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Ok, so like many of you, I have been spending at...

Ok, so like many of you, I have been spending at least 2 hours a day on this site. I have read good and bad reviews and researched some of the popular doctors. Plenty of bad reviews on Dr. Cortes and Dr. Jimmerson. I wonder why anyone will still consider using them with all the bad reviews and I wonder why they will not clean up their act and be better at what they do.

Matthew Schulman on the other hand has zero bad review when it comes to BBL. he seems too good to be true so I'm basically asking all the ladies out there who have used him, whats the deal? is he that good? or is his customer service so on point that no one ever feels bad enough to complain here? (cortes and jimmerson take note).

So anyway, I'm on my way to booty land and I find myself praying for Dr. Schulman even more than myself. Long Live the Booty King!

First cold feet

All of a sudden I'm looking in the mirror and thinking how much I will miss this body I've lived in for over 30 years. Its not perfect but its been 'home'. What if I don't like the new 'home'? My hips are structured and kinda well define, I fear that they might inject too much fat and make me look unreal. I definitely want more booty, I just pray the dr will be able to balance out the booty with the hips, considering my height, broad shoulder and all...

Am I worrying too much? Did anyone else get this weird feeling?

Not so cold anymore

lol... you would not believe what i just saw! For the first time in my whole thirty something years on earth, I have just seen a picture of my naked self from behind...Not sexy at all.....i am actually rolling on the floor with laughter!! How did I get all those men to fall in love with me? My confidence must be through the roof. so it is true what they say.. self confidence tops a hot body!

now, imagine me, my swag and my new hot body! hmmmm. I might snag Prince Williams... hahaha. Watch out Katie! This surgery can't come soon enough. my feet are completely warm.

Recovery homes in NY?

Hi people. I'm thinking about my recovery and all the recovery homes I'm reading about are in miami or DR. does anybody know of one in New York? Manhattan to be precise?

New Year, New Booty

Happy New year guys. I am excited because 2015 is the year of my booty.

I am not posting as frequently as some other chicas, but I'm still reading reviews everyday and learning new stuff everyday. I was going to have my stomach lipo'd but after reading a few Dr's comments i think i've changed my mind. apparently after they lipo the fat out, your skin might not retract thus leaving you with excess skin forcing you to have a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck (which you didn't plan for).

Veterans out there, please confirm this info.

where my schulman gals at?

like I said yesterday, I read reviews everyday and the most popular doctors seem to be Salama, Fisher, and Duran. Vanity, with all the bad reviews seems popular. It begs the question:

where the Schulman dolls at?

From my research so far, there are only 2 doctors I will trust with my life/results: East coast - My Schulman, West coast - Kenneth Hughes.

Is everyone not reading the same reviews I'm reading? or is it a price issue?

OPP - Other People's Profiles

yeaaaa, I just coined a new BBL terminology! OPP - Other People's Profiles!!! Unfortunately I can't 'unmask' myself to collect an award for my achievement. At least it will make communication that much easier for everyone here so thats good enough for me.

side note: i hope it didnt exist before! #dontcare #genius #soontobehotgenius #lolforreal

Research findings.

So, from reading OPP, I have noticed 3 common trends with the bad results;

LACK OF SKILLS! I am yet to see bad review from my Terrific Two (Schulman and Hughes). I'm seeing girls go to dermatologists and gynecologists for BBL. Common mehn! Are you fucking kidding me? Who does that? Look, no disrespect to ya'll but I'm just saying don't expect a good bbl job from a doctor who majors in botox!

CHEAP ASS SURGERY (no pun intended)! honeys be paying $2,500 for bbl and want to be like Nikki fucking Minaj! again, common!! you might get the butt as a main course with few infections as a side dish.

ARROGANT DOCTORS! some doctors have the skills and have records to prove their skills, however they look down on certain customers (for whatever reason) and so they don't put their best effort into the surgery. popular comments are "he probably didn't think i deserved his best effort''. In this case, it is not the girls fault, its just unfortunate that some doctors are arrogant like that. i will just say as a guide, look out for snobbish signs during consultation. they are usually subtle but your 6th sense will pick them. its an energy. as a black gal in a 'good position' i get that energy every now and then from ignorant white folks so I'm familiar with it.

Finally, there is always the God factor. I will not count this as one of the reasons because I don't think God will be mad at anyone for trying to look good. We can only pray that he directs our path.

Also on recovery, I think being in good spirits helps to make things easier. the psychological effect can affect the physiological result. So choose, happy or moody?

I CHOOSE HAPPY.... #mysurgerycantcomesoonenough

My dream body.

hmmmm, if wishes were horses.


Since I discovered realself all I do is read OPP and research doctors. My life is on pause because of this BBL. what kind of rubbish is this? I spend 80% of my time at work on real self. I really want my date to come fast so that I can do it and get it over and done with then I can move on with my life.

Newbies to realself, RUN, close the browser window, because this is worse than pringles...once you pop you can't stop.

Happy with my decision.

So, from the first time I stumbled upon darling Schulman, I knew he was THE ONE. its like when you go to the mall to get black pumps, we all know you can find literally 100 different styles of black pumps. After checking only one or two shops you find IT. at this point you just know within you that visiting the remaining 500 shops in the mall is a waste of time. sometimes, you still do just to be sure you made the right decision and after the 5hr mall run you end up back at the one.

Thats my story with my Dr S. I was 99% convinced that he was the one so initially i didn't do any other consults, but i needed to get to 100% conviction so I booked a few other consultations (some free, some paid). Ladies, let me tell you, Dr. Schulman is the truth. If I were to describe him in only one word, i would say HONEST. i showed him my wish pics and he told me point blank that it was not going to happen. Now if you're not someone who likes to face the ugly truth you might get offended by his honesty, but i was very appreciative of it. I'd rather know ahead of time and adjust my expectations instead of being deceived into it only to come out disappointed.

The other doctors I saw were more concerned about the short term goal, which is a big ass after surgery with bad fat which will eventually disappear. I'm not skinny but I don't have sufficient fat to get a ba-donka-donk. These guys were ready to lipo my brain if possible to get enough fat for that 'straight outta surgery gratification' for me and the big fat cheques for them. ah well, Bye Felicia! deposit paid for Schulman.

Surgery date/surgery buddy

My date is now late March, ignore the RS date.

Any Schulman doll for late March? care to share condo and Nurse? hit me up.

what to do?

This is for all the vets. I hope I get responses.

I've paid my deposit and saved my date (March), I was given the paper work that explains the surgery and what to expect and bla bla bla. But I am still not sure of what to do now. I've read from other girls that they take iron supplement pills and other stuff in preparation. I asked the co-ordinator if I needed to take anything and she said just multi-vitamins if I'm not anaemic. Somehow I feel thats not enough. I don't want my day to come and suddenly it'll be a case of 'oh, you should have done this and this and this'' and by then it will be too late and I will have to post-pone.

So vets, pls share, my surgery is still over a month away so i can't do my physicals now, WHAT SHOULD I DO? what meds to take? what tests to do? what cremes to rub? HELP.


I need someone to share condo bills and Nurse bills between march 26 - april 5 in New York. any of those days will be fine. reply asap, i'm getting worried.


Hi dolls, I really need some help here. My surgery partner bailed on me (family matters) so i'm on my own. i can get a place on airbnb or a hotel but i don't want to stay alone. does anyone have a room to rent out for a week? shared apartment but separate rooms. hit me up. its an opportunity to make some money girls, turn your spare room into a recovery home for a week. thats how the guys that own airbnb started their business so this could be the beginning of something for you.

.....The results are in.

Numbers don't lie, Dr Schulman you better make sure my hips don't lie!! Hahaha.

Ok dolls, here's the tea on this post; someone mentioned that Dr Schulman seems to have few bad reviews based on the fact that he doesn't have as many people reviewing him as the 'popular' doctors. I agreed with her for a moment but then my girl B4R disagreed ( and you know that girl don't lie. So I decided to do some number crunching. Rather than use raw numbers which can be misleading, let's do percentages. I did the numbers on 4 very 'popular' doctors and my Dr Schulman in order of patient satisfaction, from the lowest to the highest. Enjoy.

Dr J - Atlanta
440 reviews
1 star: 12 - 2.71%
2 stars: 9 - 2.01%
3 stars: 12 - 2.71%
4 stars: 26 - 5.91%
5 stars: 381 - 86.6%

Dr Yily - DR
1196 reviews
1 star: 13 - 1.08%
2 stars: 4 - 0.3%
3 stars: 21 -1.75%
4 stars: 62 - 5.18%
5 stars: 1096 - 91.64%

Dr Fisher - Miami
399 reviews
1 star: 5 - 1.25%
2 stars: 1 - 0.25%
3 stars: 3 - 0.75%
4 stars: 14 - 3.5%
5 stars: 376 - 94.24%

Dr Duran - DR
825 reviews
1 star: 6 - 0.73%
2 stars: 1 - 0.12%
3 stars: 8 - 0.96%
4 stars: 17 - 2.06%
5 stars: 793 - 96.12%

Dr Schulman
207 reviews
1 star: 1 - 0.48%
4 stars: 1 - 0.48%
5 stars: 205 - 99.03%
PS: the one star was based on a botox treatment not carried out by Dr Schulman himself.

Summary: according to my statistics, patient satisfaction for the BBL procedure is 93.5%. The Real self worth it appraisal seems to be right on point at 93%.

Disclaimer: These numbers are based on my own findings by counting the stars on each review. They may not be absolute, do your own research.


Read my review above on looking for a surgery buddy. march 26 - april 5 in New York. I will go ahead with solo plans by next week if I don't get anyone. think about the cost savings for both of us….

pictures of me.... Finally!!!

Hey dolls. Thanks to all the girls that share their experiences here, you make it that much easier for the next girl. I want to help as much as I can too, so in spite of my reservations I'm posting my pictures albeit blurred.


If you've been following my story you'd know that I was looking for a place in NY and trying to find a surgery buddy. Well my date is around the corner and I've had no luck so I've decided to stay with my cousin and her family.

They are very good people but were my last option because they're very 'Christiany' and I'm afraid they'll judge me and give me side eyes all day. So I need a believable cover story. Something that will also explain why I can't sit. I need y'all to be creative here, preferably an out patient surgery. The goal is to let them know I'm having surgery without telling them the actual procedure I'm having. I'll have a nurse coming to help me a few hours a day and my cousin will feed me (by default). I feel bad that I can't tell her but it is what it is. My decision.

So girls, HELP. What's a good cover story?

I'm bored.

Tests, check. payment, check. where to stay, check. supplies, check mostly. Now I'm just waiting and for some reason I'm getting bored. I'm not nervous, scared or overly excited. I am just looking forward to my 'new life'. I think the reason for this is that I'm super busy with other aspects of my life. Between my work, family and home, I hit the bed at 9pm (sometimes with make up on, and then I wake up at 1am to wash it off and pass out right back). so yes, i'm distracted by life (I never thought this was possible). Congrats to all the ladies that have crossed over, see you on the Big Booty side soon….2 weeks to go.


well, while I wait, I might as well help the next girl with a list of supplies. I already have some of the items at home as I'm sure you do. so here goes;

Medisol adhesive remover
Chucks pad – walmart
Anti-bacterial soap, hibiclens - walmart
Arnica tablets –
Throat lozenges
Military seat – amazon
Back borad – pink room
Palmers cocoa butter cream – walmart
Stool softener –
Pain killers (pxycodone) –
Stage 2 garment – lipo express size Xs
Scar Away Silicone sheets & cream
Pine apple juice
Magic bullet- blender (for juicing)
Bleach spray & wipes to sanitize the environment and toilet
Razors to shave
Make Me heal Pre & Post Operative Vitamins (starte these 7 days before surgery and continue taking them post op.)
Me derma. Cocoa butter for scars
protein shakes, different fruit, veggies,
Benadryl (oral and topical)
Neosporin ointment
Fill prescriptions before surgery day
Water proof band-aids -
Maxi Dresses - $13/ea Ebay
Magnesium Citrate – $1 Wal-mart brand - For constipation (works within an hour !).
Sports Bras – the wire bras will hinder your lymphatic drainage
Peroxide (regular size) – to clean wounds as needed
carrots, cherries, crackers (to snack on)
2 cartons of bottled water
Period pant
pad (not tampon)
Home slippers –
5 maxi dresses
socks to wear over embolism socks
measuring tape
house robe
lipo foam
anti-embolism socks
ab & back board
pee EZ
old towels for bed
Camis- to wear under garment after surgery, supposedly helps eliminate skin irritation
electronics (cell phone, I pad, chargers, laptop, ear phones) to keep you busy while you recover
baby wipes
tooth brush, paste, dental floss, bathroom stuff
pony tail holders & head scarf
Big body towel -

Not everything on the list may pertain to you and you may already have some of these stuff lying around the house. I hope this serves as a guide. God bless.

The 'WHY'

Usually when people hear that you're getting surgery, they judge. They think you're vain and selfish/crazy for risking your life. I've been one of those people in the past. I have judged people, probably because I didn't have the guts to do it and also because I thought life was either black or white. As I grow, I have come to realize that there are grey areas everywhere.

I have a fairly attractive body, and with my charisma and 'good dress sense' I probably could go through life without this surgery. But thats only from the outside, as my friends (NellyJelly and AtlantaPYT) said, I have deceptive dressing down to a science and with the help of butt pads some people actually think I'm J-lo. I have had boyfriends that thought I had a big booty, yes! I have been wearing butt pads since before they were made popular. So whenever I question my decision to have this surgery, I remember how long I have lived with this insecurity (that only I know about) and I am confident in my decision. Enough with the pads already! I believe I will live long, and I'm still in my thirties, so why should I live with butt pads for the rest of my life when God has blessed us good Doctors and technology that can fix my problem? No more butt pads, I want to look as good naked as I do clothed. No more dimmed lights and strategic positions in bed. I want a real life J-lo booty and I will get it. Dr Schulman will give me a beautiful booty and I will cry tears of joy on the day of the big reveal. I know this, I can feel it. I am confident. I will do this surgery only once because God will cause Dr Schulman to create a master piece out of me. And again, let me just gosh for a minute on how much I loooove my Dr. I felt like giving him a very big hug after my pre-op, he is such an easy going guy, I already envy the girl that will be married to him. He explained again what we could achieve without giving me false hope. I feel so comfortable with him that I no longer have the fears that have been bothering me.

I don't know if i've made sense so far, I guess what I'm trying to say is this; if you want to tweak your body, it's a personal decision. People may not understand so pay them no mind. Find the right doctor for you, do your research, face the reality of it all and leave the rest to God. Don't do it because someone else did or you're trying to look like someone else. Do it for you!

Good luck to everyone and me also. I'm off to do some last minute shopping before my big day. xoxo

Counting down. breaking down.

I didn't want to do this post because I didn't want to admit that I'm a little bit afraid (or a lot). But then I realized that I always feel better when I purge so here I am banging on my keypad admitting to all of you that I'm afraid. I've tried to put on a brave face up until now. But As the day draws near the reality of it all starts to settle.

From the beginning of my story, I've said very little about my personal life, and thats because I like to keep my personal life personal. However, I'm compelled to share an overview. I have children, all from one man. We have a very weird relationship. It's almost a business relationship. It's hard to explain. We stay together so that shit won't fall apart, we love each other but our individual goals don't always align so we find ourselves going in separate directions most of the time, even though we end up at the same destination. So you see, its hard to explain and difficult to walk away because we want the same things ultimately but just can't agree on how to get them. so, that brings me to my BBL journey! I'm basically on my own. He says I'm beautiful the way I am ……(all that bull crap) so he is not totally with me. He said, fine, you can go do it if its what you want but he's not really showing support. When I read stories of girls whose men were there for them it makes me feel bad that I have to do this alone. The only support I get is from you guys (and I don't even know you)..ain't it funny. Is this relationship worth it? Should we continue to stay together for the sake of the kids? I need your opinions on this one.

Here I am ranting away and I completely forgot the point of this post. count down and fear. I am afraid because I'm alone. Everyone thinks I'm tough, I really am, but every now and then I break down. I like to think of myself as a nice person, I'm always there for people but somehow don't nobody have my back. and that is part of the reason I'm doing this, its basically the first selfish thing I've ever done. I'm a one man army. I'm a strong girl, I will overcome this. I will come out of this safe and sound. I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it. Thats me psyching myself. hahaha, common girls, show me some love. I'm super vulnerable right now.

off to NYC

I found my own strength. Bags packed, NYC here I come. The next couple o days may go down in a haze, but ama be back on here as soon as I can.

I crossed over.

Hey dolls, I crossed over. My number one priority was met - I survived. Number 2, now thats not something I want to address today. I don't want to be hasty in my conclusion. All I can say is that I got less ccs than expected.

my pain level is very manageable. its has not gone past 3 and the stiffness is horrible but I'm surviving. my next concern is about shower day? Will I be able to do it by myself or do i definitely need help? vets Pls break down the steps involved, from foam removal to garment wearing.

i will share details and post pictures after shower day, with the foams and garment on now its hard to tell.

how can i reach Dr S's office?

hey Schulman dolls, any phone numbers to reach the office on a weekend? i called the number on the post-op instruction and it just rings out, i guess the voicemail is full. this is a semi-emergency. don't panic, hopefully its not ER worthy if i can get a hold of the office. help quick.

feeling frustrated.

I thought I was strong willed and tough enough but no, i'm only human. the headaches, the sleeping on only your tummy and not being able to sit down or carry on with regular stuff is frustrating. its getting to me. my brain is not straight. I sleep for 2 hrs at the most and i have like 6 different dreams in that short period and they all seem so real that I wake up panting hard. did anyone experience this? i'm literally living a nightmare. cos i have another 2 hrs to be awake on my knees, feet or hunched over at the side of my bed.

i'm sorry i don't have a pretty recovery story. i don't know how some girls do. and that is why i said in my earlier post that i can't rate this now. this is the worst time to rate it. cos i feel like shit.

vets, if you went through this phase, especially the dreams, pls reach out. i need moral support now more than ever. if you haven't had your surgery yet, remind me again why we do this shit!

Thank you to everyone.

I started this as a comment to my previous post but some of you might miss it so I thought I might as well make it an update.

Gee, what an outpour of love and support. You all rallied around me for real. Thank you soooo much. I took most of all your advice and I'm much better. I put the Neospirin and bandages, I stopped taking the percs and I emailed DrSchulman. He called back and concurred to the Neospirin treatment. I'm so much better now, what a difference a day can make. Those damn percs were really doing a number on me, I was really loosing it. I was like a mental patient. This should probably just go as an update cos its a really long comment. lol..moving it.

Also as I'm not from New York, I don't have the moral and spiritual support you all have when you recover at home or in a RH. I'm staying with my cousin and her family (who don't know the whole low down of my situation) so I was basically holding it all in.

For those who haven't had theirs yet, the biggest advice I will give you is to get emotional support. If you see my first post after the surgery, you'll notice that my pain level was very low, it was the discomfort combined the the bottled up emotions that got to me. just like you, I already knew what to expect in terms of not sitting, sleeping on your tummy and all, but nothing prepared me for this emotional break down. i thought I had it all figured

so anyway, my partner had to fly down in spite of his reservations. I must say his being here has really helped. just the fact that i can vocalize ALLLLLLL my feelings really went a long way. he helped to dress the blisters and get me situated. he can't stay for long though cos he has to go back to the kids. I'm having my post op next week, if everything is fine then I'm outta here in a flash.

On the main issue, the bootay, hahaha, I'm still keeping you in suspense. lol. Brief summary; its there. its not huge, but its definitely there. My wish is that i don't loose too much of it. Then, I will be one more 'worth it' rating to this procedure. For now, I wait. Tomorrow I'm getting out of this prison a.k.a. garment to dress the wounds again, I'll take pictures and do a full update.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support, I appreciate it.

so far...

I'm about 70% back to normal. the other 30% goes to the still slightly numb lipo'd areas, the lumps and the not sitting.

still no pictures because I'm still not sure at this point. very little difference. added only an inch and half to hips. better shape but very little difference. not cool. I'm suppressing my anger, trying to be patient. I have been Dr Schulman's number one champion, I hope that doesn't change. I hope this ends well.

Very laughable!

I'm trying to find humor in my disappointment.

So you know my journey has been on the down low (cos my cousin is born again and I didn't want to be judged), so I had been wearing big t-shirts and tent gowns around the house. well check this; I ditched my tent gowns and wore regular clothes, my cousin didn't notice!!!!! LOL!!! Now ain't that the most ironic shit you ever heard!!! Lol.

If that didn't crack you up, check this; so I ordered some pencil skirts and fitted dresses that I was going to show off my new curves in, I accidentally ordered my old size and I thought I might have to return them because they wouldn't fit. Well you already know, THEY FIT!!! LOL. Not only do they fit, they fit ok, not tight around the hips as you might expect.

Yet, they say I'm still swollen. hahahaha. The only thing that can restore my confidence is if Dr Schulman gives a good reason for this and gives me some sort of deal for a round 2. I believe in him so much that I keep telling myself that theres a good reason for this. I hope to God that I'm right.

New strategy

So I saw Dr Schulman, he explained that I didn't have much fat and he did his best. What I can say is that I was impressed by his attitude. I expected him to get defensive when I told him I wasn't happy with the size, but he wasn't. He just explained the situation and told me to give it time. He said we can't talk about revision now because we don't know the final outcome. I guess at the 6 month mark we will know for sure. At least I was right about the fact that he's a great guy.

My butt has gone down about another half inch which is depressing but it is still better than pre - op. Some dents on the top and sides have returned, I'm hoping they'll fill out as they fluff. If they don't, those are the areas that will need to be revised.

My new strategy is this; no more real self, instagram, measuring tapes and obsessing. I'll carry on with life as if nothing happened. The only challenge with that is the no sitting thing. That's kind of the only reminder I have that might make me tempted to obsess. Anyway, with any luck I'll stick to my plan and at my 3 month mark I'll score Dr Schulman on result, not bed side manners (he's 100% in that area).

Useful advice to all newbies, regardless of the doctor you choose: When your doctor gives you an estimate of ccs, discount 50% of it and if you're happy to continue with that figure then go ahead, if not walk away. I say 50% because 20% could be the doctors exaggeration and you'll loose around 30% in re-absorbtion or the other way round. In my case I got about 30% less than the Doctor estimated and I'm hoping I don't re-absorb more than 20%. So do your maths. If I knew from the start what I'll be left with, I might have done some things differently. I don't know for sure if I would have gone ahead. So I hope this advice helps somebody out there.

Sorry I haven't been very useful in terms of pictures and proper day to day recovery process. At first I wasn't happy so i was not in the mood to detail the journey, and now I'm trying to stay off real self. I hope that from the little I've documented somebody gets help.

Good luck to everyone, I'll be back in a few weeks. (Unless I have a problem or question!).

Short Update

Its been a month and I'm still following the rules, no sitting, sleeping on my back and sides (and hell i don't even bend over, just in case) and yet the booty keeps going down. smh. I have been taking trains everywhere to avoid driving, I took an extended leave from work, I have no social life, all to avoid sitting so it's kinda shitty to have to do all this work for a very very minimal change.

I been off instagram and real self and haven't measured myself for a while now but my panties kinda do the measuring for me. They still fit gadaamit!! In the first week booty was eating them up and they didn't cover the whole thing, now at week 4, they fit almost as good as they did before surgery.

one month verdict: I still like my shape but at this point, i'm 90% sure there will be a round 2. It looks like Dr Schulman moved my fat around to give me a better shape but not a big booty (which is what I wanted - in addition to the shape of course). I like Dr Schulman so I plan to go back to him for round 2, hoping for 2 things; 1. he treats it like a revision and charges me less. 2. He gives me a big booty that time around. Am I crazy to be going back to him? Well he kept me alive with no serious complication so I still trust him with the most important thing (beside a big booty), my life!

Starting to eat my words (i hope i don't choke on it)!

Dr Schulman I'm so sorrrrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there should be emojis on rs)….picture crying emojis right here.

I don't wanna speak too soon so I don't end up being a yoyo (cos first I was full of praises for him and then I got mad at him). I shoulda stuck with my first decision to not judge until a few weeks in. Honestly girls, this BBL is a PROCESS!! phew!! who woulda thunk it?!! So much to say but I don't wanna confuse you so ama try to articulate ma thots! Pls stay with me on this rant cos its important stuff.

At first I was a little disappointed and then I became a lot disappointed and then I gave up. Gave up rs, IG and the booty dream..and then it happened. The scales fell off and I started to appreciate the good work My Dr Schulman did. It's not perfect, its not as big and juicy as I dreamed, but there is a difference from what it was pre-op. Are the ccs and tapes lying? NO. In terms of inches and ccs, I didn't get anything impressive like a lot of the girls here. and Yes, my old panties and clothes still fit and I still dream of a round 2. So what changed you might wanna ask? Well, like I said, the scales fell off. I went back to the begining to retrace my steps. Follow me:

I chose Dr Schulman after careful research and money was not an issue.
On surgery day I had the best state of mind possible, I had zero nerves.
Dr Schulman came to mark me and seemed kinda in a rush, no time for chit chat. I almost panicked.
I said a prayer and was at peace as I lay on the surgery table and went under.
I woke up alive (obviously, haha) and grateful. and then it happened!
I asked the nurses how many ccs I got and how long the surgery took! Those 2 questions were the beginning of my problems. As soon as I heard that I got 600ccs and the surgery time was less than expected, my mood changed. My conclusion was ''Dr Schulman did a rush job''! My mind went back to when he came to mark me and seemed to be in a hurry and I put the pieces together (being a woman so a natural CIA/FBI) to arrive at my story. That angered me so much but I managed to hold it in and thats why I said (read the after surgery post) I didn't wanna rate the surgery then. To make matters worse, I got the damn blisters, pesky percs messed up my mind and I was packing on the lipo foams under my garment so of course you don't get a correct picture with 2 foams on your back blocking the scoop. I was so deep in my feelings that common sense eluded me. So, anyhoo, the turning point was when I called BULLSHIT! I now see that I do have a booty4real (hey boo hey @ B4R). It's not big and juicy like PRINCESSCASH and some other mamas on here, but its an improvement from before. It has some dents here and there and the lipo is still wavy here and there, but nobody can call me a flat ass anymore. oh no, flatty don't live here no more.

So for those of you who have bothered to follow my story to this point (even with no pictures), I say thank you and I promise you that you will learn a few things that are uncommon. In summary remember these… your mind will play tricks on you, you will be emotionally vulnerable, you will change your mind a lot. Also good to know is that girls lie a lot. Many girls lie about the ccs they get and pose strategically for their pictures. Also some doctors don't put back pure fat so they can give you more ccs in terms of volume but as expected all the other stuff will reabsorb. Most important of all, remember where you started. Dr Schulman told me something that was a home run when I complained to him about not being happy with the size, he said, when people first see themselves after surgery, that image is engraved in their heads and they forget how they looked just a few hours before. That is one of the major reasons we say its not big enough. we get accustomed to the new body and completely forget where we came from. My advice, pick out a few panties and outfits that highlight your current (maybe miserable) behind and take your before photos in them and then 6 weeks later, take your after photos. Thank me later.

Conclusion: Dr Schulman moved my fat around, didn't give me a Kim K butt, but he gave me a pass out of the flatty club with some girl curves on top. I'm not entirely satisfied but I'm grateful, I still plan on going for round 2 (I had hoped not to) and I will go back to Dr Schulman. This time I hope he will perfect what he started. Plus I hope he gives me revision price. He should really, I've sent like 3 girls to him and they all got major work done.

Disclaimer: I'm still healing so I don't have the final results yet, I will do the 3 month rating when it all settles. Hell, I'll review for the next one year and through my round2.

I hope this whole rant episode makes sense. If you read it to the end, well done!

2months post op

Its been 2 months already, I thought this day will never come. Funny thing is you wait for it for so long but when it comes you're afraid to 'do it'. by 'do it' I mean sit down. i've got the all clear from the Dr to sit and lie down naturally but I think I'll hold on until its 3months, just in case there are a few fat cells in there that still haven't established blood supply..hahhahahaha. Dumb as it sounds, I have to try girls, I'm left wit a not so big butt so I'm going over and beyond here. If you ask me the craziest thing I did in this struggle, it'll be that I haven't been sleeping under the duvet.. the thing is too damn heavy and I wasn't tryna kill my fat…hahahhaha. I braced the chilly nights with ass hanging out to dry, sometimes even paranoid that the fat cells would freeze Laugh at me all you want, when you're trying to protect your precious investment you too will do crazy things. The vets know exactly what I mean.

Result wise, things haven't changed much. On some days I see it and on some days I don't. I have somehow managed to get fatter and I now have rolls on my back (where were they when i needed them!). I am fatter than I was pre-op and I think if i did the operation now I would have a bigger booty. Now I'm torn, stay fat and save the fat for round 2 or loose the fat plus some booty and hope scar tissue will not hinder round 2.

Bottom line, pun intended, my butt has managed to hold up. If only I got the 900cc I would be creep walking all over the place. I lost a lot, about 30% so far and i hope it has stopped shrinking. oh, another booty protection measure I've been taking is that I don't wear panties. I tried once and it left deep lines so I stopped. I guess at this point I can resume wearing them but I still won't sit until it's 3 months. Maybe I can start driving and I can sit in public but I will not sit at home or sleep on it for another 4 weeks. you get used to sitting on your thighs and sleeping on tummy for so long that it becomes second nature. I'll come back at 3 months for semi-final review. Final review will be at 6 months. hmmmm wish me luck.

Because I said I'd be honest.

Hey dolls, I'm about 2 months and a half post op now and nothing much has changed in terms of recovery. I can sit but rarely do. I've got used to sitting on my booty buddy and lying on my tummy so I've just carried on with the habit. I want to see how long I can go for, hopefully 4months at the minimum. When I sit for a little bit, its fine but when I sit for longer periods it gets a bit sore. Nothing alarming, just sore. I get off it not because of the soreness but because I don't want it to shrink.

I must say, at this point my result is great. It hasn't gone down much since the last time and if it stays the way it is now then I'm good. It looks natural. I did put on weight since surgery though, so that may have contributed to it staying thick.

Ladies please do yourselves a favor, take your own before pictures and use the same underwear/clothes and the same background so you can have a true appreciation of the difference. I found one of my before pictures today (in an old phone so i didn't have them after the surgery) and I tried to replicate the picture in the same underwear to see the difference, and yes, there is a clear difference. Dr. Schulman gave me a butt. However I want more and I want some of the little imperfections corrected. The dents on my hips are starting to resurface, not very noticeable but it looks funny. So at this point I would rate Dr Schulman 4 stars, and the only reason I'm taking one star out is because I still feel that my surgery was rushed, hence the the not perfect, not 5 star result! 30 more minutes and 300 more ccs would have given me a 5star booty! Still, I would recommend him 100% because of all the stories I read and see, Dr Schulman is still one of the best.

Much respect Doc, still your biggest fan!!

His office is prompt with replying emails although the mails seem to be ''one size fits all'. I'm still a believer, until they do otherwise.

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