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Hey guys, So I am 28 and have been debating...

Hey guys,

So I am 28 and have been debating getting a nose job since freshman year in hs. I remember a few girls getting the procedure at the time and i feel like at that time it wasn't as accepted. I always secretly wished I could get one and went back and forth about it. Sometimes I would think no im fine what if the doctor completely ruins my nose and other times i would think I definitely want one.

So here's my issues with my nose...I have a hump and i also broke it when i was younger so its crooked as well. I have "a side" that i take all my pics and if my profile is ever caught in a photo i am totally embarrassed. I realized i do A LOT of things to hide the appearance of my nose. I wear heavy eye makeup and i have really thin hair so i always try to curl it and fluff it to make it look bigger to take away from the center of my face.

I have recently made a decidion that I am in fact going to go through with a rhinoplasty so I have set up some conultations. I have 3 coming up. I hate that price is an issue because when it comes to my face I only want the best, but I will be paying out of pocket so i don't think I can afford anybody over 9-10k.

All of your stories have helped me so much and I recently just told my mom and my sister that i really think I am going to get a nose job and my sister is very supportive and my mom is upset bc she doesnt want me to "look like everybody else" and have a boring nose and she thinks my nose gives me character and blah blah. Im glad she thinks im beautiful bc i know some parents who encourage their kids to get nose jobs but i really realized i want to do this for me. I feel like it will help my self esteem a great deal and ill be able to wear less makeup and not be self conscious about people taking random photos of me.

Here are a few of my concerns about surgery:
-Im scared it will change my face completely (kind of like the girl from dirty dancing where nobody recognized her)
-Im scared it will look like a nose job (theres lots of before and after pics i have seen where the nose looks plastic and the same as all the other "after" photos and i dont want that)
-I have a droopy tip which i would like to fix but i am extremely scared of having a bolbous or pig nose

I have 3 appointments coming up and one was supposedly a good doctor but he doesnt have digital imaging. Although i read that digital imaging is strictly a sales tool and doesnt have anything to do with how skilled the surgeon is...I think i am going to cancel his appointment bc I would like to be able to see what the doctor has in mind for me to make sure we are on the same page.

So that is my story...its really hard for me to even talk and post pictures because it is the single thing i am the most insecure about! Most of my closest friends have absolutely no idea how much i hate my nose and Ive never been able to talk about it.

All feedback and questions welcome!

First Consultation went really well!

Okay so I met with my first doctor today. Norman Godfrey in NYC. I was suprised to see there was no reviews about him on this website. I filled out paperwork and he took me right in, absolutely no waiting time so that was cool. He was super friendly and made me feel really comfortable. He was really chatty and would go into detail about certain things (some not that important or not even on topic) but i didnt mind it because i didnt feel rushed at all. He was feeling my nose and asked me what I didnt like. He answered any questions I had about the surgery. Then he took about 15-20 pictures of me in another room and I was a bit surprised when he said that Id have to come in again to see his pictures. I was looking forward to seeing what he had in mind for me right away so that was a bit disappointing, but he said he was going to "perform surgery" on my picture and its important to see if what i conveyed to him was the same nose that he sees me with.

He also said to feel free to bring in any pictures of noses I hate or noses I love so he gets a clear understanding of what i like and dont like...I really liked how much he was interested in really getting me the nose that I wanted and not what he thinks would look good on me. He never once said I think you should do this or that...

To be honest, I have a consultation set up for tomorrow with Dr. Joseph and I was sort of already thinking I would pick him because of his amazing reviews...but now I'm not so sure. I'm very interested in going back and speaking to him further....maybe he sets it up in 2 appointments because the digital imaging takes another half hour-1 hour to get to the point where you are really satisfied. I read some reviews on other sites where the girl said she came in a lot of times because he said she could keep coming back until she was 100% confident she wanted to go through with it and until she felt 100% about the image. I dont mind coming back also because the consultation fee was only 50$, as opposed to most doctors that were minimum 250 range.

All in all, I went in there not knowing what to expect...and basically thinking Ill just have someone to compare it to with my next consultation..But now im wondering if I want him to be my doctor. He was so educated about noses and was super nice, and also says he has no problems doing revisions and if any doctor said they hardly ever do them or dont do them at all to run!

So if anybody else is going for initial consultations Id highly recommend Dr. Norman Godfrey...id be interested in hearing other people's opinion!

2nd Consultation-NOT SO GREAT-PLEASE READ!!!!

Okay I really wanted to update this Friday after my consultation but I had a really busy weekend. So for any of you who havent been following my story I have finally decided to get a nose job, I have money saved, and a budget of 10k. Now its time to find a good doctor. I have already went on one consult and it went really well.

Friday i had my second initial consultation with Dr. Eric Joseph from West Orange. Now, I originally read about him on RealSelf...and I was shocked when EVERY SINGLE ONE of his reviews was positive. Everybody was so happy with their noses and saying what a nice guy he is and blah blah. Also, he was definitely the cheaper one out of all the doctors I have looked into...so that was a huge plus.

Ill start with the positives...

-He's double board certified which is very hard to find so he knows a lot about breathing issues as well as being able to fix your nose for cosmetic purposes.

-He has Youtube videos and seems extremely educated on noses specifically

-Nice office (this may seem silly but I def judge a doctor by the atmosphere in which he runs his business)

-Cheap...i mean not cheap cheap but he gave me a price of 6,900 plus like 2 k for anesthesia and facility (which is not his fee)

Okay here are the negatives...

-Everybody said how nice he was...and he was...very very nice. To me almost a bit fake and too animated...but this could just be a personal opinion.

-I explained to him what I didnt like about my nose and exactly what I would like to fix. I said I dont mind my nose from the front angle, I would just like to straighten out the bridge and make it symmetrical and get rid of the hump and make it straight. He told me he would prefer if he did a bit of a slop on my bridge instead of having it just straight because a slope is more feminine and "prettier". (He brought this up several times through out the consultation making me feel that he would basically put a slight slope in whether i liked it or not). This reminded me of getting a haircut...when you tell the girl how many inches you want off your hair or how you want your hair to look yet they still do it how THEY want because it'll be healthier or look better. I will hear out all professional opinions but at the end of the day if I tell you i want my nose to look a certain way since I am the one who has to live with it for the rest of my life...dont tell me that you would rather do it a different way. I want to find a doctor that wants to make me happy, not themselves.

-He told me i need to "hate my nose"...thats a quote. He specifically said his best patients are the ones who absolutely despise their noses and when they get out of surgery they are happy with whatever nose he gives them. I mean, he's a plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of rhinoplasties so im sure his noses don't look horrible...and some probably come out amazing. But I dont HATE my nose....i hate certain things about it but technically speaking Ive lived with it for 28 years...I could probably live with it for the rest of my life. I just would like to make it more symmetrical and make it fit my face a bit more. So yeah, that kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

-Now, he did do the digital imaging for me and I actually really liked his after picture...like a lot. Like..so much that if I was sure he could make me look like that I would book him today. However, the way he was talking about the digital imagine did not make me feel confident that that specific image would be my end result. He kept saying "if you love the after image and you hate your nose then we can get your nose to look something very similar to that and you will be happy"

-Silicone injections....now one girl that I have been messaging with told me she met with him and has kept looking. I asked her (before meeting with him) what she didnt like about him and she said he wasn't bad but she didnt like the fact that he uses silicone injections. Now...i thought maybe she was just a different case where maybe she needed it or something...However Dr. Joseph apparently uses silicone injections into the nose very very often. He's very open about it and told me that's what "makes him stand out" from other doctors. He says if you don't love how your nose looks "maybe if the bump is still there or its too sloped, i'll just inject a little bit of silicone and it fixes the issues". Seems a bit weird to me, I'm sure other doctors know about silicone injections and are aware how they can be used. The fact that he is using them and other doctors are not just shows me that they are more confident in their work and they don't need to add any extras to have a good end result.

-Finally, I asked him about his policy on revisions. Before telling me that he does not charge for them (except facility fees, which is standard)...he went off on a tangent about how none of his patients ever want/need a revision and his revision percentage is less than 1%. Now, I'm sorry, I dont care how confident you are...this is plastic surgery...everybody has different problems/issues with their face and there is no way to make everybody happy. Even the best doctors have some negative reviews (PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND). All it did was ring a bell and remind me of a conversation I hate with Dr. Godfrey (my initial consultation)...I asked him about his policy on revisions and he told me he does them and blah blah and he said he remembers having a conversation with his professor about revisions and as a young student he said "Well as i get better I'm going to be doing less and less revisions" and his professor just said "You're young and stupid" now im paraphrasing but basically he said as you get better you become more and more of a perfectionist...sometimes you want to perform a revision even when the patient is happy with their nose. He said if any doctor ever tells me that they don't perform revisions because they don't have to to get my stuff and RUN.

So yeah, I tried to keep this review as honest as possible...and I hope this helps you in your journey to find a good surgeon. Once again, this is my personal opinion so if you've had an amazing consultation with him and feel great about your surgery then that is awesome and I am very happy for you.

I would love to hear feedack, your stories, or answer any questions!

Also any recommendations for great surgeons in NY/NJ area since I am still looking would be awesome!

Finally found a doctor and set my date!

Okay guys...I know I havent posted in a while Ive been really busy and a bit lazy to update...but I finally found a doctor. After much thought and review I have decided to go with Dr. Grigoryants in California!

I would have never thought after all my meticulous research and consulting I would decide to do my surgery across the country with a doctor I have never even met...but it feels right. I was todl about him throughs omeone on RS who I have been chatting with...she is also from the NY area and is also going to fly to Cali to get her rhinoplasty done with him. I absolutely LOVE his before/after pics. He has sooo many, which is a really good sign, and all of the noses are made to fit each individual face which i LOVE. I also had a consultation with him through e-mail and he responds rather quickly and answers all of your questions/concerns. My surgery date is Oct 16th so Ill be flying out on the 15th and having my real consultation with him on that day and then having my surgery the next day.

It's so crazy to me but I know it's right because I have absolutely zero reservations and I am just soo excited and ready to for my new nose. When I first booked it I was worried how soon it was and how real everything is...now I feel like its so far away and I don't want to wait a whole 2 months for my surgery! I also have talked to a few of his former patients and everyone has nothing but great things to say about him...I really feel like Im in good hands here.

I want to thank you all for being soo incredibly supportive and understanding (and patient!) bc I know I have reached out to a lot of you and had a million questions and everyone has been so helpful! This site is awesome and seeing all of you guys go through your surgeries and how happy you are afterwards makes me that much more eager to finally be going through with this!



okay i know i havent updated in a while....but it has been exactly one week since I have gone under the knife so i will update everybody on my story.

I flew out to Cali from NJ and have been feeling really good and not nervous at all about surgery. I had my pre-op with Dr. G the day before my surgery. He wanted to give me a slight slop but i told him i really want a straight nose...he said he wanted to raise my nostrils a bit (for support) and at first i was against it but then he agreed to do it very minimally. I had brought in a bunch of pictures of noses i liked from the front and side and also another digitally morphed pic of me i had gotten from another doc that i really liked...he said he would use it.

Surgery went fine...i woke up before i knew it...was bruised and swollen right away but i was ready for that. The first few days sucked...i was really bruised and swollen and laying in bed all day just isnt fun. But i had barely any pain...only took pain killers right before i would go to bed just to help me sleep longer...but I could have easily went without them.

On day 5 I had my cast removal appt. I was definitely a bit nervous because everyone always says its a little bit of a shock since you are so used to a certain look when you see yourself in the mirror. The actual cast removal was a breeze...a bit uncomfortable but nothing even worth writing about.

The nurse warned me that my face might look kind of piggish and everybody complains about that but she swore up and down it would subside (also both nurses that work with Dr. G have gotten their noses done...not sure if it was with him but both of their noses look nice).

Anyways...i looked in the mirror and i loved my profile view immediately. It looked very natural and what i had always guess when I imagined a nose job all i really cared about were 2 things....i wanted my bump removed and I didnt want my face to look different from the front. So from the front my nose was extremely wide, a bit piggish, and i looked just like an avatar. I noticed a lot of people using that comparison online after surgery...but it is EXTREMELY accurate. Its almost scary. I was quiet for most of my post-op just listening to teh doc and nurses. Of course everyone said dont worry swelling will go down everything will drop...blah blah.

Heres my issue...it is now day 7. I get it...only day 7 after a huge invasive surgery in the middle of my face. I have been googling countless articles about feeling like an "avatar" after surgery and nose looking too piggish and i see a lot of complaints...but i dont really see too many people updating later and saying if it got better. What scares me is that when i run my fingers along side the top of my nose (where my main concern is) i just feel bone...how could a bone get smaller and thinner? Nobody told me that removing a bump would make my nose so wide....in fact every time i think of a nose job i think of someone having an overly thin bridge that looks "done"

Im just really upset because from the front i look like a totally different person...i havent cried yet because i think it hasnt fully hit me yet and im still holding on to hope that its still so early. Its just all the reviews i have read about people being upset about the same exact thing and nobody has updated their review and said "my bridge has gotten so much thinner and im so happy"....the only people who update is the ones who say they are still not happy with the outcome of their nose months/year later. Im starting to wonder if this was a huge mistake.....i don't even feel completely human right now i feel like a weird animal. My nose is too upturned and wide. I get it there is still A LOT of swelling...i just dont see how it could possibly change that much to a point where i will like it and be happy.

I am still in california...I leave this sunday. I only told my really close friends about my surgery...everyone told me that most people dont even notice when you have a rhinoplasty done so I figured there was no need to tell everybody i knew. Now im embarrassed to go back home and show people and go out with people who didnt know i had the procedure...out of nowhere im just going to look like a completely different person...its really upsetting.

I have also been looking through peoples rhinoplasty reviews and taking pictures of the frontal view and pasting them into the pain app and putting them side by side with pics after surgery, one week, one month and whenever they would update...and i dont see a huge difference in the change of width in the bridge...which has added to my anxiety.

Does anybody have any advice? words of encouragement? stories of their own? PLEASE

Face pic

Almost 2 weeks Post-Op-Review

Okay so today is my first day back to work....i felt a bit uneasy coming in. I still feel i look really awkward from the front. Its strange because I used to only like to talk to people when they could see my front view and I would try to never turn my head...and now I seem to only feel comfortable talking to people from an angle because I feel like my nose is so wide I look like a reptile. My bruising is pretty much gone but under my eyes and all around my nose is still sore to the touch and I still can't smile without looking really weird.

I also wanted to thank all of you for your supportive comments and messages I got after my last post. A few of you sent me updates from right after surgery to months after and I did see a big difference. I guess its just hard when you see yourself in the mirror and see a different face. Plus the area between my eyebrows (which is the part I am most concerned with lately) feels hard on the sides. It feels like its the bone...so thats why it makes me feel like it won't go down too much more since bone doesn't fluctuate in size.

Also...when I was cleaning out my nose one side hurt a little bit more than the other and when i felt inside I could feel a weird little bump inside my nose...felt like a soft bubble. I tried to google it but all I could come up with is that it might be scar tissue. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there anything I could do to help break it down? The only cure I read about was cortizone shots in the nose or a minor surgery...but they said you should wait till at least 10 months post op. I just really dont feel like having another surgery...but its not very comfortable inside my nose either.

Anyhow I e-mailed Dr. G this morning about my concerns regarding the bubble and the width of my nose. I'm sure he will just tell me its swelling and it will go down...but most people told me that the swelling between your eyebrows goes down the fastest and takes about 2 weeks. I haven't noticed it go down much at all and tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since my surgery....can't help to feel upset :(

Almost 3 weeks Post-OP! I have questions!

Hey guys...sooo im almost 3 weeks post op (wed will make 3 weeks exactly). Ive been feeling a little better about my nose. The swelling has gone down significantly and the tip has def dropped some because i dont feel piggish from the front anymore. However, i can't say im totally content with how i look from the front...i still think my nose it too wide all around and i wish it was thinner....but when i wear makeup i feel a lot better. I havent posted any makeup pics because i feel like my no makeup pics are the REAL nose haha so i want you guys to be able to get a more accurate idea of what my nose looks like. But next time i go out i will take a makeup shot just so you see the difference.

I do think it was a lot of swelling but i think i have to accept that my nose wont be as thin as i imagine it would be...but im starting to look a lot more like my old self from the front so im happier than i was. If the swelling between my eyes goes down even more ill def be pleased...but overall im feeling better.

A couple of things i wanted to mention....I still dont really have my sense of smell back....is that normal? I can smell very strong scents like food cooking or perfume but overall when i breathe my nose feels numb? not numb but kind of like when you spray the nasal spray up your nose....you can breathe in and out but your sense of smell really diminishes. How long did it take most of you guys to start smelling normally again?

Also...When i emailed my doctor last week i had mentioned to him i feel like a weird bubble inside my one nostril. I cant tell if i could pop it or not bc i cant realy reach it but its on the inside of one of my nostrils like on the wall in between both nostrils. Its soft to the touch but it hasnt gotten smaller. My doctor just said "you're still very swollen so you will have bubbles and all that" but maybe i didnt describe it well enough. All i could find by searching on the internet was stuff about scar tissue....so im wondering if that may be it? Anybody have any similar issues? Anything I can do to make it go down or do i just leave it alone?

Ive also included 2 pics i just took earlier today just so you guys can see...i look awful haha. I never post pics with no makeup.


Ugh...i was just starting to feel okay about my nose until i realized how crooked it is. Im really upset. First of all....its really wide from the front....i KNOWWW its only 3 weeks post-op and blah blah but even the changes that ive seen in all of your pics arent THAT drastic...its tsill basically the same shape it just becomes a bit more refined over time.

But okay...with that aside...i used to have a "good" side and a "bad" side...and now ive realize because of the crookedness of my nose that my bad side has become my good side and vice versa. My nose is almost shaped like a C from the front...obviously not THAT crooked but if you look closely it is REALLY not straight....ESPECIALLY when i smile. Im really really upset about it and i may be needing revisional surgery....which i REALLY did not want. Like i said im NOT a perfectionist and in no way did i expect this surgery to come out perfect. Like my nostrils are crooked and one is bigger than the other but i dont even care....and i was almost going to just be okay with the width of my current nose but now that i realized how crooked it is im just soo upset. When i e-mailed the doctor last week he told me everything was swelling and to send him pics in 2 weeks. So im going to wait until then to send pics but it really sucks. I dont feel "sexy" when i take pics i feel like i look weird...and i know you guys are going to say you look great and blah blah but just LOOK CLOSELY at my nose...its like very obviously crooked...and wide...ugh has anybody experienced this??
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