even out & stop the competition between top & bottom LOL. He totally understood what I meant and said that he could take fat from my flanks, inner & outter thighs & my back (by my braw strap). He says the scars will be minimal, will fade in time but he will make sure they are as discrete as possible. Dr Schullman also said to expect discomfort but no drain will be needed since I dont need to extract fat from my stomach area. He made me feel very comfortable & said it wont be a problem to give me the look I want a perkier fuller butt. I was so satisfied with his advice & with his credentials (being that he's the BUTT doctor of NY- he performs the most BBLs in NYC). His gallery, website, reviews & staff are reputable & professional. So my date is set and I'll be finally doing my BBL next month July 15th. Will post pics soon to support the existing BBL community & those who are contemplating on doing it. Thank you to all the BBL ladies for the great reviews.

Products to buy before BBL

Absorbent Bed Pads
Waterproof pads
Ice packs
Tablets of Arnica Montana Herbal supplement
Antibacterial soap bars like Dial
Cocoa Butter
Measuring tape
Prescriptions from Dr. S
Ginger Ale
Dry Crckers

The following additional items were recommended by BBL ladies on RealSelf:
Female urinal
Boppy Pillow/inflatable donut pillow
Prune juice
Gauze pads

I feel prepared. If anyone who's undergone a BBL has any additional recommendations feel free to comment.

Got my BBL done yesterday :)

Happy with the results!! Dr. Schulman's staff is wonderful. As soon as I got to the suite the burse had me & my fiance fill iut paperwork. The nurse was very attentive & friendly. I was so nervous that after she set me up with IV I felt like I was going to faint but she knew exactly what to do & in a couple of minutes I was feeling much much better. The Doctor Anesthesiologist was so funny & made me feel so comfortable & safe. He came into the office and told me what to expect. I had gotten general anesthesia before so I felt comfortable with the idea. Dr. Schulman came in next to take pictures of me & mark me up. Explained to me how I was going to look which my fiancé & I were very pleased. Then shortly after went into the operating suite where they had nice classical music & a great vibe. Doctor Schulman passed by the recovery room to tell me everything went well. Afterwards the nurse gave me warm blankets & they made me feel so comfortable. Next thing I know I was done in the recovery room. The nurse went over my post opt treatment with my Fiancé and I and then she walked me out to the car. By the time I got home I needed the pain killers. I ate soup and crackers before taking my medication, drank lots of liquids to flush out my system, and walked around my apartment to keep my circulation going. The pain is not so bad it very bearable. Will post more updates later.

Before pic. Wish pics & after pics

Day 2 after surgery

Last night was a bit challenging- the lower back pain was intense. Thankfully the extra strength Tylenol & the ice packs alleviated the pain. I've been walking around my neighborhood once to two twice a day to keep my legs moving & for good circulation. I can't sit yet ...too painful. Using the bathroom hasn't been a problem thanks to the stool softener & prune juice. Haven't had to use the female urinal - I just don't sit on my butt completely. Hope to heal fast can't wait to be able to sit & be back to normal.

Finally able to shower!

Yesterday I was able to shower which was a bitter sweet experience. I was happy I could finally shower but I was scared of taking my garment off for the 1st time. Taking the garment off wasn't much of a hassle. I ended up taking the foam & dressing off in the shower which made me a little dizzy. I think it was seing my incisions & the uncomfortable feeling of taking the foam off made me feel dizzy. Thankfully my fiancé was here to help me & when I felt dizzy I got out of the shower & took a lil break. Then a finished showering, dried up well, cleaned my incisions, covered them with small adhesive pads & used baby powder to make sure the garment would come up easily. I felt 100 lbs lighter after showering & removing all the padding :) It was actually not that bad of an experience I ended up showering again in the evening after going for a long walk.

Glad I found these Nexcare bandages

I remove the bandages before showering & place new ones after cleaning the incisions. They stay in place & they're a perfect size to cover such small incisions. I haven't had the need to use waterproof pads, gauze pads & nonstick pads - they are way too big & not as comfortable as these ones.

Went shopping for work attire - Day 7

Had a great shopping experience. Bought a few dresses to kind of hide the fact my butt looks huge compared to what it had. I wanted to be discrete of this procedure, so I want to ease everyone into it ;) bought really cute dresses at Banana Republic & The Loft. Love my new bod everything looked great on me :)

17 days after surgery

Good morning everyone! A quick update from work; I am feeling great! Still a bit tender in the lipo areas but the swelling has gone down & the bruising is almost all gone. At work I've been standing a lot & taking a 20 minute break to walk. I'm still wearing dresses to work & have not worn jeans yet. I probably won’t try to wear jeans until week 3 (when I change my garment). Talking about garments I have two '1-3 week garments' a medium and a small. If anyone is interested in purchasing them for 1/2 price ($50) let me know. They will be washed & packages as if they were never worn.

Back to my review...I am still going for my long walks everyday - now I can actually speed walk. Thankfully my incisions are healing well 4 out of 5 are healed completely & the stitches fell off. One incision is healing slowly but it's still looking good - I clean it & put Neosporin on it every day. At this point I'm not covering the incisions - I haven’t been since last week. I put cocoa butter all over my body to moisturize & diminish the incisions scarring. I will post pictures & measurements before transitioning to my next garment.
Hope everyone is having a speedy recovery as well! Have a good day!

Going back to the gym starting Monday - (third week)

I emailed Dr. Schulman's office to inquire about exercising. Apparently I can Zumba, do yoga & my regular workout routine starting Monday but I might be swollen afterwards depending how strenuous the workout is. Has anyone experienced this before? How bad is the swelling?

Changing to stage 2 garment was a total fail! be continued

Last night I went to try on the stage-2 garment to know what to expect in the morning & it was a total fail. The stage 2 garment I chose is like a high wait panty/thong. I'm a small but getting that garment pass my hips/thighs was deadly. I didn’t know my lipo thighs were so tender. It hurt like hell & the pain fell like skin burn. It was a pretty bad feeling but I finally got it on. Once it was on I was good & it looked great but my skin was still in pain. I had to put an ice pack to alleviate the discomfort. As tempted as I was to leave it on I didn’t want to change garments before I was supposed to, so I took it off & that was hell too. This morning I told my hubby-to-be to try to hold it stretched out so I could just slip it on but that didn’t help, plus we were both rushing to go to work. That being said I still have my stage-1 garment on. I’m going to try one last time tonight; if I can’t get it on with minimum pain then I'm going to have to get the other style garment. The other style is very similar to the stage 1 garment it just has the butt covered. Uggghhh (hate the straps - so limited on what to wear). I’m disappointed but I’m not going down without a fight – staying positive. Trying for the last time when I get home. Has anyone had this problem? Wish me luck!

Bye Bye stage 1 garment

I figured it out! The reason why it was so difficult to put on stage 2 garment was because it was rubbing & pulling my skin since I had lotion on my skin. This time I put baby powder all over my skin & pain free I was able to fit into it. So excited & relieved :) So ladies baby powder is your best friend through this whole process not just stage 1. LOL Went speed walking for 3 miles & thankfully not feeling swollen. It turned out to be a good day after all. Measurements: 34, 27, 39. Pics to follow!!

Stage 2 Garment pics - Week 3

21 days exact!

Before & After 3 week pic comparison

Side by side picture comparison. Amazing!!!

Gym postponed but nothing is stopping me from walking :) Day 23

As much as I want to commence my gym routine it's just not possible yet. Even jogging feels uncomfortable. I walked yesterday another 3 miles & did some light stretching. As much as I want to expedite the recovery process I don't want to push my body. A bit frustrating but I'm making it work. I keep telling myself - the important part is that I feel good, look good & I'm trying my best! :)

Week 5 pics!!

I'm feeling much much better. I'm able to jog without feeling uncomfortable. I can sit but not for long periods of times. The couple of times that I've had to lay back (to wax my eyebrows or wash my hair at the salon) I've felt uncomfortable. Can't wait for week 8! I can fit to my old jeans without a problem. At work I sit very little, stand & take breaks to walk. Everything is healing well. Thank God!

Week 5 pics!

On my last follow-up appointment - 9.4.13

I feel great! Like nothing ever happened. On my last appointment the doctor gave me the o.k. to sit. He said to ease into laying on my back. The lipo areas are totally healed. No more soreness. My lower back skin is still a bit tender. So I tell my fiancé to be nice & gentle lol Other than that life is great & I'm definitely satisfied. Enjoy the pics - the Doctor emailed them to me. Before surgery & the after pics from my last appointment.

Pictures taken by Dr. Schulman on my last visit

Before & After
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