Septo-Rhinoplasty: 1 year update! - many thanks to Dr. Ciardullo!

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I've been having breathing issues lately, & I...

I've been having breathing issues lately, & I have been feeling pressure in my left eye socket, so I went to an ENT that stuck the camera up my nose and told me that I have a deviated septum that tilts to the left, but the non-breathing thing is because the insides of my nose are really swollen. I mentioned that I have been OD'ing on Afrin lately too, because it was the only thing that would open me up & allow air in my nose! So I too an allergy test & it turns out I'm slightly allergic to pollen & dust mites. They gave me Qnasl & some other allergy steroid spray (something with a "P"), and told me that a septoplasty wouldn't really help me. I somehow think that if I fix the septum, it would at least make it slightly easier to breathe, allergies or not.
Let me sidetrack here, I have always hated the tip of my nose. It looks like a damn christmas tree lightbulb, the one from the 50's. I have a slight hump across the bridge, but that isn't my main issue here, lol.

So naturally, I have been researching on where to go to get a consultation on a septo-rhinoplasty, because while I'm all up in there getting it fixed, I might as well have it look pretty too! Bahaha. I am hoping it won't cost tooooo too much, but I really want this to be a gift to myself for my 30th birthday in June. I have been snooping around this website for a bit, and doing some good old fashioned googling & talking to friends about it, and I have scheduled a consultation with Dr. C in White Plains 4/29...not too far away, plus he's right over the bridge from where I live in Queens. My boyfriend (who I live with) is being supportive even though he says I don't need the rhinoplasty part because he thinks I'm beautiful ;p I told him he needs glasses, lmaoo!

I am adding some photos, please excuse my appearance, I literally just got out of the gym, and I added two other photos of how I normally look when my face isn't a sweaty, melty mess, lol.
Any advice is mucho appreciated! :D Hopefully I will try to update this as often as I can along the way.

So my first consultation with Dr. Ciardullo is a...

So my first consultation with Dr. Ciardullo is a little less than two weeks away & I have been trying to find as much info on him as I can, and a few reviews on him are not too good, which has me freaking out now, even if I have read some great things about him. Maybe I'm just overreacting a little? I dunno :/
Also, I am taking stuff for my allergies, like nasal spray and allegra, will that interfere with anything, surgery-wise? I am really stuffy in my left nostril, where the deviated septum is :(

I met Dr. Ciardullo today, and I think he is a...

I met Dr. Ciardullo today, and I think he is a nice man...but I wasn't too happy that he doesn't do computer imaging. He seems to have a lot of experience, which is great, and I told him my primary concerns were my deviated septum & my bulbous tip. He assured me that all of that can be corrected; he would reduce the slight hump that I have, slightly shave down the bridge on the sides a smidge, slightly lift & shorten the tip & reduce the roundess of the tip as well. Now, I asked if he does open or closed for all of this stuff, and he says he likes to do closed because an open rhino septo makes him damage/cut into muscle & tissue that takes too long to heal...what is your opinion of that, guys? I am a newbie to all of this, so I don't know what's left, right, up, down here lol.
He also showed me a tour of the facility, and showed me some photos (slightly dated but ok no biggie), and mentioned that he wouldn't want me to have a sharp nose as it would not match my round face. Understandable. I just don't want this cherry tomato on my face anymore, and being able to breathe wold be fantastic. I cried out in pain like a baby when he shoved a giant q-tip up my nose to see how bad the deviated septum was....he says it's not too bad. I told him that the main reason I came here to have this all done was to fix my breathing problems so please please please try & succeed with that part at least lol.
Oh and the cost is $6,500, plus $700 for the anesthesia & then some more for the bloodwork, although his office will try to submit the ppwk to my insurance company to see if they would cover any costs. I told him I would sleep on it & let him know tomorrow if I will book a date. I'm thinking I should, and should do it soon, my 30th birthday is in June & there is no way I'm going to want to look like a hideous beast on my day-o-birth, hehehehe. Either with this same nose or a giant-ass cast on my face! bahaha
Sorrry for the rant! PLEASE feel free to share your opinion about what he said, I am all ears, guys!!
Thanks for listening ;D

Ok well I sucked it up & decided to book my...

Ok well I sucked it up & decided to book my surgery for May 30th!! I'm scared but I just need to do this already...I am sick and tired of sleeping with my mouth open because I can't breathe, my nose is constantly sore from rubbing it, and I an just getting way too anxious and want it done & over with. Hahaha I'll probably post more later, I just wanted to get this out of my system lol

My surgery is almost two weeks away! So excited! I...

My surgery is almost two weeks away! So excited! I ordered all of my stuff on my shopping list on amazon yesterday, hopefully it'll get here soon :/ I'm going to drop off my prescriptions today too. I am so happy I am going through with this. I was sitting with my family in a nice restaurant we go to every Mother's Day on Sunday, and I looked at my parent's noses, trying to figure out who's I wound up with lol. Turns out I have my dad's nose (bah), but it's not like my mom's nose is a stunner either, heh heh. She just doesn't have the bump. It's bulbous though. I kinda felt bad at that moment, because I did inherit this thing on my face....but then I mentally smacked myself for being so ridiculous because I inherited a crapload of other, nicer, better things from them too lol.
Ok so here is my list of things I bought, I think I might make my bf get me a humidifier, do I really need one of those?
- Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray
- Biotene Mouth Spray
- Boiron Arnica (Arnicare) Gel
- Biotene Oral Rinse for Dry Mouth
- Doctors Best Best 3000 GDU Bromelain
- Arnica 30x quick dissolving tabs
- Thera┬░Pearl gel beads hot/cold pack
- chapstick
- cough drops
- Vitamin C orange gummies (which taste delish FYI)
- memory foam neck pillow
Did I miss anything? ;p The only thing is I don't know when to start taking any of these! lol I just started to eat the Vitamin C gummies because honestly they taste like candy, hahahaha. But that arnica & bromelain clue. Someone help a sister out? :$

Oops, I'm bad with pills...

So I totally did not know that I was supposed to be taking the arnica tablets the past three days, & I haven't been taking nearly as much vitamin c as I thought I should have been :s I'm a bad surgery patient lol! So now I'm carrying these bottles around with me everywhere I go like a little old lady bahahaha....luckily I haven't had any alcohol, and I don't plan on drinking until after the surgery (very hard to do when you're dating a Irish boy, but I accept this challenge lol). I just keep looking in the mirror & praying that this goes smoothly, because things like this wig me out & I'm a baby when it comes to medical stuff lol


My nerves are getting the best of me, two more days until I have my nose job done! I went shopping today for fruits, veggies, almond milk, soy milk, yogurt, & jello. I am ready for my juicing diet! Hahaha. My bf is preparing as well, he's so sweet :)

Ugh pain.

I will keep this post short because I'm in a lot of pain throat is killing me from the tube during surgery, plus it's dry and sore from breathing out of it, and the packing is putting pressure all around my face & I am counting the hours til I go back tomorrow morning to get it removed. Sorry I kind of a Debbie downer right now, I'm sure I'll be a little more upbeat tomorrow. My dr called me this morning to check up on me & let me know that when he got in my nose that the left side was badly deviated, and even my right side was somehow messed up from the septum! So he had his hands full with me lol. Ugh my eyes are so swollen today I can barely see out of them. I don't know why I sooo swollen & bruised, I've been practically OD'ing in arnica & vitamin c! :(

Here's the monstrosity that is my face.

day 2? day 3 post op? Not sure how to measure this...

This morning Dr. C took out the packing and holy hell did that make me feel better! I don't really have much pain, even though I'm slightly achey in my upper jaw area & temple. And to be completely honest, the only thing I cannot get over is how -constipated- I am today! I was like literally crying on the can (sorry for the visual but I gotta keep it real lol)! After an hour of not being able to go, I sent my boyfriend out to get milk of magnesia, and that helped eventually.....but wow the surgery was a walk in the park compared to the constipation! That's no joke! What is that from anyway? The meds? The anesthesia? Erg :x
Thanks to everyone for your comments, they are helping me get through this, even if I'm not answering them right now (still a little cloudy & not rational yet, oy).

Day 4-ish...

Hey all! The bruising under my eyes is getting better, but the ones on my eyelids look the same, bah. The erm, bathroom issues have subsided, so that's good lol, just getting antsy with this cast on my face ;p I also want to know if anyone at this point still experienced some slight leaking/bleeding through the nose? I think my bending over to get things a few times has resulted in my nose still leaking, which I hope isn't too big of an issue & will go away soon. My bf has a family party to go to today so I'm kinda bored & the days are dragging, especially since its so nice out & everyone seems to be at the beach but me! Lol
Ok I'm off to go take a bath, this should be interesting, hahahaha.

Can't wait to get this cast off!

Even though my nose is still sore & it loves to remind me at times that I am not 100% healed, I feel like once I get my cast off I will feel a whole lot better, mentally. Not knowing how it looks under there is killing me!
I had cabin fever and wound up going back to work yesterday...I work in an office so I'm sitting all day anyway. I'm back in the office today, & I will leave work early tomorrow to get my cast taken off. I am literally counting the hours lol.
I have been so worried about taking all my pills that I haven't been spraying my nose with the damn saline spray! I just started last night, is that bad? I feel the urge to blow my nose SO bad holy poop. What torture.
And omg the swelling in my face is gone but I have HUGE black & blues still, thank god for makeup :/

WOW it's been a while!

I can't believe how fast time has went these past few weeks, I have had no time to write any updates up until now! It's funny because on my 4th day of having my cast on, my job called me to tell me that they need me to come in because they upgraded their server, and we implemented the new computer system & completely went paperless, and they desperately needed my help ASAP. And from that day on, I have been working 12 hours shifts, without even a lunch break! Craziness!
Onto my nose. I have had such horrible bruising and swelling from the surgery its not even funny, my whole face like puffed out! I'm a bruiser and a sweller apparently lol. Makeup helped a lot, but sometimes by the end of the day, the bruises were showing a little. Thank god I really didn't really go anywhere besides work anyway! My co-workers had a blast making fun of me, saying I got into a fight, or that they know I was in Fight Club, calling my Edward Norton lmao, it was pretty funny.
Anywho the shape of the nose is great, and little by little the swelling is going down, except for the damn tip lol. It's still pretty stiff & numb on the tip, and the rest of my nose is still tender to the touch along the top by the bridge. The area in between my eyebrows puffed out like crazyyyy and it still is pretty swollen, I feel like I have a caveman's eyebrow right now hahaha. And the stitches that are still in my nose are annoying me because I feel like they are blocking me from having full 100% clear breathing, so when I see him at the end of July I will ask him about it. It turns out that when he went into my nose, he found out that not only was my left side of my septum messed up, so was my right side! I don't even know how that is possible lol! Only me. He said my nostrils are unusually swollen, he had a hard time maneuvering his tools up there in the beginning lol. I told him it was probably my allergies, I'm pretty sure that's what's still keeping me swollen now actually. But honestly I can still breathe better than I did before, and I don't wake up in the middle of the night with dry mouth because my nostrils were both completely closed off lol.
But I really can't wait for the swelling to go away completely! I will confess & say I haven't really been watching what I eat, nor have I been taking the arnica and vitamin C religiously (thanks to those 12 hour work days of insanity), so maybe I am contributing to my slow recovery? Bah. Oh well. Here are some pics I made, comparing old to new.....remember the tip is still swollen, but it is shaped very nicely, I can't wait for it to heal completely :D

Some pics!

7 weeks since surgery!

I have been really busy lately, and my iPhone has a wonderful crack in it plus I've had like no extra space left to take pics which is why I haven't updated. Boo! I must say, my breathing is mucho better now than before the surgery (except for when I had a cold last week, went back to not-breathing again); it is crazy to think that I really didn't know just how crappy my airflow intake was prior to getting this procedure done! Even when my allergies act up, I am still able to get some nose breathing in, no more breathing completely out my mouth & wanting to die lol.
As far as looks go, I love my profile, but I'm still waiting for my tip swelling to go down, and also the external swelling throughout my nose & between my eyebrows is annoying me. Even my face is still a little puffy! I'm really just being impatient (plus I really haven't been staying away from booze & salty foods, big swelling issues abound from those things, oops). It was crazy how my whole face puffed out because of a nose surgery, I feel like I'm the only one who's face got all elephant-man on them. I mean it has been going down, slowwwwwly, but sheesh give the girl a break here!
I also still have a stitch high up in my right nostril that I can't reach (hah), and I'm hoping when I go for my follow up apmt on the 29th that Dr. C can somehow remove it already :p.
Pain-wise, my tip still hurts when I touch it, & the pain goes all the way through to the base in between my nostrils, which is kinda not fun, but I gotta deal with it. I've had a few mishaps with kissing my bf & the slight "bonk" sent some lovely shooting pains throughout my nose :/ Oh and the lower area in between my eyebrows still hurts when I firmly press it, too. I want to ask him about that when I see him.
When I was sick last week I went to see my normal ENT (wasn't sure if I had strep throat, turned out it was just a horrendous cold), and I told her I had surgery, & she asked me if it was helping me breathe (yes), and she took a look up the nostrils, and was like, "he did some weird stitching in there, did he shorten your tip?" I told him he did, and she was like "oh ok, interesting." Hah! Not sure what that was all about, but whatever lol. I am so happy I went through with this, & I'm so happy I chose Dr. C instead of some completely overpriced doctor in Manhattan that would have charged literally double the price & I would have probably gotten the same results anyway. I don't care that his office doesn't look like a spaceship it's so modern, I just want to know that I'm in good hands & that the doctor is experienced. Couldn't be happier & can't wait til more of this welling goes away!
Oh, anyone ever experienced this? My bruises under my eyes kind of made two small sunspots because they were still slightly there when I went out in the sun, & now they won't go away :( I mean I can put makeup on them for now but what the hell? So weird.
I will post pics in a little while, I have really bad cell reception at my job, so I gotta wait til lunch break to post anything. Not much difference this time around unfortunately....maybe next month it'll looks less puffy :)

7 weeks pics!

7 weeks pics!

Almost 5 months have gone by!

Well now I'm just playing the waiting game...little by little the swelling is going down, & as annoying it is, I remind myself I could still be breathing funny or having a droopy, bumpy nose that I always hated. So I guess I can wait another few months for the tip to refine itself more. It's funny how much more swollen my face is in the morning compared to the rest of the day, I have some pics to show you the difference, it's crazy! All my comparison pics are taken at 7 am so I'm still puffy then. My last pic is later on in the morning, just for comparison. When I run my finger down the middle of my nose it's still a little numb, nothing too bad, but it's so weird lol my tip is still pretty numb, but whatever I'm ok with that ;P Besides some allergies, I'm pretty much breathing with no issues, so I can sleep the whole night, which is amazing :D No complaints, other than the swellinggggggg ugh please go away, my tip is not as little as I'd like it to be! Hahaha

What they say about the 6 month mark is very true!

I have been so busy lately because of the holidays that I didn't get a chance to post an update any sooner! If you recently had surgery & want to really compare your results on a month to month basis I highly recommend getting the picstitch app on your phone, because it is the best in comparing the swelling results as time goes by. I really didn't think my nose changed that much but now when I was putting my photos together for this site I couldn't believe the difference in swelling! Bananas! And not only externally, but internally as well! Breathing gets SOOO much better it is crazy.
What also gets better around the 6 month mark is the "flexibility" of my nose, if that makes any isn't as stiff/hard, and when I blow my nose, it actually moves to the side like a normal nose now lol
Numbness is fading too, and I can run my finger down the middle of my nose & it doesn't feel weird because it was numb & that bugged me out lol
Last cool 6 month milestone, the internal scars that were like right by my nostrils are not as raised/puffy anymore, so the nose hairs don't tickle me when I breathe as much (weird I know....but true lol). They aren't swollen so the little nose hairs aren't rubbing on anything anymore. Ahhhh, the little things, hahahaha.
Ok let me upload these pics...the last pic was at a friend's wedding last month, I was in one of those photo booths being stupid with some friends, I think it was slightly swollen because I had a few drinks in me lol.
Hope everyone else is recovering well too! :)

6.5 month pics!

9 month mini update!!

I took a few pics for comparison.. Even after 9 months, my tips is still slowly shrinking, thank god! I won't post any side views, there's been no changes to my side profile. But sure enough the tip is still shrinking :) The numbness is almost all gone, too, yay! I love how much better my whole face looks now! And breathing isn't an issues anymore :)

Happy Surgiversary to me!

So it's been one year since I had surgery, and not much has changed over the last two or three months since my last update. My allergies are really bad this year, the pollen here is in overdrive & so is my nose! There is some slight feeling coming back to the middle of my nose lol that's good...even the tip is starting to not be totally numb! Lol I suppose I shall add some photos again in another three months, see if they compare to my one-year shots. Right now I will just add some comparison shots of my pre-surgery nose to my year-after-surgery nose ;)
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