Starting Tattoo Removal Process on Three Tattoos Using PICOWAY!!! Follow my Progress Here. New York, NY

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I am about to book my first appointment with Ny...

I am about to book my first appointment with Ny Skin and Laser using the newest Picoway lasers I am excited to get rid of these unwanted tattoos! I have had three consults in NJ and two said they would use the picosure the most updated laser they had available. The fee for all three tattoos was going to be between 500-600 per session and they said in average it could be between 6-10 sessions. They all said they could not guarantee 100% removal noting that the small amount of red and yellow in my flower tattoo would be hard to remove completely. They also told me it would HURT! After doing more research I heard about the new Picoway laser by syneron candela and found a clinic in NY that has it. Dr Kauvar at NY Skin & Laser Center is the only one in what seems like the tri state area to have purchased this laser and she herself has been part of the clinical studies. I had my consult with her last week. The wait time was an hour and it seems like this is probably the norm so I have to be prepared to have enough time to get into the city from NJ deal with the waiting room times and then she said to give myself about an hour for the procedure as she used numbing injections first that take time to kick in. She seemed very knowledgable and friendly (I had my five year old with me) she too time to answer all of my questions. The rate she gave me per session for all three tattoos was $1000 and gave me an estimate of 8 treatments for removal she does believe that I can get close to 100% removal using a combo of lasers and techniques. I haven't been able to find many reviews at all on Picoway so I'm excited to share my story on here and hopefully be able to show great results! I'm also posting the journey on Instagram. Should be having my first treatment in the next few weeks so I'll be sure to keep this updated!

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Met during consultation she seemed very experienced and took plenty of time to talk and answer questions. Wait time to be seen was around an hour

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