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I first met Dr.E nine years ago;I was a 30 yr old...

I first met Dr.E nine years ago;I was a 30 yr old mom with two little ones under the age of three.Prior to meeting Dr. E I had met three surgeons in hopes of having a breast reduction.The other surgeons were callous at best and took little to no time discussing my questions and concerns.Upon meeting Dr. E I noticed a distinct difference in his medical practice and approach. He asked several questions with regard to my health, weight, and my plans for having more children in the future. He was far more inquisitive that any other surgeon I had interviewed.He was kind and sincere,he expressed concern and understanding of the pain my rather large breast were having on my day to day life. Although he had much to gain monetarily, in going ahead with the procedure he advised me it would be in my best interest to hold off, until I was done bearing my childern.

Consequently, I went to have four healthy beautiful chilren.Now my youngest is two, I thought it would be to the best to my benefit to go back and consult with Dr.E.The strain of my enlarged breast and now my bulging abdomen placed me in constant pain.Having four single births and one set of twins had worsen my back and shoulder pain, causing constant discomfort. I was surprised that he not only recognized me but remembered my story, recieving me with a warm smile and a gentle embrace. He was careful in delineating what procedure would entail and expressed concern over of my apparent weight gain. He further explicated the negative consequences and risk that my weight would cause if i went through with the procedure.

I was interested in having a much needed tummy tuck and a breast reduction. He advised me to loose fifty pounds before going through with my surgical procedure.He stressed the importance of becoming healty prior to surgery. We set a goal date of three months and he encouraged me to write him weekly, on my progess.

Dr.E's concern and compassion towards me resonated so deeply that I instantly knew waiting and adopting a healtier lifestyle was hte right thing to do. He showed little concern with delay of recieving compensation and more concern with having me make the right decision for me and my family. His sincerity and genuine concern for my overall well being was heartfelt. I am very pleased to have found a surgeon with moral compass along with keen intelligence. His aptitude in having his clients live well examined and resolution focused life made him an ideal surgeon for me and someone I would recommend without hesitation. 

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