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Always wanted a big butt and now here my change i...

Always wanted a big butt and now here my change i cant wait I been on this site for a couple of months and love all reviews u guys or the best u get the good bad and the ugly on this site yayyyyy can u say how happy i am thanks once again keep putting up all the updates really help me to want it more

My husband not happy about me getting my big O booty

I am trying my best to get my husband on my side lord knows i have no ass at all he just worry that i am going to get big headed lmao I mean us ladies just want to feel good about our self :(((


Hey RS Ladies how r u dolls doing!!!! A lil about my self i am 28 with one child after having her my body change and i lose alot of weight not booty cause i never had any lol Anyway came across this site and was like YESS it my time was going to go out the country then i meet DR schulman and to think i change me mind so Fast cause he is very good at what he does and u fab ladies show me that i am 5 7 165 pounds I am in for feb now i am thinking Jan cause my birthday in feb WHAT TO DO :( Dont want to be in pain around my bday still thinking

Wish pic

My first surgery breast reduction

I know the pain of surgery cause I had my breast done but I think the bbl would hurt more not sure time will tell :(

Help Help What do I need for my BBL

Been so busy forgot about my bbl coming up what do I need to buy and get plz help me my real self ladies thanks :)


I Been so stress really thinking about not doing the bbl again i put my down payment down guess that a lost smh ugh this is not a good way to end my year and up coming bday sry i know i can be a big baby but i think it going to be to much (SAD FACE) Best of luck to u real sisters and sexy angels


Ok so i was booked for feb then i give up my day to my best friend cause i was not getting my bbl again then i KEEP COMING ON RS LMAO and seeing all the sexy ladies looking hot i was like shit her i go again so now i booked for march 6 this time i am coming out a SCHULMAN DOLL ..........whoop whoop

Pic of my fatty lmao

Was very afraid to put pic of my body up here don't know why but then was thinking that why the site here so here it is ugh (covering my face) lol


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas wish I had my big booty today lol anyways have a safe and merry holidays rs dolls blessing with everyone healing

Happy New Years to you RS dolls and happy healing

Here more pic of my flat butt happy New Years to u hello new booty


So i live on this site and i see how many pills the lady have to take a day mind u i can be dying and would not take anything on top of that i had a natural child birth so that show i HATE PILLS ............ HELP LADIES DO U HAVE TO TAKE ALL THOSE PILL IS THERE A SUB I LOVE TO HEARD U GUYS FEED BACK THANKS HAPPY HEALING

More before pic of me

So I told couple ppl that I am doing my bbl man the hate was real like I heard I should not do it cause am pretty I don't need a butt am looking for attention how my hubby feel about it etc I was like damn what the problem if it make me happy wtf is the problem i am not doing my bbl for no one but my damn self it crazy u really see how ppl are and the ones that want u happy and the ones who don't Fuck that am going to make then hate it my body so who care just saying what on my mind lol


SEEING ALOT OF BBLers GETTING fat necrosis ??????

I am seeing alot of ladies getting fat necrosis because of to much fat going in lord i hope it not that bad cause i want a big butt reading these updates make me happy and sad at the same time i am least then 5 weeks aways hope none of SCHULMAN DOLLS DID NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM and did not say anything(SAD FACE) anyways he still the man have to get my mind in too this going to see him feb 18 BEST OF LUCK LADIES

More wish pic of a schulman doll

Should I get BUTT PAD for my birthday dress lmao

So I was singing and dancing in my bathroom doing my thing so my husband walk in he say what u doing I say shaking my booty lmao Anyways I say babe do u think I should start wearing butt pad he the look I got I should I die lmao what u ladies think Help Help

Damn 3 weeks away soooo stress out smh

3 weeks away sooo stress lost my grandfather have to leave the country that mean no time to think about my bbl can't stop crying i lost my best friend whyyyyyy crying and writing this it hard have to get my clearance etc this is to much :(((

Think the gym paying off

Ladies u think I should lose any more weight ???

Happy birthday to me Yeahhhhhh

Been out of it but going to enjoy my birthday kisses

More before pic

Been gone for awhile

Hey ladies been gone did not get my booty have to wait until May 6 got into a car crush and dr S made me wait but I know it for the best have to do blood work again it just to much really think it a sign not to get my booty this is my third date really depressed but just wanted to thank the ladies that wish my luck on my last date it mean a lot to me so let see what happen may 6 also I can't her my belly done fml ugh just giving u guys a head up plus I see a lot of dr S ladies looking FAB :)


Can't get my belly done :(((

10 More Dayssssssss

10 more days til that booty I was wondering should I buy a squeeze now or wait after my sx hope the 3rd date the charm can u say I am in tears this is WELL over due yayyyy


Do I need anything esle feel free to tell me

5 more daysssssssssssss

Ok i got the call today my time for my sx is 8 i have to be there by 7 my heart is pounding i cry yesterday cause it been a long time coming growning up with no ass was no fun i hated getting dress and going out with my friends who had booty well ladies can u ASSS ASS ASS I think i need a name for my ass lol

Less then 24 hours

The closer it get the more happy I am lol my booty name is going to be missy because u can't miss it lol

On the other side ladies

To tired to type but I keep u ladies up to date

Day 3 Post

Hey Rs wanted to say thanks for all the wishes I am doing ok just really sore I walk and that really help also I use the bathroom like it going out of style I drink a lot of water anyway I went tues morning and everyone was so nice and things went great dr S came in we talk and he told me my butt is flat and tight but he try his best to put in a lot of fat forgot how many he took out but in put 1250 in each cheek and 200 in my hips that the most he can put in well am happy with that here are some pic before and after

I took a shower

I really could not wait to shower am a girl who shower 2 a day I feel like I was cheating by not taking one lmao anyways I took the garment off myself and my sister help with the foam on the back witch came off really fast and we did not even use the Mel sol at all I was shock took everything off feel so good after that I got rub down and really did not want to put the garment on but I did lol really not in a lot of pain maybe because I did not do my belly well That all for now gn angels


Before / after

Day of sx /day after sx

I did it yesssss my first Bm

I have to say I did not take my med for the bm it stinks and I hate taking bill so I cheat lol don't judge me anywho girls I feel like I give birth again smh but I did it Yess it was not easy god bless my sister lol I owe her a nice gift Happy mother day u big booty ladies and rs ladies shout out b4r increase me elli sexy angel and much more thank u ladies for everything have a bless day xoxo

Last pic til month mark

Had to post this

So today I was picking up my daughter from school I had on leggings and a tank top iPod in my ear so this guy was talking to me but I did not heard him so he stop his car came to me and say god bless u I was like for what he say your ass I did not know what to say so I laugh and say thank u and starting walking smh I was embarrassed it that a bad thing ??? lol


So it been a long 2 weeks I can say my recovery not that bad my body just a lil sore where I did the lipo as far as my booty aka missy she doing great she is 44 inches I know I was like oooooooo shit lol anyways my skin itches some time is that normal ??? Ok when do I go to stage 2 garment ??? I am wearing a Xl now should I go to a large I loss weight so the garment is not as close as it use to be so I go see Dr S on fri trying to see what I have to ask him knowing me a lot lol so that a lil update of how I am doing not really a writer smh

Yayyy am a month

Wanted to say thanks to everyone that check in on me it was a long month but not to much pain I still in stage one garment have to go on you ladies pages to see what good with that anyways here or some more pic

7 weeks BOOTY :)

It been 7 weeks and I am doing great did not think it was going to be this easy thank god anyways here are some pic of my missy :)

9 week missy

Enjoying summer :)

10 weeks summer pic

Loving my missy healing been great hope everyone doing the same going to be away for awhile love u guys and stay bless

3 months missy

My white dress :)

Hey rs hunny hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the booty love y'all xoxo

Waist trainer

I want to start doing it I heard it not good for u ??


Hey my booty ladies pic of my booty at 4 months

Round 2 dec 15

I saw dr S last week I would be getting a smooth T and under my bra line done so of course I going to put fat in my ass why waste it he he now the waiting game yessss

Happy 1 year to me

Hey lady been away for a min back to show u my one year booty

Year old missy

New York Plastic Surgeon

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