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Sooo I have always loved the look of my own boobs...

Sooo I have always loved the look of my own boobs in a heavily padded push up bra. I wanted to achieve that look without the bra though! I think breast implants look amazing... Honestly who wouldn't want theirs to look that amazing at all times?! I've Considered getting a BA for years now (since I was in highschool.. Now I'm 25) and it finally seemed like the right time after losing half a cup size due to working out regularly the past 6 months. This was my first surgery and anesthesia experience ever so that was very nerve racking for me. I cried the entire time once they put my IV in & I didn't calm down until I was on the Operating table (even after they'd given me stuff in my IV to relax me... Nope didn't help at all! Lol) next thing I knew I was awake with no grogginess whatsoever! My surgery literally took 35 mins (my Dr. Is a pro he does so many of these and spoken very highly about) I was in no pain right after surgery so they didn't give me any additional pain meds at the surgery center. All the nurses were so kind saying I was a trooper with a high pain tolerance which made me feel great after my blubbering crying incident pre-surgery lol! I did feel the pain and pressure kick in about 3 hours later (after the local anesthetic wore off I believe). I'm only one day post op and still sore with lots of pressure but my results already are amazing. Zero bruising and funkiness so far. Hoping it stays this way and keeps improving day by day. The compression strap SUCKS and I don't feel like I even need it since my implants aren't really sitting too high but listening to dr's orders! I'm On percocets and hate them.. Too strong & I can only take half of one at a time or else I feel dizzy and nauseous (hate that druggy feeling). Would love to hear your girls' feedback on my new girls! ;)

Post op day one

Post op day 2!

Less painful today just feeling tight and bloated. Also on my period so that doesn't help matters much -___-
Only taking the percocets before bed and taking Ibuprofen as needed.

Post op day 4

Feeling better.. No pain at all just feeling awkward in my movements still. Sleeping sucks.. I'm a side sleeper so I can't wait for the day I can just roll on my side and sleep!! Lol. I definitely still feel tight. And when I stand up sometimes I feel like I can feel the implant settling? Maybe that's not the best way to describe it. Just wondering when they start to get closer together?

Post Op Bras

Still supposed to be wearing my surgical bra until I have my postop appt. Thursday but bought other ones to wear when I leave the house. The surgical bra makes my boobs look pointy & doesn't cover nip-ons lol. The most comfy I've found are: Fruit of the Loom bras @ Walmart, really cheap. I actually got them in a 36B bc that's the smallest band size I could find! But they fit good and snug without being too tight
Under Armour zip up bra
Sooo comfy. The material feels like a cloud lol and has a zipper on the middle. I got mine in a 32DD! Cray that it fits! Not sure if it will fit after I'm farther along and D&F. We'll see!

Drove for the first time today. It sucks when I have to maneuver the wheel a lot. These rocks on my chest just get in the way lol! Doing well though.

Post Op Day 5

Doing good! Thought I'd post a quick update with pics. My post op appt is tomorrow and hoping it goes well. To me the look great and not swollen or anything so hoping they keep looking this way and just get softer. Only issue I have now is stomach aches/nauseous-ness. I'm no longer on pain meds so I'm guessing it's the antibiotics? Bleh

Post Op Appointment

It went great! First thing he said was we can throw away that awful strap! Thank goodness I hated that thing lol. He also said everything looked great and they will continue to soften. Wait another week before I get my heart rate up and another week after that til I can do any more heavier lifting. He also said I can stop with the antibiotics. Again, music to my ears bc they were KILLING my stomach! I also asked if I can drink wine again LOL yup you're good he said. The nurse trimmed the edge of my stitches and I was on my way. I go back again in 6-8 weeks. Loving them so far! So is my boyfriend haha.

10? days Post Op

Just wanted to check in. Everything is going good. Almost back to most of my mobility but still trying to take it easy. Haven't seen much change but I'm happy with that bc I love the look of them!! I've been cleared to wear wireless bras but having such a hard time finding any in my size (which is like a 32dd right now). Bought some nursing bras at target lol in 34D. The band is a little looser than I like but it works! It's hard finding wireless bras that have a hook closure (not pullover style since that is still uncomfortable to do right now). Posted pix of the bra and also a before & after shot in a Small bikini top from beach bunny!

17 Days Post Op

Quick update.. Finally was able to sleep on my side(s) last night! Hallelujah! Lol the best feeling. My steri strips are still hanging on.. Should I just let them be? Also wanted to recommend a really comfy lounge or sleep bra.. The Calvin Klein sports bra. I got mine at TJMaxx for $12! I've also seen them at Macy's for about $28 I think. Not super supportive but So comfy and soft. BUT they will not cover your nipples lol. Mine seriously are like hard and super sensitive now like 24/7 when I pretty much had no sensitivity at all prior to my surgery lol. Very happy with my results and they're getting softer everyday! :) I also got some underwire bras that I can start wearing at my 1 month park ( as suggested by my Dr.) he said they won't change too much, they'll just get softer. Currently a 32DD at VS. almost feel like I could go up to DDD just bc of my breast width but I'm sticking with the 32DD for now.

It's been a month now!

I'm officially 1 month (and 2 days) post op! Everything is going great. I haven't really seen much change over the weeks. Honestly I never had them riding high or any squareness. They were dropped by day 2 lol! I am very happy with my results and recovery. It could not have gone smoother. I'm going back in a few weeks for my 2nd post op appt. My steri strips are finally off, yay! I've been alternating using vitamin E (the capsules popped open, one on each incision) and using metipac silicone tape to help them heal. They weren't bad at all though! I will post an update on them soon, forgot to take a picture before I put my tape on. I started working out again and feel pretty good. Taking it as I go & only somethings feel funny, like planks & back flys so I'm gonna avoid those for now. But other than that I'm great! As far as size I'm currently a 32DD at VS. I found my size myself through trial and error in the dressing room because let's face it, they don't know how to measure there! Especially augmented girls! So I avoided that. You know what fits you and what doesn't better than anyone else so that would be my suggestion! :) save yourself the stress!

My scars (5 weeks Post Op)

Just wanted to share a picture of my scars since I haven't yet. I really had to get a weird angle to take this since they're so close to my natural crease (yay! My dr. Seriously is amazing!) I'm alternating using Vitamin E oil capsules & Mepitac brand silicon tape. Currently preferring the tape but just bc its comfortable, and doesn't come off easily. The oil is just a little sticky/greasy so makes a mess on your bra a little. Excited to see how they heal though! What are you guys using?
Albany Plastic Surgeon

Instantly felt comfortable the minute I met him. So kind, professional, and basically read my mind. We were on the same page about look, sizing, and everything. He answered all my emails very quickly and never made me feel like any of my questions were silly. He did an amazing job! The nurses and office staff were equally as kind and comforting.

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