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I am 5'9" tall very moelesque except my stubborn...

I am 5'9" tall very moelesque except my stubborn tummy which I got after childbirth. I've tried everything but at 128lbs I cannot diet as it makes me look way to skinny. After research and deciding that smartlipo was best, I Called up American lipo centers. They has a 50% off promotion goin on so my friend and I went in for consultation and paid on that day to get it done. Its been one day and I must outline the details. I arrived at the facility at 10.30 am and filled out paperwork. At 11 am the DR Singer came IN and took pictures and marked the areas upper lower abdomen and flanks. He then gave a few pills to help me relax and the procedure began. I only felt pain when they were numbing the area then I felt nothing. I was awake and aware, I felt my body being turned and I heard the noise of like suction n stuff. After what felt like ages 1hr he was finished. I was drowsy and I layer in recovery for awhile. Then the nurses dressed me and my friend took me home. My friend has her procedure done last saturday. At home I felt nauseous I ate and throw up. Then I ate crackers n drank tea I throw up again. My daughter 4 yrs old came home around 7 and I felt a bit tired but I fed her put her to bed took a pill for pain and went to bed. I woke up at 3 am in pain I took a painkiller went back to sleep. Now it's 8.44 am and I feel fine, a bit dizzy but I'm ok. Its just me and my daughter and I'm taking care of her fine, I just can't bend well or move too quickly. I'm Sore and it's still draining pink fluids. I change gauze like 2× last night and once this morning.

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