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Hi Ladies, I know what I’m about to tell u...

Hi Ladies,
I know what I’m about to tell u most of u will think I’m crazy for doing this so soon but I’m healed and this should’ve been done the first time.

Three months ago I had lipo of my full back and stomach for a Brazilian butt lift. Everything went great and I was somewhat happy with the results over time. My recovery was great only had pain for two days and it was only when I got out of bed the swelling and itching was the worst part. With the Brazilian butt lift your butt changes every week. I complained one day that all the fat was gone then the next morning it would be bigger than before. But I still wasn’t 100% happy I wanted my butt bigger.

After having the lipo the extra skin was still there and I decided I wanted a tummy tuck. My dr. told me that’s what I needed in the first place but my main concern then was a big booty. So now I’m getting a full tummy tuck, along with my arms lipoed also my love handles that I feel wasn’t lipoed enough the first time it was done. All the fat will be transferred into my butt once again and hopefully I will be 100% happy with the results. I have to be happy I can’t afford to do this again plus I’m not a fan of going under the knife. The recovery will be very hard since I have to lay from side to side since I can’t lay on my stomach because of the tummy tuck or my butt because of the Brazilian butt lift. But this is what I want. No one understands why I’m doing this since I look great from the last surgery but I know what I want.

My measurements before the first surgery were 38 38 42 now I’m a 35 32 44. What I’m hoping for after this one is 34 28 46. At the end of the day ladies it’s up to u & no one else everyone can give there opinion but its u that has too look in the mirror at yourself everyday so I believe if you’re going to do it do it right or not at all. I should’ve listened to my dr. the first time and got the tummy tuck it would’ve saved me some money but maybe now I’ll really get the butt that I want and I do have a smaller back that I love.

I will post pics later

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